Bill Weintraub



Part 1 The Bar

So I'm workin in this bar see, way back in '75, club up in Boston, oh, did I introduce myself? name's Luke, right man, Luke Mars, yeah, I'm a drummer man, here man, right here man, in this club, downstairs, floorshow 3 times a night, man, u like Vegas man? sure everybody likes Vegas dude, come catch the show sometime man

but this wasn't in Vegas man, no dude, this was up in Boston way back when, like I'm tellin u, in 75, yeah I was 18 then, yeah I was workin there, been workin clubs since I was 14 and my brother in law got me a gig on The Block in Baltimore, man, u know it man?, yeah man, The Block, tell ya, a kid grows up fast there man

but this wasn't in Balto, no man, it was in Boston, and I was 18, Boston, shit man, now there's a cold fuckin town man, icy town man, fuckin freeze ur balls off there man but I'm workin this club, I'm just 18, it's called Cabaret, and it's not a bad little club, dance floor, cruise bar, show bar too, that's where I was workin

oh, did I say it was a gay bar? yeah well I'm gay man, u have a problem with that dude? good man, glad to hear it dude, don't like haters man, don't like em

Part 2 The Kid

so anyway I'm workin one night, I'm just 18 myself, and I see this kid sittin at the bar, and I think he looks pretty good to me and I can see he's lookin at me too so on the break I go over and start talkin to him

say hi dude, how u doin man, and he says alright, and I get a better look at him and he looks kinda young to me but kinda tough too, and I say to him how old r u man and he says 17 but they never card me man, and I say oh yeah and I look closer at him man and I can see his face is all scarred up, makes him look older u know, and I say how'd u get them scars dude, and he says accident man, and that broken nose dude, and he says that wasn't no accident man that was in a fight

and that kinda turns me on u know man cause fightin and wrestlin that's my thing man but I don't say nothin to him yet, just look at him and I'll tell u what I see is what I like, good-lookin, tough-lookin kid, man, not too pretty, u work gaybars pretty gets tired real fast man, too many professional beauties litterin up the joints if u know what I mean man, but I like this kid's looks, got clear gray eyes and blond hair, and good shoulders, narrow waist too, can see just a few chest hairs stickin outta his shirt, pale white skin under that shirt man and what looks like hard pecs too and I like that man, but I don't say nothin at first, just say, uh, so where u from dude

and he says Connecticut, and I say oh yeah, how'd u get up here, and he says, my mom's car, and I say oh yeah, she know u got it, and he takes a pull on his cigarette (did I say he smoked man?, yeah, well this was 75, man, everybody smoked) and he says, she prolly does by now, and I think oh, he's a tough little fucker and a smartass isn't he and I kinda like that see

so I say so how u like the show dude and he says I like the drummer and he gives me a little smile and I think alright man, and I say what's ur name dude, and he says kevin, and I like that too man

Part 3 The TV

and around then my friend Blue comes over to the bar, actually she's not just my friend, she's my upstairs neighbor too, tell u the truth she's not really a she, least I don't think so, she's a TV, yeah that's right TV, man, crossdresser, working girl u know, I mean she always said she was a girl and she even had a baby she lived with, don't know where that baby came from though cause Blue has these big shoulders built like a fuckin linebacker man and a fuckin big adam's apple too, but I don't question it and I don't question too much with her cause she says her husband's a gangsta doin time up north and that part I believe, she's got the pics and everything, mean looking bastard, and really we get along good her and me, have to cause the walls and floors where we're livin are like fuckin cardboard man, can hear everything man

and so this middleaged sap in a three-piece comes along -- what's that?? oh no man, like ur suit, that's a nice suit man, no comparison man, really man, this guy had no taste -- so this sap comes up and says to Blue buy u a drink babe and she says sure y not and he lays a 50 on the bar and she orders and gets her drink and the barkeep makes change and she picks it all up -- musta been 48 bucks -- and stuffs it in her chest and walks away man, and me and Kevin we're laughin man, and the john looks pretty upset but we're just laughin at the stupid strait and I say to Kevin

so what u doin later man, and he says I don't know

and I say well I get off at 2, how bout stickin around and we'll close the joint and he says ok, I'd like that dude, and I tell the barkeep that kevin's with me and to let him wait around after we close, and he says sure and then I go back up and we finish the set

and then I'm done and u know how it is when u just get off work ur kinda keyed up and I'm kinda dancin around and I take kevin over to a corner and I start nuzzlin him a little, u know, just feelin him up with my chest and arms and I like what I feel man and I'm getting real turned on and it feels like he is too and I say to him wanna come back to my place man, and he says sure, he says what we gonna do there man, and I say, what u wanna do, and he says what u wanna do man and he don't say nothin and u know I'm feelin kinda playful and horny too and I kinda bump him with my chest and say u wanna wrestle, and man

his eyes light up and he pushes his crotch into mine and he says Yeahhhhhh, Yeahhhhh, let's wrestle man

and I can see he means it man and that gets me very hot man and I say ok man, and I grab him and kiss him on the lips and then pull back and --

what did I look like back then? What do u think man?? Yeah, same as now, 5 8, stocky, man, very muscular man, thick solid chest and big arms and black hair man, jet black and greased back, course workin these clubs didn't get much sun, pretty pale skin, but like I say man, even then I worked out and drummin gives u big arms man, I mean fuck man, I was hot man, no question man, hot fuckin dude

kevin was taller than me, prolly 5 10, but we prolly came in at about the same weight -- I mean, that kid had a beautiful body man right so I say to him

ok where u parked and he says round the corner but I gotta take a leak and I say ok man, and by now I wanna get outta there u know, been there all night, and I say I need some air, I'll meet u outside, so he says ok

Part 4 The Haters

and so I go out through the back door -- yeah well the front was locked by this time, we had one of them little tradesmen's entrances u know off the alley and just about everybody's gone anyway and so that's where I stepped out onto the cold concrete

and I hear the door slam locked shut behind me and then I see these guys sorta comin out of the shadows man, the fuckin dark in the alley man, it's 4 guys and they say HEY FAGGOT and I think shit man, typical basher odds man, 4 to 1 man and tomorrow they'll be scrapin me off the pavement like dogshit and one of them has a fuckin baseball bat man and he's fuckin big too, big fat ugly son of a bitch, what?? yeah, they were young, almost always are, young punks out for a little easy fag blood so they can feel good about not fuckin their girls that night, I don't know man, I don't know what makes em hate and I don't care man, all I know is that I'm gonna die

so I reach in my pocket and put on these brass knucks that an Italian buddy of mine -- what's that? yeah, I know a lot of Italians man they're good people man you know most of the owners out here are Italian right man don't wanna mess with em right dude -- right, that's smart, man, so anyway I slip on these brass knucks, they got two points on the end for jabbin into a guy's eyes but I'm thinkin brass knucks gainst a fuckin bat man, not real cool man and I look around like crazy man now I'm wild man I'm crazy man I need somethin man and I see there's one of those old metal garbage cans man and I grab the lid and knock the can over to put some distance between me and the bashers and I hold the lid up like a fuckin shield and man I'm sweatin and breathin hard and quick and

big boy is movin in fast now and he's got the bat in both hands and he's swingin it down like onto my head for the kill and I scramble back and duck and put up that stupid lid like it's gonna matter and the bat catches the edge of it and almost tears off my arm but at least my head is ok and I can see the guy's getting ready to take another swing and man I'm sweatin bullets ready to crap in my pants and then

from out of nowhere man, I don't know where he fuckin came from man I hear this voice yellin FFFUUUUUUUCKKK OOOFFFF and it's so fuckin loud bouncin off the alley walls it stops the fuckin basher cold and I look around like crazy and it's Kevin man, it's Kevin, he's got this 2 x 4 don't know where he got it from man, prolly his car dude and he's swingin it like he's fuckin insane man and he gets in back of big boy who's lookin pretty surprised and hits him hard in the back of the legs and big basher boy goes down man, hard man, and I try to get the bat but it's rolled under him and anyway kevin's still swingin and now I like the odds a lot better man, like 3-2 much better man and now this other guy -- think he was the leader man, think he was callin the shots dude, yeah there's always a leader man, usually not even in front man, he runs up and tries to get the bat but I'm runnin toward him and I'm inside of him now man, he doesn't have room to go for a swing and I jab at his eyes with my knucks and he raises his arm quick to cover and I'm in real tight on him man and I can see he's not bad lookin man might have been kinda cute if he wasn't so full of hate, face snarlin with hate, twisted like they say, and I remember what old prof chin at butterfly and cobra taught me -- what? yeah, martial arts man, great teacher man, great dude man -- and I kick the fuckin bigot hard man, straight frontkick to the knee man and I hear this POP man like a CRACK man and I know I've kneecapped him man and he goes down on one knee and he's yellin and now the other hater has run away and this guy starts to pull a knife and he still has the bat so I kick him again man and then he's down on all fours and he drops the knife and I kick him and kick him and kick him I wanna kill him and man I'm full of hate and then kevin grabs me from behind and starts to pull me away and says let's get outta here dude

And I think I can hear a siren, I'm not sure, but I think shit, better go, and I look down on mr boston-irish basher, kick the knife away and get in one more kick to the gut, see a little blood and maybe the dog's dinner start to ooze out of his mouth, same filthy mouth that'd called me faggot, and I'm glad see, I'm happy man, and kev's yellin let's go let's go let's go

Part 5 The Getaway

And he pulls me outta the alley and into the street and then we're runnin, runnin to his car, I didn't even know where we were goin, but then he's fumblin with the keys at the door of this big old Olds and then we're in, I slide across the front seat and he's drivin and we burn rubber outta there

And then we look at each other and we're bloody and there's street dirt on our faces and clothes and our hearts are racin and we're laughin too man, laughin cause we're alive and we left those fuckin haters face down on the concrete and we're both juiced man, incredibly juiced, vibrating with life and energy and sex

And we shoot down Commonwealth Ave and then we stop at a stoplight and look at each other and he takes my hand and puts it on his crotch, hard, and he's hard, man, he's bulgin, and then he puts his hand on mine too, and I realize I'm hard too, hard from the fight, hard for him, wantin him

And he looks at me, and laughs, and slaps my face lightly, and i slap him back, and then we start slappin each other and I think for a minute that we're gonna lose it right there, start fightin each other right there, but then the guy in the car in back of us leans on his horn, so we just speed away, laughin like some berserk crazy devils, howlin in the night.

And I tell him how to get to my place and we get there and park and we're just lookin at each other and I want him man, and then we go for each other again, lunge across the seat and hit hard somewhere in the middle, and we're grapplin there, breathin hard again, my face is up against his and I can see the spit on his lips and I wanna taste it but I don't, I just say shit man, let's get inside dude, and he says okay.

And we go laughin down the street, like we were drunk, and we were man, it was like we were drunk on our victory, giddy almost, and I pull him into my place, actually down into it, cause it's this little basement pad, more like a burrow than an apartment, just two rooms, a little kitchen in front and the bedroom in back, and in there just a mattress on the floor, just somethin I'd got in a junk place, didn't even have sheets on that night, and then we're inside.

And we calm down a little, still lookin at each other, and kevin's cut, I guess I am too, so I get a damp towel and start cleanin his wounds, all I really wanna do is lick up his blood, but I clean him a little and he cleans me, and I get him a beer too, and we sit at the table.

Just for a minute.

Then he looks at me and smiles. You still wanna wrestle? he asks. And I think shit yeah, that's what I want, I wanna wrestle this guy, I wanna fight him, I wanna top him, he's a fuckin WARRIOR man and I'm gonna make him mine. And I say YEAHH YEAHHH that's what I want man, and I say in there man, and I use my head to point to the other room.

Part 6 The Warriors

And we get in there and we start to strip man, and we're still really high, really high from the fight man, and really juiced, the adrenaline man, it's the adrenaline that's flowin and glowin and I can smell him, he stinks man, the stink u get from teenagers man, acrid and strong and sweet and I want that smell all over me, both of us, our clothes are wet with sweat, we pull off our tees -- but we leave on our briefs, man, those fuckin white jockeys that everybody wore then man, we leave em on man, just bulgin in our jockeys man, and we start to circle each other, our eyes dancin up and down over each other's bods, we're juiced to the hilt man, pantin even before we lock up

And we're crouched down circlin each other, grabbin at each other lightly, goin uh uh uh, and then we grab, lock into each other's shoulders man, and he's strong, I'm surprised at how strong he is, and he twists hard and twists me down onto the mattress, and for a minute I'm ready to kick back up at him, like I'm back in the alley with those shits, and then I remember, this is different dude, ur with kev man, and I look up at him and feel really warm toward him and he comes down on top of me hard, tryin to pin my shoulders and I push back up and then we're rollin around, our bare chests rubbin and our nips scrapin and I can feel the heat of him burnin into my body and our cocks grindin through the jockeys and I feel so hard man and he feels so hard and I say let's get out of our jockeys man

And we do and then we're standin up and I'm lookin at his hard on and he's lookin at mine and we lock up really tight and we're huggin really hard and we kiss deep tongues goin really deep and probin and then he pushes me back down and we're kissin more and rubbin hard and then our hands lock up and we do this little contest like who's stronger u know and we're really strugglin and moanin and I push his hands back and it's like I won and then I roll him over and get on top of him, I've got him face down and he's lyin a little too quiet and I think I want more fightin man want more man have to have it man and I start rubbin my dick in his ass crack and I whisper in his ear, U wanna have my baby kid?

And he bucks back up really hard and tries to hit me with his elbow and I roll off onto the mattress and he slams down on top of me, slams into me with his chest and legs and crotch and now we're cockrubbin, smashin our cocks together like animals, moaning and pantin and I want him under me and we're clingin tight and I roll us back over and now I'm on top and I look into his eyes and our cocks are grindin and crashin together they're huge and rock hard, his is so fuckin hard man, like an oak man, like a fuckin tree man, big and hard and I can feel his balls under mine they feel hot and powerful like he is feelin his warrior balls is makin me crazy and we're just rammin our dicks into each other, cocks hittin so fuckin hard like they're gonna tear each other apart they're our weapons man BIG fuckin weapons man COCKRUB WARRIOR WEAPONS man crashin and smashin into each other and I look into his eyes and I want his lips and our mouths slam together and our tongues are goin like snakes at each other and I start to cum and he does too and we're both moanin and pantin and goin UUUHHHH UHHHHHHHHHHH UHHHHHHHHHHH and I feel our white hot warrior jizz pumpin out onto our abs and pecs and I'm locked tight with him and suddenly man I feel like we're lifted up and we're floatin, together man, like I'm meltin into him and him me man, completely merged now, one cock, one heart, one man, and we're out in space, we're a billion miles away, away from everything man, surrounded by stars and blackness and cummmmm....

Part 7 The Promise


Well, then we spent the night together.

And the next fifteen years too.

What happened?

I don't wanna talk about that now man, maybe some other time.

Catch the show tonight huh dude, it's a good show, one of the best, hot fuckin band man.

Anyway man, that's why I wear this medallion see it, man, yeah Kevin gave it to me, yeah, I gave him one back just like it, see what it says man? Go ahead man read it, I wanna hear u say it, go on, say it dude:

R U L E!

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