In this part of our Heroic Homosex site we'll explore the rich history and myths of warrior cultures, and talk about what it means to be a cockrubbin dick2dick warrior in the 21st century.

We'll begin to understand the connection between sex and aggression, and to appreciate the significance of the cosmic joust, the divinity of phallus, and the awesome power of phallic mating.

sacred phallos

We'll learn about nudity in athletics and nudity in war, and look closely at cultures that unabashedly celebrated the male body and the masculine bond.

nude combat

And we'll see too that among those warriors frot, cockrub, and dick2dick were the norm, the standard, the custom, rule, and model of what m2m sex should be.

what m2m should be

Fightin and Frot - Blood Sweat and Cum - were joined with the warrior virtues of courage, compassion, and loyalty to create male2male bonds of ferocious intensity.

fierce bonds

Battle-forged bonds that inspired men to fiercely love and willingly die for each other.

And these myths and true stories of men united in love and war will, like the real-life accounts from our warrior brothers in Warriors Speak, empower and ennoble us, make us strong, confident, and proud, invincibly proud, to be

is presented by The Man2Man Alliance, an organization of men into Frot

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