Heroic Homosex: Toward a New Concept of M2M is an introductory essay exploring the relationship between culture and behavior. Men into frot are all too aware of the power of culture to dictate sexual behavior. In Heroic Homosex I examine other aspects of "gay male" behavior today, contrast them with the behavior of m2m men in warrior cultures of the past, and discuss the implications of cultural myths, messages, and models for the lives of cockrub and dick2dick warriors.

heroic homosex

Historically, one of the key components of warrior culture has been Fidelity. Our FidelityAlliance page celebrates the heroism implicit in the cock2cock bonds between loving men.

In Search of an Heroic Friend is a summary of many of the themes found in Heroes. I first wrote it in response to GentleWarrior Brad's Learning to Be a Cockrub Warrior. If you haven't read it there, you may want to read it here.

heroic friends

Heroic Masculinity is an essay by Warrior Rob about masculinity, heroism, and the warrior bond. Don't miss it.

heroic masculinity

Jocks and Cocks is a series of three luminous emails by Philosopher-Warrior Don F about athletes, masculinity and frot, illlustrated with really HOT pix. If you're a jock and you're into cock, don't miss what Don has to say.

jocks and cocks

Gilgamesh is my overview of the first and in many ways greatest m2m epic. If you've never read Gilgamesh, this is a good place to start.

a myth for all time

Heroic Homosex -- The Greeks -- is a multi-page history rich in graphics which I'm posting in sections. Currently posted are the Introductory Essay and an article called Hoplites, along with The Warrior Bond and Nude Combat. There you'll find images and text discussing the relationship of homosex to tactics, training, morale issues, and nudity in battle in the world's most creative and vibrant m2m warrior culture.

This is an explicitly erotic examination of a warrior ethos, and not one you're likely to find anywhere else.

Because I believe reading it will strengthen you in your own life path, I encourage you to ck it out.

And because I think it's that important, I'm adding this extra pitch:

The idea of Heroic Homosex -- The Greeks is that the reader take some time to look at the images -- really hang out with them.

The reason that you need to spend time with the images is that they challenge our most basic assumptions about homosex and masculinity. They treat homosex not as a perversion, but as a completely masculine activity that's integral to a warrior ethos.

That's not the same thing as gays in the military. It's not even close. Gays in the military is a policy of tolerance toward a deviant minority.

Whereas Greek warrior homosex -- Heroic Homosex -- is an expression of the deepest values of Greek civilization.

Sometimes bloody, sometimes beautiful, sometimes both.

But very, very different from our own idea of m2m.

For that reason, spending time with these images is liberating, and the more time you spend, the more liberated you'll become.

Cause you'll realize just how arbitrary and confining our own culture's view of homosex is.

And how ennobling was that of the Greeks.

And, that thanks to the Greeks and other warrior cultures, we can see that we have a choice.

the greeks


Since introducing The Greeks in 2001, we've added many more terrific articles on the Greeks and the ancient world, including these:

What's the truth about the ancient Greek Olympic games?

What contests were honored there?

And what sort of men competed in them?

Did those men have sex with other men?

If so, what sort of sex did they have?

In Xystarchy: Nude Combat Sport in the Ancient World, I examine those questions.

Building on our wildly successful NUDE COMBAT series, and full of pictures of Greek athletes, Greek warriors, and Greek homosex, this essay contains two terrific letters from Naked Wrestler as well.

The modern Olympics continues to be a great shining lie, which does violence to its ancient Greek heritage and to men's sexuality by pretending, in essence, that its athletes are eunuchs.

They're not, they are sexual beings, and if they're men, they have male same-sex needs and desires which many of them act on, and which more of them would act on if they understood how common and normal those desires are.

Twenty-five hundred years ago the warrior-athletes of Greece did understand, and created from their Heroic Homosex the single most luminous culture the world has ever known.

Ck out Xystarchy: Nude Combat Sport in the Ancient World.

See and understand the legacy these passionate, athletic, and combative men left us and all men who love men.

NEW!!! as of March 10, 2007

Four articles which take as their starting point the Roman poet Statius' telling of the famous ancient Greek epic Seven Against Thebes, a work the great classicist and poet Robert Graves compared to India's Mahabharata.

Our first article, And now a few words from Publius Papinius Statius introduces the poet and his epic Thebaid, and the core characters of Polynices and Tydeus.

The second, The Comradeship of Wounds, looks at the masculine journey through rage to love.

The third, Achilles on Scyros, examines the theme of the male recalled to his Warrior Masculinity.

And the fourth, The Mingling of Their Bones, looks at the Warrior Bond as described by Ovid, Virgil, and Homer.

This is powerful reading, and lavishly illustrated.

Don't miss it.


NEW!!! as of September 2007

We continue our exploration of the Warrior Ethos with

sweat the sacrament of naked valour; and

his valour plain to see.

Both use as their starting point Statius and the Thebaid.

But in sweat the sacrament of naked valour we also look at the further development of the character of Achilles and his Warrior son Neoptolemus in Quintus Smyrneus' epic The Fall of Troy -- another crucial work;

while in his valour plain to see we examine the Warrior concept of Valour, and its relationship to Masculine Virtue and Warrior Manhood.

his valour plain to see in particular is a core article for the Alliance.

Ck it out Warrior dude.

You'll be glad you did!

Next up is a seven-part series which explores in depth the Agogé -- the Spartan system of Warrior training.

AGOGE I: The Spear-points of Young Men Blossom There is the first in the series.

And AGOGE I: The Spear-points of Young Men Blossom There is one of the most important explorations of Warriordom and Warriorhood on our Man2Man Alliance sites.

Don't miss it!

Next up in the Agogé series is

Part II of our Agogé series, AGOGE II: Flesh and Spirit is an examination of that pristine world of Flesh and Spirit of which Homer sang -- and a look at how we might reclaim it in our own Manly lives.

Be sure to ck it out!

Then comes Part III of our Agogé series, AGOGE III: The Longing for Masculinity -- which is another seminal article.

Don't miss this one either guys!

Next up is AGOGE IV: Excellence, Honor, and the Molding of Men --

Which introduces the Greek word and concept of Areté and explains its relationship to Ares, the Warrior God.

AGOGE IV: Excellence, Honor, and the Molding of Men is one of the most important articles on our Man2Man Alliance sites.

Don't miss it!

Next up is AGOGE V: A Nation of Heroes: State-Education in Sparta.

Here's a brief excerpt from A Nation of Heroes:

The hero is the highest type of humanity;

and moral heroism is the highest expression of areté.

Sparta's AGOGE was a system for creating heroes.

And these heroes were not mythic -- they were, rather, real: simple Spartan warriors, citizen-soldiers -- and heroes.

That's Sparta's achievement, and why Sparta lives.

A Nation of Heroes is important and vital reading for every true Warrior.

AGOGE VI: The Strife of Valour: Austerity and Equality at Sparta introduces the fundamental Warrior values of Austerity and Equality in their Spartan setting.

And our last entry in the Agogé series -- for now -- Two Spearmen -- explores the question of morality in sex and introduces the concept of Virtue and Virility -- Virtuous Virility.

Once again, vital reading for every true Warrior.

Our Man2Man Alliance Agogé series is essential reading for every Warrior.

Be sure to read all seven!


Here's a complete list of our articles on the Ancient World:

Masculinity and Spirit is a discussion of effeminacy, masculinity, and spirituality -- issues first raised by Warriors Bruno and David McQuarrie on our Personal Stories message board. This is an essay rich in images of dick2dick both ancient and contemporary -- images and text which will help you make the connection between your life and that of warriors in ages past, and that will introduce you to the rich religious traditions that honor phallus and masculinity. Ck it out dude.

masculinity and spirit
sacred sex

Phallic, Masculine, Heroic talks about the meaning of those three aspects of the warrior ethos. Using many images from different cultures, I discuss the rich symbolism of the sacred phallus, the meaning of masculinity, and courage, compassion, and loyalty -- three attributes of the hero.

the serpent lord

The Heroic Love of Cuchulainn and Ferdia. The Celts were among the fiercest warrior peoples of the ancient world, feared by Greek and Roman alike.

In this essay, rich in heroic images and epic language, Celtic scholar Sarah Hawk and founding Warrior Bill Weintraub examine the Celtic traditions of nude combat and ardent warrior love affairs, with special attention paid to the love of Cuchulainn, the mightiest mythic Celtic hero, and his boyhood companion Ferdia, doomed to a desperate death-match.

For hundreds of years their story modeled male-male love for Celtic warrior youth.

Let it do the same for you.

Don't miss The Two Bright Torches of the Valour of the Gael.

COCKTOCOCK In a tightly reasoned and wide-ranging essay, the Cockster expresses his philosophy of cocktocock and poses the question -- when man meets man, what's the difference between interactional and transactional sex?

The Cockster vividly illustrates the answer in STUDS -- in which two hunky london lads discover that there's a lot more to life and love between men than huntin for pussyboy bottombitch prey.

is a stunning collection of brilliant Warrior imagery by acclaimed Warrior artist Max Stella.

Don't miss it!


The Warrior's Lesson. In this companion piece to Heroic Masculinity, Warrior Rob writes of the complexities of his deep friendship with a married man, and of what he learned when his friend proved to be less than completely "straight." Like Heroic Masculinity, this essay examines the intricacies of the bonds between men.


The Art of Roy Tamer profiles a brilliant new artist whose works celebrate Heroic M2M Men.

Reading List Finally, there's a reading list. Although most of the books mentioned in Heroic Homosex can be found in any public library, they're also listed here with links to their amazon.com pages, and there's a link to a reading list I have posted on amazon.com as well.

It's worth checking out these ancient sources, particularly Plutarch, Xenophon, and Plato. Cause when you do, you'll see how often all three of these men list heroic homosex as the primary motivator in some great or noble deed.

And Plato's great, sweeping statements about the ennobling effects of same-sex passion are among the most beautiful and romantic ever written.



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