Situation in Scotland


Gavin Kirby

Situation in Scotland


Having read much of your site I can say that I thoroughly agree with your ideas about modern homosexuality. The amount of ignorance and contempt displayed by modern "gay culture" is a disgrace to our whole society; it's really absurd that ideas such as those which the modern gay movement espouses could ever be accepted. All of this just proves how degenerate and corrupt our society has become: men prefer to act like poor parodies of women than to live according to their nature, sodomy is treated as a fitting substitute for love and intimacy, and men show a complete indifference to their own health. Of course a culture like this could only be based on emperor's-new-clothes style denial, so it makes sense that anyone who speaks out against it would find himself ostracised and attacked - that's why it's so hard for any counter-movement to gain ground: no-one wants to admit that a problem exists, let alone discuss solutions, so everyone ends up mired in dreary unthinking conformity that not only stifles the spirit but, all too often in this case, also kills the body.

The situation in my native Scotland is typical. Plenty of government-sponsored condom propaganda, "youth outreach" which consists of inducting young men into sodomy as fast and as efficiently as possible, and the ubiquitous "pride event" which serves as a kind of deafener to the protests of the spirit against the existing cultural and sexual tyranny. Needless to say, the only people who openly say that there is nothing to be proud of are the religious fanatics, who are little better than the icons of the decadent "gay community". To get some idea of just how decadent this "community" is, read this obituary of a former "community elder" from a Scottish gay publication.


Always something of a sexual outlaw, he was typically forthright when it came to his sexual interests in piss and shit. The first was celebrated in the title he took when he was beatified by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - translated freely, it meant: Saint Ian of the Recreational Urinals. The second by his fight with HM Customs to be allowed to import sexually explicit materials involving shit.

Now doesn't that sound like a fitting role model for a community! The organisation mentioned in my quote, the "Sisters", seems to have quite some clout in the community. But just what is it about? Drag queens handing out analist propaganda! Make no mistake, these men have become votaries of the analist cult. Naturally enough, it's all innocently disguised as just another "condom campaign" whose function is of course to liberate gay men... although these are exactly the people they need to be liberated from!

It was Novice Nun the Wiser's first proper outing, and she managed to do good works from the start. While in CC's she observed two young gentlemen in, erm, deep conversation with one another and so presented them with condoms. One of the young gentlemen refused, and opined that he would never use such a thing. The other looked at him with appropriate disgust and walked away, hopefully to find a much more considerate shag.

Here we can see the cultural tyranny in full force - condoms are obligatory since (it needn't even be said) anal is on the agenda, and a man's right to choose is denigrated (consider that the man might not even have been planning on anal sex, not that he was given any chance to explain). At any rate, it seems that gay men really have nothing better to hope for in this life than a "considerate shag", who respects the cultural tyranny and dutifully uses a condom to perform his sexual assault.

Perhaps the best indicator of just how the establishment is helping young gay men (to kill themselves) is the emetic "comic" published by Healthy Gay Scotland (the irony must escape them) - the crassly named "Cocktales". You can see a preview of the latest issue here - the other issues should also be on that site. Genuinely disgusting stuff - and it's getting worse with each episode. For example, in this one, a young man is introduced to the "gay scene", specifically a group of effeminate men, one calling himself "Dolly"; another young man's induction into "gay life" concludes with (need it even be said) anal sex; a couple engages in an orgy (why bother preaching outdated values like fidelity?) after which, with supreme irony, one man says he "didn't see anyone do anything risky", and a man who is reminiscing about his friends who died of AIDS hopes that "everyone keeps using condoms" - and, implicitly, keeps doing exactly what killed his friends.

That's all we have in Scotland - pure analist propaganda. I haven't been able to find a single resource that presents a different view - it's the same everywhere: camp, sleaze and promiscuity are fashionable, masculinity and faithfulness are not. It's disgraceful that these people are more interested in upholding fashionable ideologies than in helping real people, but that's the way politics in general seems to work these days.

Finally, I should point out that the situation here is quite different in another way: the religious right as it exists in America is almost unknown here (as is almost any strong right-wing political ethos: there's a saying that if you pinned a Labour rosette onto a monkey it'd win in a Scottish election). The religious extremists are in a tiny minority here, and they lack any political platform, so our problems are almost entirely from the politically-correct leftwing condoms-only brigade (such as the Scottish Executive, which funds HGS). In a sense that makes our situation even worse, since if there's only one view presented to the public then there's even more braindead conformity. Added to the lazy indifference that a lot of people have ( i.e. they accept the dominant paradigm just because it's dominant and they can't be bothered thinking differently), the conformity and the narrow-mindedness are all the harder to break through.

That means that we must create a new social ethos which will show men how to use their natural affection for one another to benefit all of society, just as the institution of marriage allows heterosexual couples to do. After all, it was always a weak argument that men should be allowed to marry because it's just a right that they deserve. Maybe they do deserve it, but a society can only create institutions when it's in its best interests to do so. The fact that we want to allow men to marry one another without really knowing why, or what this kind of relationship could do for society (and as the example of the Greeks shows us, these relationships are far from socially worthless) suggests that we're morally confused as a society.

Gavin Kirby

"The free man is a warrior" - Nietzsche

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