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There are three ways to donate to the Alliance.

Via US mail.

If anything we've said or done here is important to you, please feel free to put $1 or more in an envelope, address it to the Alliance, and put it in the mail.

For guys who don't want to leave an electronic or paper trail, this method is safest and best.

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Via PayPal


After accepting donations, for a fee, for the last eight months, PayPal, which is now owned by eBay, suddenly and without warning denied service to our site, allegedly because we have "adult" content.

They did the same, by the way, to the UK's Mart Finn, thus acting to cripple two of the safest sex sites literally in the world.

At the same time, eBay / PayPal seized and refuses to release $167 which was in our account.

Not very much money to them, but a lot of money to us.

That money was donated by people not because they wanted to see pornographic pictures, which are, after all, freely available on the web, but because they support the goals of this site, including our fight to end the concurrent epidemics of fatal, anally-transmitted diseases which bedevil the community of men who have sex with men.

Lest there be any question as to eBay / PayPal's actual motive, they specifically cited our brother site "Heroic Homosex" as being offensive to them.

Do you think if the site had been "Heroic Heterosex" it would have bothered them?

I don't.

The eBay / PayPal policy change is the result of pressure from the so-called religious right -- which is neither religious nor right -- to censor frank and productive talk about male-male sexuality.

As such, it should be abhorrent to free people everywhere.

For the time being, until we can arrange for a new credit card processor, please use method 1 or method 3.

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As is true throughout our sites, this page is rich in text and images and full of basic information on the nature of a Warrior's being and existence.

You can read through the entire page, or you can use these links to jump to specific topics on the page:

Why donate: Many reasons, all relevant to your life.

How donations are and will be used: We have plans.

The unique content your donation supports: Content about phallus-to-phallus found nowhere else in M2M life.

How to donate: 3 great ways.

How much to donate: It's your call.

Membership and Premiums: Special gifts for donors.

Donor List: Meet your fellow warriors and learn how much and why they've given.

Do the math: Numbers of site visitors and raising funds -- you do the math.

Fidelity and Frot: What we believe and the opposition we face from the analist left and the religious right.

Phallic Fidelity: A statement of our Warrior Man2Man Alliance creed.

Articles on anal, culture, and Frot: The politics of penetration and the cumming culture of Frot.

Domains of The Man2Man Alliance: A guide to our sites.


Anything from $1 up.

We welcome all levels of support -- from $1 to $1,000.

Only you know what the site and our work have meant and mean to you.

And how much it's worth to you to change the m2m world.

Our goal is to build an authentic grass-roots movement with a broad-based, committed constituency and membership.

So you can elect to make a one-time or occasional donation.

Or you can choose to become a full-fledged member of and fighter for the Man2Man Alliance.

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Guys contributing $60 or more annually automatically become full-fledged members of

Each WARRIOR is awarded a free premium with his fully-paid membership.

Please note that membership is annual and can be paid in installments.

Our current premium is 90 days of FREE online access to Mart Finn's super popular and super HOT CocktoCock Stories Archives and over 700 pics in five slideshows -- a $19.00 value yours absolutely free when you join the Alliance.


In order to claim your premium, your membership must be paid in full and you must SEND ME AN EMAIL telling me that you want the premium.

You CANNOT claim your premium without sending me a valid email address and notifying me of your donation and how it was made: via amazon or US mail.

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In the near future we plan to offer advanced levels of membership.

Please note that member dues will be cumulative within one year.

So if you join today at the basic level, and wish to increase your donation and claim an extra premium in six months, you'll be able to.

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Can't decide how much to give?

Do the math.

The Figures

Our sites currently attract more than 98,000 visitors per month -- over 3,000 per day.

If each site visitor gave $1 per visit, we'd have the money for a media campaign that would blow our opponents away.

And a lot more -- money to set up a national headquarters and convention center, money to pay for lobbying, money to develop brochures and other educational material, money for training programs, money to produce and mass-market books and DVDs.

But realistically, most site visitors will not donate $1 -- or anything.

They're like baby birds -- they cry incessantly to be fed -- without any sense of their obligation to others.

So what we are seeking at present is a core group of men -- true warriors -- who will become members or donate monthly.

If, starting this month, 300 visitors donated $10 per month -- 300 is less than 1%, a mere 0.33 per cent of our current traffic -- we'd have enough money to generate advertising to bring in the tens of thousands of men who don't know we exist.

That's what we need -- 300 committed donors willing to contribute $10 per month.

Or 600 $5

Or 900 who become members for $40 annually.

Or 3000 guys who donate $1 per month.


With our initial funds, we'll generate advertising which will bring in more of our fellow warriors.

These FROT guys will in turn contribute to the work of the Alliance, and with their help we'll be able to generate more advertising, more premiums, and more of the things you've been asking for.

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Because there are literally hundreds of thousands of men just like yourself who long to hear that they're not alone in their needs and desires.

But who at present have no way of finding us.

Some of those men are gay-identified.

They live in a hell of anal sex and promiscuity, behavior which is alien to their nature, but which their peers and their subculture insist is normal and adult.

The pressure and coercion these men now experience is almost beyond belief.

And others of those men are straight-identified.

They live in another sort of hell.

They believe that they're sick or weird because they have same-sex needs and desires.

And they feel very alone.

They can't tell their wives, of course, and, just as bad if not worse, they can't tell their buddies how they feel.

When they look around, all they see for Men who Love Men is "gay sex" -- which is meaningless and abhorrent to them.

They know the sort of bond they seek with another man -- but they have NO WAY of knowing other men just like themselves seek the same.

So they spend years in isolation and misery.

Those guys need your help.

Our Alliance sites -- Heroic Homosex, Cockrub Warriors, Frot Club, Warriors Speak, and Heroes -- have helped you, and now it's your turn to help other men.

Men who are your brothers and your fellow warriors.

In helping them you'll help yourself

Many of you complain about the shortage of potential partners.

Yet without question there's a man out there for each and every one of you.

At present, he doesn't know you exist.

Helping publicize this site and FROT is your best and only hope of someday finding the man of your dreams and living the life which you know should be yours.

The Alliance has helped you
Now it's your turn to help others

Help him
Help yourself

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1. To support our sites.

It currently costs more than $300 per month to maintain our Heroic Homosex and Man2Man Alliance sites, and because of "bandwidth," the more site visitors we have, the greater the expense.

Yet these visitors are crucial to the fulfillment of our mission.

So the first, absolutely vital use of donations is to ensure the continued existence and expansion of our sites.

As donations build, we will move on to:

2. Advertising in the gay and nongay press.

About the gay press and other gay organizations:

The mainstream gay male press continues to black out our activities.

While major AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs), like GMHC and, refuse to acknowledge our work or link to our sites.

If you are currently donating to an ASO, I urge you to stop.

I lost my lover to AIDS, and for many years supported ASOs.

Nevertheless, in my opinion these organizations are now doing more harm than good.

They persistently support and promote anal sex and promiscuity, they refuse to acknowledge the hierarchies of risk, and they consistently lie about the risks associated with condom use.

Taken together, those actions are prolonging the HIV epidemic and paving the way for more epidemics of anally-transmitted diseases.

I ask that you stop donating to ASOs, and give that money to the Alliance instead.

Every man who hears our pro-frot, anti-anal message and who reduces or stops engaging in acts of anal penetration is that much less likely to acquire HIV;

or, if he already has it, to pass it on to others.

It's that simple.

Every time a man chooses not to do anal -- his health and the health of the community benefit.

And we are the only organization for men who have sex with men which dares to say so.

About advertising in the nongay press:

Our advertising will appeal to bi and straight-identified men who are "curious" about their own same-sex desires.

We will advertise as widely as we can: on adult sites, on soft-core sites, on health, fitness and martial arts sites -- and in the mainstream nongay media as well.

And all those men who've wondered about their feelings for years and often decades, will hear about, visit, and join the Alliance.

In addition to advertising, funds will be used for the:

3. Development of educational material, including wallet cards and brochures.

It's time for us to move off the net and have a real-world presence.

The material we develop will be used at street fairs and other public events, and will be distributed in bars, community centers, and other gathering places.

4. Development of premiums.

We will be developing premiums not only as a means of raising money, but as a way of spreading the good news about FROT.

Premiums like books, tee-shirts, and objects which symbolize and express our warrior way --



Many guys have requested a vid.

With enough money, we will script, cast, and film DVDs, the profits from which will be returned to the Alliance to develop yet more advertising and public awareness.

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As you scroll down this page, think of the unique content which the Alliance has developed and which can be found NOWHERE ELSE in m2m life.

Content which celebrates

Content which attacks anal penetration.

While media stars like Harvey Fierstein and AIDS professionals like Tom Coates dance around the issues of responsibility and promiscuity...

We speak the truth.

That anal penetration is uniquely dangerous.

That anal penetration alone is responsible for the epidemic.

That we could end the epidemic TODAY if men stopped doing anal.

That there's an alternative to anal which is HOTTER, infinitely more pleasurable, genitally mutual, and MASCULINE FOR BOTH MEN.

That's FROT.

We alone are here to campaign for FROT.

Only we have


to defy the lies of the analists and the hatred of the religious right.


to present men who have sex with men as the Warriors they might be.


to Honor Men who Love Men as the Heroes they authentically are.

Greater Love
Hath No Man Than This

Join us.

You don't have to lay down your life.

All you need do

Is extend your hand.

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who reject anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy
among men who have sex with men


who put forth the truth that one man can love another
without any surrender of either's masculinity

As Luke Shelton and I discuss in our Introduction to Frot and the Man2Man Alliance, men who are erotically attracted to other men face two sets of false and distorting expectations.

The first is that a straight-identified man, who is authentically attracted to women, is never attracted to persons of his own sex.

That's not true -- not true biologically, not true emotionally, not true spiritually.

And the demand that straight-identified men deny their same-sex needs and feelings inevitably distorts their lives and the lives of those around them, including the lives of those -- their wives and children -- whom they most love.

The second is that gay men -- men who are frankly and to some degree exclusively attracted to other men -- will always express that attraction through anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy.

That expectation too is false. It has not been true historically, it's not true in other cultures, and it's not even true of all gay men in our own time, culture, and place.

Nevertheless two very powerful sets of cultural institutions work to promulgate and enforce these false notions of gay and straight.

The first is the religious right, which chooses to take the narrowest possible view of human sexuality, demanding that all sex be procreative and confined to heterosexual marriage.

Not only does this view deny to gay men and women the pursuit of sexual happiness, but it denies the vital and life-transforming role of sexual pleasure, whether homosexual or heterosexual, in human affairs.

For without sexual energy, much of what is most beautiful in our world -- art, architecture, theatre, film, music, writing -- would not exist.

The vision of the religious right is essentially puritan, and whenever in the past it has achieved power, it's also sparked rebellion.

Because it demands that human beings deny essential parts of themselves.

The other is that of gay male mainstream culture, which since the mid 19070s has been dedicated to the proposition that only anal sex is truly gay, and that promiscuity is an entitlement.

The result has been a health catastrophe without parallel in the modern world, and not only that:

For AIDS is by any measure one of the most calamitous events in human history.

Yet the gay male establishment in its every expression, from AIDS Service Organizations to mainstream media to pornography, continues to push anal penetration and promiscuity as normative for gay men.

Blind to the historic reality that anal sex has traditionally been a minority practice and that the expectation of anal sex is a *heterosexual* expectation and the penetrative model a *heterosexual* model.

The result is a gay male community mired in analist effeminacy, promiscuity, and self-hate.

Those are our opponents: the gay male mainstream and the religious right.

They batter us politically from both the left and right, and unless we build a war chest with which to counter their lies, we'll forever be caught between their irrational and inhuman expectations.

For we represent a third force, and one which they find genuinely frightening.

Most of you know first-hand the fury we invoke from the analists.

But here's what one prominent *religious conservative* told me

The recent phenomenon of the "reasoned and principled," gay activism, arguing for some kind of "centrist" position, such that there could be a "well-ordered" type of sexual activity between men, is in our minds a terrible mistake.

"reasoned and principled"



A terrible mistake?

Or a threat to their control?

Because we don't lie with a man as with a woman?

Because we don't burn?

Because many of us don't leave the natural use of a woman?

Because we don't receive within ourselves that just recompense which is our due?

Because when we look to the Bible we look not to Sodom but to the Warrior Love of David and Jonathan?

Because we have reclaimed our right to live and love as men?

The terrible mistake is theirs:

By denying their same-sex feelings, they've become oppressors of themselves and their brothers.

I ASK YOU AGAIN TO SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE and look at the watchwords and ideas we've generated in the Alliance.

NO ONE ELSE has the strength of will to defy the hatred of the religious right and the analist left.

NO ONE ELSE has the vision to present men who have sex with men as the Warriors they might be.

NO ONE ELSE has the courage to Honor Men who Love Men as the Heroes they truly are.

who reject anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy
among men who have sex with men


who put forth the truth that one man can love another
without any surrender of either's masculinity

and who reject anal penetration.

The Men of the Alliance are united in working to create a new culture among men who love men,
one which rejects anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy
and which embraces phallus to phallus sex, monogamy, and masculinity.

Why "Heroic" Homosex?

Too much of the present-day gay culture is based on promiscuity, effeminacy, and kink.
Heroic Homosex calls upon men who have sex with men to act heroically:
to love another man as an equal and a man with total fidelity.

not in an inherently unequal act of anal penetration

without being effeminized and degraded by penetration

nor being fooled by false and meaningless gay-bi-str8 labels

Fidelity is Heroic

Equality is Heroic

Defiance is Heroic

Heroic for gay-identified men to resist the incessant pressure to do anal.

Heroic for str8-identified men to acknowledge their own dick2dick desires.

Cock2cock is heroic: at once defiant, elevating, ennobling, and in its essence masculine.

Heroic Homosex
a new ethos among men who love men:

Continue scrolling down this page to learn more about our
Man2Man Alliance and Heroic Homosex

Click here to learn more about The Man2Man Alliance.

Click here to visit the Heroic Homosex splash page.

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