Sensei Patrick is a black belt from the Bible belt.

This good ole boy describes himself as "a dedicated beaver-banger."

He's also a devout Christian who has served his faith as a chaplain.

And he's just had, after years of fantasizing about it, his first dick2dick experience.

He loved it, and is eager to speak with others about it.

In this regular column, Patrick will address questions from guys who identify as str8 and are curious about cock2cock.

You can write this kick-boxin ground-fightin woman-lovin cock2cock dude at Ask Sensei Patrick.

Of course Patrick can't answer every question in print.

But knowing him, I bet he'll get back to every man who writes.


Dear Sensei Patrick

you and i are in the same boat, but i dont have a buddy. just found the site two days ago and am really anxious to try. thanks for sharing.



Hi nads

if you haven't yet seen the ads on the frot club page of the site, you may want to take a look and maybe post an ad of your own there. also try the contact us page. Bill, the guy who does the work on the site, is a great guy and his advice is very sound.

if you care to, please let me know what part of the country you're in...(i'm in kentucky), i may be able to offer a suggestion or 2... just try to keep your "buddy list" short...just 1 buddy is best.

good luck and best wishes.


Dear Patrick

thanks for the reply! i'm in the philly area. but i want to find another married guy to insure discretion. you're a lucky guy (hard abs)!


believe me there are a lot of guys just like you there and most of them want discretion too...

good luck...when it happens, take your time and have fun... if you find the right buddy, you will have a lot of time to make each other's fantasies come true.

drop me a line anytime.



hey patrick

my name is rick ive known this guy for about 9 months ok. i'm not gay because i sincerely love pussy. but, i really want to know what it is like to get my dick against another guys -- especially him. him and i get drunk quite a bit together, and that is when i feel most daring to try this out. could you give me some tips or advice on how i could get him to let us rub cocks! please get back at me as soon as you can i am desperate.

Hey Rick

I'll try to give you a hand.

First look for little tips as to what your friend's attitude is toward you.

And then arrange your time alone with him to allow him to feel very safe in doing anything with you.

For example (circumstances permitting), does he have any problem taking his shirt off around you? If you have ever been shirtless around him and he peels his shirt off at some point, he probably has some same-sex feelings for you. What is his expression like on occasions when (in private) you have bumped into him or touched him in some non-sexual way: hostile or receptive? He is probably giving you vibes one way or the other, though you may not know it -- remember, he is sexual too and he does have urges and he seeks to relieve them somehow.

Let's assume he's not hostile and that he has done things like taking off his shirt around you ... If this is the case you are in a good position to go further with him ... try to set things up so that you two are alone together ... a camping trip or a hike or a weekend sleep-over. For a sleep-over you need to do a couple of things ahead of time. Wear a nice button-up shirt and maybe tape pro wrestling when it's on TV and keep the tape handy to play while he's there ... if you're at your place turn the heat up to where it's a little too warm in the room. Play the tape and occasionally make remarks like "I could beat him" or "I could kick his butt" ... and then when someone like Stonecold comes out say "I don't think I could beat him," and then look at your buddy and say something like but as long as I can beat you I'll be happy! Get the idea? Turn it into a friendly challenge thing and get him to wrestle around with you ... something you can only do shirtless because you don't want to ruin your nice shirt!

With the heat turned up, he may start out with his shirt on but he will lose it at some point because it's so hot and you've got yours off anyway and you both want it to be a "fair fight," right? You may even be able to start out in gym shorts or boxers because you "don't want to ruin your good pants." If you really feel he is going along with you, you could even try "Strip Wrestling" where the loser of a round has to shed some article of clothing.

Once your lack of clothing makes things easier you should be able to take it from there.

If you can get it down to the two of you wearing just your shorts you'll be in good shape for some cock rubbing with your shorts on ... if he lets you do that (and you both have erections) you can try reaching into his shorts or saying something like "I'll bet you five bucks my dick is bigger than yours" ... then you'll both be nude ... and ready for some really hot cock2cock action!

After all, most of us are bisexual ... and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Whatever you end up doing with him don't forget to respect his feelings afterwards! In other words don't kiss and tell ... he would never forgive you.

Please don't treat my advice like a script or anything . You don't have to do it exactly as I have described ... I'm only trying to give you a few ideas ... so you can make it very easy for him to go along with you in a sexy context. OK? Good luck!!:).


Sensei Patrick

p.s. Please let me know how things turn out for you two.

"Peace should be the way of the warrior for he bears the cost of war."

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