Religious fanaticism

A form of mass hysteria and often mass psychosis which has gripped people and indeed nations worldwide, and which teaches, among other things, that the love of man for man is sin.

In the United States, religious fanaticism expressed as an exclusive evangelical Christianity has completely distorted and in fact obliterated the message of Christ, while embedding itself in the Republican Party in a naked pursuit of money, influence, and power.

Its ultimate goal is to replace the United States of America with a Christian States of America, in which Christianity as interpreted by its reverends and divines, would replace democracy and the rule of law.

Evangelical Christianity is virulently opposed to any expression of affection or love between men.

And while paying lip service to "patriarchy," the evangelical churches themselves are controlled by people, usually feminized males and women, who are deeply distrustful of the most basic forms and expression of Natural Masculinity and of any sort of the male-bonding activities which have characterized the lives of Men for Millenia.

For just that reason, it's vital that the Men of the Alliance understand that while the religious right and similar fanatics espouse "values" which our society usually thinks of as "anti-gay" --

in reality their words and actions are anti-MAN.

See also Heterosexualization, Heterosexism, and Analism.

And, in opposition, Warrior ethos, Warrior altruism, Heroic love, Frot.

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