Bill Weintraub

(writing as pelopidas725)

Dear Cockrub Warrior,

Like Cockrub Warriors of Mars, this is a story I created originally for the yahoo club "wrestling stories."

The reason I wrote it was that a few days earlier, "Don," who was a writer for that club and also one of its fictional characters, had posted a rather mean-spirited story in which he set up Jake, one of the teenaged cadets or "dudes" at the military school, as a bad boy, and then fucked him in the ass as a way of reforming him.

Not only is that particular scenario so old it has a beard on it, it's also a sex-negative and disgusting use of anal penetration.

And of course, as a man into frot, it really infuriates me when a site like wrestling stories, which has a heavy frot readership, runs a story in which anal is the culminating act.

That after all is what our argument with the butt-fuckers is about -- not whether anal should exist, but whether it's the best or truest form of sex between men. We say of course not. They say yes.

Well, I chewed out Don good in the club message boards -- and not for the first time -- for doing that, cause of all the writers there, Don is the most likely to use anal in that way.

But since Don's quite intransigent on this issue, I decided also to write this little story about the aftermath of his puny go at sex education.

In writing it, I discovered that not only was it superhot, but that it had some of my best statements (aimed at teens that is) about cockrubbing and staying true to yourself.

I call it The Avenger, and I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.



 Bill Weintraub

Part 1 -- Ultor

Mars Ultor stood glowering in the street of the small southern town. He'd heard that one of his cockrub warriors had been mistreated -- some even said raped -- by one of those unreconstructed southern boys, and that really pissed him off.

And Mars wasn't the sort of guy you wanted to piss off.

AT 6 7 and 280 pounds he was an imposing, even frightening figure of pure, sharply defined Olympian muscle. His hair was red, and when he glowered, his pale skin flushed angrily and his normally green eyes flashed red too. For more than 3,000 years he'd been invincible.

Of course, the fact that he was a god helped too.

Mars glowered even more as he saw Jake, the cockrub warrior he'd heard about, coming down the street. Although Jake had always been a handsome, manly sort of dude, Mars could see that he looked worried -- and scared too. Plus he was walkin kinda funny, a little bow-legged, and it looked as though he might be havin trouble sittin down too.

"Come here, son" the god commanded, in his deep awesome voice.

Jake looked even more scared, but then Mars smiled at him in his winning, kindly way, even flashed a bit of his gleaming pearly whites at him, and Jake relaxed. Somehow, he knew, he could trust this guy.

"Let's sit over here and find out what's troublin' you," said the god, gesturing to a seat on a park bench in a green and shady spot. "My name's Ultor, by the way, Mars Ultor, and Jake, I just know that you and I are gonna be good friends. Now, what's the problem, son?"

Part 2 -- Skid Marks

Jake wondered how the stranger knew his name, but he had too many other worries to focus on that one right now. The handsome young dude struggled to hold back his tears as he said, "It's Don, Mr. Ultor. He's been, he's been..."

"It's alright son," said Mars, "you can tell me, and I promise you I won't be angry -- least, not at you."

"Well," said the poor demoralized fightin boy, "oh, Mr. Ultor, it's been terrible. He's been fuckin me every night, every night and and and ..."

"In your ass, son?" asked the god with an ominous frown.

Jake bowed his head in shame. "Yes sir."

"Well, Jake," the god asked, "do you wanna be fucked in the ass??"

"Oh no Mr. Ultor, I hate it sir, it's terrible, it hurts somethin awful and if I say ow! That hurts! Don just hits me and when he's doin it he makes noises like a pig, u know grunt grunt grunt and he smells terrible too, I don't know if he ever takes a shower and he never changes his clothes and his jockeys are full of skid marks and he says he uses a rubber but I don't know if he's tellin me the truth all the time ... and and and ... I'm scared Mr. Ultor, he's always hittin on me and I don't even like him and he's always hummin these corny country and western tunes and sometimes he dresses up like Patsy Cline and and and "

The words just came pourin out of the manly but miserable young soldier.

"Please Mr. Ultor," Jake said, "I'm a cockrub warrior, I like rubbin cocks, face to face and heart to heart with the other warriors, I don't wanna get stuffed from behind like an olive by that harley freak."

Part 3 -- Jake's Dream

Jake stopped. Then he said softly, "All I want to do is rub cocks with my buds until I find my true love, you know, my cum-brother-eternal, and then I'll just be loyal and true to him."

Jake looked up at the great warrior sitting next to him. "Please Mr. Ultor, do you think you can help me sir?"

"Well, I don't know Jake," said the god, "I'd heard that you'd been misbehavin and beatin up people like Jonah, and that's why..."

"Oh no, oh no," Jake interrupted him, "Don's just been sayin that but that's not true at all. Jonah's a fag-basher, I saw him punchin and kickin this little skinny gay dude who plays flute in the marching band, it was terrible, he was sayin "die fag die" and his girl friend was just standin there laughin, so I tried to stop him and he threw a punch at me so I put his lights out. But I would never beat up somebody for no reason or just to show off. It's just these haters, Mr. Ultor, they're the ones u gotta stop."

"I know son," the god said, in his deep, understanding voice, "and I believe you too."

Then Mars continued, his voice even deeper and richer with understanding and wisdom, "You know Jake, sometimes when these buttfuckers are hittin on ya and tryin to make ya believe that buttfuckin is the only kind of sex there is and the only real sex and all that other bullshit just so's they can get you to be their little bottom bumboy, well, sometimes you gotta just pull back and check out things with urself and ur cockrubbin buds and ask urself how you really feel and what you really believe."

Jake looked deep in the god's eyes and nodded, "I know."

And Mars went on, "Yeah Jake, I know you know, and I think that all you're lackin right now is self confidence, I think that's all it is, and I think if you let me help you the two of us can get you right back on track, right back where you need to be, where any warrior has to be."

Part 4 -- Jake's Cock

As he talked Mars was gazing deeply into Jake's eyes and now, for the first time since Don had started using his ass for a sperm depository Jake began to feel the stirrings of manhood in his own cock, he was suddenly aware of this strange stud who called himself Mars not just as a friend but as a man, a deeply masculine man and a warrior like himself.

Jake was wearing his cadet's uniform while Mars was in mufti, and Jake couldn't help looking at the stud's khakis and tryin to imagine what might be inside the massive basket.

Mars, bein a god, could sense the young dude's hormones risin and he knew the time was ripe. He gently touched Jake's handsome face with his hand, while lettin his thickly muscled thigh brush against the young warrior's. "Wanna rub cocks, Jake?" he asked with a smile, "Think that would help dude?"

"Yeah!" said Jake, "YEAH!" and at that moment Jake knew that was what he wanted, that was the only thing he'd ever wanted, he wanted to feel this big powerful stranger's cock against his own, he wanted to slam it out with him, dude to stud, cock to cock balls to balls chest to chest, to find out which was the mightier and stronger COCKRUB WARRIOR.

Part 5 -- The Temple

"C'mon," said Mars, and getting up he led Jake deeper into the park, into an area that Jake didn't think he'd ever seen before, it looked like an old ruined temple with columns and bits of statue, and the air there was warm and dry and there was a smell and a feel of animal life to it, and Jake thought he saw a lizard scurry under a rock as they entered and a couple of snakes slide slowly under some fallen stones as they got deeper in.

"Warm, isn't it, Jake?" said the god, as he dropped his jacket and began unbuttoning his shirt. Yeah, thought Jake, and he took off his own cadet tunic and was easing out of his shirt when he looked up and saw the god's massive chest, huge hard pecs coated with a light layer of sweat glistening in the sun, the nips dark and coppery, and Jake looked up at the god and the self-doubt that'd plagued him since bein raped came back and he said, "I don't know, mister, you look awful strong to me," and Mars said, "Really? Well let's find out," and he held up his hands for the traditional test of strength, and then, Jake, hesitatingly, locked hands with the greatest warrior in the universe.

And that was all it took.

For suddenly Jake felt his own body fill with power, it was weird and awesome, it was as though the stranger, instead of fightin him, was fillin him instead, fillin him with his warrior's excellence and pride and strength. And Jake felt his chest swell up and his cock too and suddenly his pants and jock had disappeared and he was standin there nude, muscular, strong and proud, hands locked in combat with the great nude massive warrior god, warrior cocks standin stiff and hard at attention, cockheads purple and swole up with blood and pride and prejizz and then their cockheads touched and it was like the warrior's precum was pourin into his cock and Jake felt even more power flowin into his body, he felt the god's warrior strength fill his own cock and balls, and he saw Mars' eyes change, shifting suddenly from green to red, the angriest and most powerful red he'd ever seen and he felt the red in his own eyes too, the power of red, the power of blood, the power of life itself shootin all through his smooth hard teen dude's body and he knew he could fight this man or any man any time any where it didn't matter he could take him.

And he yelled FUCK YEAHHHHHH

And then Mars upped his strength and began pushing Jake down to his knees and the god's sweat started fallin on the strainin muscles of the teen dude and each drop of god fall on him was like pure male energy and he felt it flow into his arms and thighs and he pushed the god back up and broke the hold.

And Jake yelled FUCK YEAHHHH again and now he was ready, he knew he was ready to take this guy and they began circlin, lightly grabbin at each other, till

him and Mars locked up for real and started slammin against each other, their cocks rubbin and grindin and poundin and Jake could feel the heat of the god's balls, feel their incredible superhuman heat as they slammed against his own and could feel the power inside them, could feel the mad churning rage of the godjizz ready to explode out and could feel that power shootin into his own balls just by contact, the touch alone of the god's balls was enough to fill Jake with virility and virtue and strength, and he grabbed the god around the back and locked up even tighter with him and they began grindin for real now, huge cockwarrior tool against massive godwarrior shaft, and Jake felt his body become cock, all of him was cock, he was pure cock fightin pure cock and he felt like he could last forever and ever and ever, young and virile and strong and powerful COCKRUB WARRIOR FOREVER

Part 6 - Destiny

And then Mars with superhuman strength pushed him away and yelled, THINK YOU'RE READY FOR DON NOW??????

And Jake yelled back, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

And the god and the dude stood there pantin at each other and they were both tempted, Jake was wild with desire, he wondered what it would be like to be the cum-brother-eternal of this massive masculine stud, he felt his cock calling out to Mars, and even the god was tempted, he thought should I make this mortal dude mine, it would be so easy, just control my cum until...

But then Mars remembered, he had looked deep into the terrible Crystals of Destiny before leaving Olympus and he thought no, no, can't make him immortal yet, have to let him fight his hard battles down here first...

Because for god and mortal alike, there was no escapin destiny.

So Mars pulled his sex energy back and let the wall of nondesire fall between him and Jake and he said good Jake, put on your clothes dude and we'll go back to the street and take him out and Jake said YEAHHHHHH and as he did he saw the god reach down behind a rock and come back with two writhing, humping snakes in his hand and Mars said look man, the power of the snakes, and pressed them to his groin, and Jake saw the venom flow from their fangs into the godflesh and Mars said, DO YOU WANT IT? and Jake said YEAHHHHH, and Mars pressed the snakes against Jake's cock and they bit and Jake could feel the power of all nature shoot into his teen dude body and he knew he was a COCKRUB WARRIOR FOREVER now

Part 7 -- The Bully

And then Jake and Mars were back in their clothes and on the street, on the bench, waitin for Don.

And sure enough, he came out of a cheap coffee shop and started walkin toward Jake, sayin, "Hey boy," in his thick phony southern accent, "time to visit the chocolate factory again..." and laughin in a crooked, sneerin sort of way.

Mars leaned over to Jake and said, "Give him one chance, then take him."

Jake nodded, feelin the power of the god pulse through his body.

"C'mon, boy," sneered the biker bully, "gotta rocket in my pocket aimin for ur black hole, ha ha ha."

Jake strode quickly up to him. "No, Don," he said firmly, "I'm not goin with you no more. I'm a COCKRUB WARRIOR, and I DON'T LIKE GETTIN FUCKED."

"What???" Don exclaimed. "I'm gonna take you and fill ur boypussy right here on the street, lil cuntcumboy, where everybody can see it."

And Don reached out and slapped Jake's face hard.

Then Jake finally felt the cool fury of the avenger fill his body, and as Don started to pull his arm back, Jake grabbed it and twisted hard, so hard that Don was forced to turn part ways around. Then Jake kicked him hard in the back of the knee, and Don crashed down onto the sidewalk. Jake delivered one more good kick to the gut, and the arrogant butt-fucker was stretched face down, out cold on the concrete, his mouth drippin grits from his cheap home-fried breakfast.

Part 8 - Fury

Mars walked over and using just the point of his well-shod foot, turned the fallen thug on his back. "Let's see what he's got," said the god, at the same time letting out a fierce whistle. Then he reached down and unbuckled the bully's pants.

From around the corner came Mars' dog Cerberus, the famous hundred-headed hound of hell. "Hold!," commanded Mars, as the dog's full century of teeth and salivating jaws started sniffing hungrily at buttboy's stinky pecker and miniscule nuts.

"Huh," exclaimed the great Olympian, looking disdainfully at the pitiful package at his feet. "Very little meat, and not much potatoes either."

Don was startin to regain consciousness and was beginnin to moan.

At that moment, though, Shane, the dopey stud that Don was always salivatin over in his stories, came runnin down the street, hurryin to help his fallen bud. Problem was, of course, that Shane was just a figment of Don's imagination -- and since Don didn't have much imagination, Shane was only visible in black and white -- Don just wasn't smart enough to figure out what he'd look like in color.

Mars sighed. "These imaginary characters are always the worst," he said, and snapped his fingers. With that, one of the terrible Furies appeared, a woman with the body of a scorpion, the wings of an eagle, and a head full of snakes. "Take care of that please," the god commanded.

"Yessssss, Olympian," hissed the Fury, and flying directly into Shane's path, she looked at him fiercely -- instantaneously turning him into a cardboard cutout, the sort you see in front of low class movie theaters. Walking over to the celluloid sissy, Mars pushed it with his little finger -- and it fell into the gutter, where it was squashed even flatter by a Coors delivery van (and wouldn't ya know it, Coors was the only beer for Shane) and then sucked up into the vacuuming belly of a passing garbage truck.

"Oh," whimpered Don, "but I loved u cowboy Shane."

"Get a life Don," the god snapped back. "Shane didn't exist -- and what's more, if I hear about you molestin Jake or any of the other Cockrub Warriors, I'm gonna feed your pitiful cock and balls to my dog here -- for a snack!!"

"Woof!" said Cerberus, lickin his hundred chops.

Part 9 -- Mars Speaks

"No," said the great god Mars, the inspiration of warrior dudes for thousands of years, "My COCKRUB WARRIORS are here to rub cocks and slam balls, to go chest to chest face to face and heart to heart with their warrior bros till they find true love and eternal companionship with their cum-brothers. People like you, buttfuck Don, have made a terrible mess of this once beautiful world, and it's up to the COCKRUB WARRIORS to clean it all up before it's too late, to battle for ecology and win equality for all God's creatures."

"So get out of the way, southern boy, or you're just liable to find yourself with your friend Shane, gettin mopped up with the other toxic waste of history."

"COCKRUB WARRIORS RULE!" bellowed the red giant, as he disappeared in a cloud of ruby red Mars dust.

Jake's cadet buds, Josh, Justin, Joey, Jamie, even RJ and Jason, all gathered round, happy to see their friend Jake his old self again.

"Who was that guy Jake?" asked Joey.

"He said his name was Mars Ultor," said Jake, wonderingly, and then looked down at his swelling cock. All the dudes were getting turned on now, their cocks fillin with blood and jizz as they looked into the faces of their beloved friends.

Don was still lyin on the sidewalk, moanin. "I think u broke my arm," he whined.

"Wanna jerk off on Don's face?" asked Joey.

"Naw," said Jake, "why waste warrior jizz on a pathetic thing like that?"

"C'mon, guys," said Jamie, "what are we waitin for?? Let's go grind our cocks till we can't cummmmm no more!!!!!"

"Yeah," yelled all the young dudes, as they rushed off for the green sanctuary of the woods and their fav cockrub arena, shoutin for all the world to hear


Jason and Mars


Sure hope you liked the story, COCKRUB WARRIORS.

Thought you might like to see too a copy of my original post to "Don" and "Shane" after their story about reforming Jake through anal sex first appeared.

A lot of what I have to say in there comes from things you guys have told me in emails and other communications.

So what you have to say is really really important.

Here's the post:

LOL don and shane. Let's see if I've got this one right. Boy misbehaves. Boy is punished by getting fucked up the ass. Boy reforms.

Now where have I seen this before? I know -- it's the same scenario in every Falcon video made in the last 20 years. You know Falcon Video Pac number 16, number 34, number 155, on and on and on. You get the picture.

The guy who made those videos -- let's call him Howard, cause his name was Howard -- just died, of, what else??? -- AIDS. But before he died he'd become a very very very rich man off those videos.

Thing was, he was kinda like Alfred Nobel, the guy who invented dynamite then put all his money into the Nobel Peace Prize cause he felt guilty about all the people he'd killed. Howard did the same thing more or less -- he pumped a lot of money into AIDS organizations and even the HRC -- that's that gay group that's afraid to use the word gay in its name -- cause he felt bad about all those guys who got fucked and got AIDS.

But it always seemed to me that he was getting it ass backwards, if you'll pardon the expression. Wouldn't it have been better if Howard had just, say, sold shoes for a living, instead of making anal sex so very very popular? Then he wouldn't have had to feel guilty. And maybe less people would have died, or gotten intestinal parasites, or Hepatitis B and C.

The other thing that gets me in your story (and all of Howard's videos) is the idea that getting fucked is a punishment. If it feels good how come it's a punishment? If it don't feel good, why do it?

I'll tell you what I and all the other guys into cockrubbing out there think. We think anal sex is dangerous and outmoded. We think it has about as much future as the dodo. We think all this nonsense about tops and bottoms and dominance and submission is just plain medieval. Not even straight people do it anymore -- it went out around 85 for most of em. Course there were a few men out there who didn't really get it -- but then Loreena Bobbit kinda straightened them out.

Cockrubbing is about equality -- and that's what the future is about too. It's not about being dominated by the group, or the corporation, or the state, or the church, or your husband, or your boyfriend.

It's about freedom.


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