Warrior Ethos
Heroic Homosex

Manhood, Manliness, Courage and Valour; Justice, Wisdom, Faith and Fidelity; Self-Control and Self-Sacrifice; and Prowess in battle.

Men living under this ethos commonly seek an intense, lifelong, erotic bond with another warrior, a union which is celebrated phallically.

Such bonds are honored in myth and epic -- Gilgamesh, The Iliad, The Celtic Tain; and in history -- David and Jonathan, Harmodius and Aristogeiton, the Sacred Band of Thebes, Alexander and Hephaestion.

Thus our Man2Man Alliance formulation:

Warrior Homosex is Heroic Homosex

Heroic Homosex is Warrior Homosex

Martial Masculine Monogamous

Phallic Masculine Heroic

Prior to the 20th century, in most places on earth the warrior ethos dominated male life.

And male-male eroticism.

Analist culture, which in every particular is the opposite of Warrior Homosex, is a product of historical forces which took root during the 19th century and culminated in late 20th century post-industrial society.

Inevitably, analism will fade and pass away.

It's the intent of The Man2Man Alliance that Heroic Homosex and the Warrior Ethos comprise the future of Men who Love Men, an aim which can only be achieved with the help of every Man who reads this page.

Whether analism or Heroic Homosex represents the future of Men who Love Men will be determined by the forces of history -- and by the Men who read this page.

Fighting is Manhood

Manhood is Man

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