Bill Weintraub

Dear Reader,

This is a little sci-fi fantasy I created for the wrestling stories club on yahoo. I like that club cause the founder, shadrach, has invented an elaborate fantasy world there of studs, who are older than 19, and dudes, who are 19 or younger, most of whom are heavily into competitive COCKRUBBING.

If you're not familiar with the club, Part 1 of the story may not make much sense to you (although I'll tell you that Pelopidas was my yahoo handle and Poppa Pelopidas was what I was called in the club because of my tendency to lecture the young dudes), but the rest of it will be more than coherent.

And I think it's kind of a neat story, with a fun ending.

Hope you do too.



Cockrub Warriors of Mars

Part 1 - The Future

Welcome to Historicon 2155, your up-to-the-nanosecond source for news and information. You have requested data on COCKRUB WARRIORS in old-fashioned print format. Remember, if at any time you tire of this archaic means of data transmission, simply say or clearly think the word "cumbuddy" three times, and Historicon will beam the knowledge you've requested directly to your cerebral cortex.

Historicon 2155: Your Source for Instant Information (and so much more...)

The origins of the COCKRUB WARRIORS are shrouded in the dark mists of the very late 20th century. Although cyber historians and archaeologists have labored hard to uncover the truth, most now admit that we will probably never know the full story. It is believed that the original COCKRUB WARRIORS band consisted of 5 "dudes" as they were called: Joey, Jamie, Josh, Jake, and the somewhat quarrelsome Jason. And, the names Jeff, Justin, RJ, and Jeremy sometimes appear in databases as well, along with Mike and Don. No one has yet come up with a credible explanation for why the letter J prevailed in names, though some think it was a code referring either to JO (see masturbation, communal) or perhaps the Joker.

In addition, two mysterious figures lurk behind the WARRIORS. The first is the peculiar "Poppa" of the group, Poppa Pelopidas. Though few today believe that he was the actual parent of the valiant five, it appears that he had a strong influence on their dominant dude ideology -- or at least tried to. His age at the time of the group's formation is hotly debated as well: some claim that he was as young as 35 when he assumed his role as Pops, others that a man of his wisdom and depth of knowledge had to be at the least in his 70s. We will never know.

Even more mysterious than Pelopidas is the shadowy Shadrach, whom some have likened to a puppet master, pulling the strings and controlling every activity of the group. There are even those who assert that no mere human could have been in control of such a complex operation, and that the name Shadrach itself was an encryption for some vast, fast evolving system of Artificial Intelligence. Once again, the truth will no doubt be forever hidden.

But while as recently as 2130 there were those who insisted that the COCKRUB WARRIORS had no existence outside of cyberspace, most scientists today accept that they did exist, and that their manly dude deeds of sex combat and good works were the inspiration for the next wave of COCKRUB WARRIORS.

Part 2 -- The Next Wave 2017-2065

By the second decade of the 21st century, small bands of COCKRUB WARRIORS had appeared throughout the globe, concentrated primarily in North America. These warrior groups all shared common characteristics. Generally, they had no fewer than five and no more than 20 members, ranging in age from their teens to late 20s. Group members lived, ate, and slept communally -- in sleep often bunching together for warmth and sex. They led Spartan (see Ancient Greece, Lycurgus, agoge) and ascetic lives, dedicated to training and good deeds. They ate sparingly and had few possessions. Those who lived in rural or more isolated areas generally went nude throughout the summer months, and no warrior owned more than one change of clothes for the winter.

Combat drills were usually led by the older members of the band, the so-called studs, who instructed the younger members, the dudes, although it was not unknown for dudes of outstanding ability to be group leaders. In addition to their seemingly incessant drilling in wrestling, boxing, ground fighting, and martial arts, the WARRIORS made themselves adept in certain esoteric erotic techniques. For example, borrowing from the age-old traditions of Tantric Buddhism, WARRIORS spent long periods -- 2-3 hours per day - in non-ejaculatory sex and breathing exercises. These long periods of eroticism both taught the WARRIORS sexual control and induced altered states of consciousness, providing them with the spiritual grounding which was to become their hallmark (see Knights Templar, Samurai, and the Jedi). In addition, the WARRIORS honed and perfected the ejaculatory control techniques first developed by Kegel and Kramer in the latter part of the 20th century, enabling them both to hold back their orgasms and, when ready, to direct their cum with uncanny precision.

Believing both in the sanctity and communal value of sex, the groups gave exhibitions of their skills in public sex-combat matches, which were highly ritualized, not unlike Japanese Sumo bouts (which unfortunately have vanished, along with the Japanese home islands - see Great Tsunami of 2026). A sand pit, decorated with elaborately painted mandalas, was used for these COCKRUB WARRIOR contests. (The WARRIORS insisted on sand because that way, they said, their blood, spit, sweat, and jizz could return immediately to the source of all life, Earth, who they called the Mother -- see Great Goddess, Cybele, Demeter, Kore, Kali, etc.) One warrior, the lictor, held a caduceus, a staff with intertwined snakes, and officiated. Once the other warriors had encircled the combatants and begun the rhythmic harsh chant of COCK-RUB! COCK-RUB! COCK-RUB! COCK-RUB!, the lictor would signal the start of the match. The two nude, wildly aroused cockrub warriors would then face off, usually in a test of muscular strength and no holds barred wrestling, snarling, grunting, and grappling strenuously before getting to the sensual and barbaric cockrub itself, a head to head and chest to chest lockup in which they would slam their crotches together repeatedly, rubbing, beating, pounding, and grinding their hard cocks against each other over and over, till, sometimes bloody and usually exhausted, one or the other came, and thus, lost the match.

Some thought these matches were brutal, but other commentators saw a basic humanity in them as well, for though making your opponent cum before you did was the goal, the COCKRUB WARRIORS recognized that upon occasion, both combatants, despite their best and most valiant efforts, would cum simultaneously. When that happened, the surrounding warriors would join in a unison chant of SA-TOR-EEE!!! and it was then acknowledged that those two COCKRUB WARRIORS would now be lovers for life, or, as they were called, cum-brothers-eternal.

Part 3 -- The Cataclysm

Although their public exhibitions of cockrub prowess and their open celebration of sexuality made the warriors increasingly popular as the decade wore on, it was for their good works that the warriors were most beloved. Their efforts to correct economic inequalities (see Dude Robin and his Cockrub Warriors) and to ward off impending ecological disaster (see Greenpeace and the Rainbow Cockrub Warrior) were highly regarded by the general public.

But, sadly, the warriors were not successful. The Great Cataclysm of 2030-35, which began with devastating droughts in the breadbaskets of America and then the world and ended with disastrous coastal flooding, resulted in the seizure of power in 2036 in what was left of the North American land mass by the Posses of Christ Our Lord Militant, which established the fundamentalist and fanatical Christian States of America, commonly called the Protectorate. Once again, as so often in the past, gay and bi men, along with pagans, witches, and Jews, were forced to flee or go underground, and there are many stories from this era of courageous COCKRUB WARRIORS helping spirit other homosexed men and their wiccan (see Witchcraft) and Jewish allies to safety.

Not content with simply tracking down and killing homosexuals and other dissidents, the Posses and Protectorate vowed to eliminate homosex on the cellular level, and to that end Protectorate scientists were ordered to undertake a crash program to discover and alter that part of the human genome (see DNA) which underlies homosex.

But there were surprises in store for the Protectorate scientists. As they delved deeper into the genetic mysteries, they began uncovering links between the complex of genes which appeared to dictate sexual preferences and those which controlled the size of the genitals, links which had already been suggested by researchers in the late 20th century. This relationship was so pronounced that one of the leading researchers, S. K. Diebold, warned top Protectorate officials that, carried to its logical conclusion, the elimination of the so-called gay genes would result in a 75% loss of erectile tissue, producing a Protectorate penis that was about 2 inches long.

And there appeared to be a link between homosex and both muscularity and athletic ability as well.

Nevertheless, fanatical Protectorate officials vowed to press ahead, and there's no telling what would have happened to the ability of humankind to reproduce itself (not to mention catch a ball) had the Protectorate not been overthrown and its leaders exiled to one of the icier moons of Titan during the spontaneous People's Revolt of 2061 (see Democratic Restoration).

Part 4 -- The Restoration

The COCKRUB WARRIORS, who had provided the backbone of the resistance throughout the Protectorate and had been in the forefront of the revolt itself, were now more popular than ever, and a grateful people stood ready to offer them almost anything they wanted.

COCKRUB WARRIOR leaders, though as usual self-effacing and a bit secretive, were concerned about the genetic research, and requested full access to the Protectorate's findings.

Ironically, it was that basic Protectorate research which provided the foundation for today's genetically enhanced COCKRUB WARRIORS, since clearly, if reducing homosex drives would result in smaller organs, strengthening them would produce -- something bigger.

During the war years the COCKRUB WARRIORS had become more organized, with a more hierarchic structure. The WARRIORS were able to put their new command structure capabilities to good use, and began concentrated research into genetic alteration and sex, research that the life- and sex- loving populace of the Restoration ardently supported.

Part 5 -- The Battle of Ultor

By 2080 the COCKRUB WARRIORS were firmly established on Mars, occupying about a quarter of that planet's surface. COCKRUB WARRIOR leaders decided, as a training tool and to encourage competition, and for other reasons as well, to separate the warriors into two groups, the BLUES and the GREENS, and give each a headquarters and training facility on the Martian moons of Damos and Phobos.

That decision set the stage for the friendly but intense BLUE-GREEN rivalry that led to the famous sex combat of 2099, The Battle for Ultor, the renowned phallic city, capital of Mars.

Fortunately, Historicon 2155 owns the rights to Pelopidas III's famous description of that epic fight, and reproduces it for you below:

Part 6 Quarlo vs. Skyrax -- The Battle for Ultor

Quarlo and Skyrax, the two biggest, most massive, and sexually charged COCKRUB WARRIORS on Mars, faced each other across the sand pit of the Palestra, the famous sexcombat arena of Ultor, the beautiful and barbaric phallic city of the old ones. Both men represented the highest achievements of late 21st century STUD genetic alteration techniques, and so were evenly matched. Each was 25, 6' 5'' tall, and weighed 250 lbs. Their coloration was different though. Quarlo's skin was darker, his hair jet black and his eyes a deep green, while Skyrax was fair, with the blond hair and blue eyes of the classic Nordic warrior.

Both men had thickly muscled necks, square jaws, and dimpled chins covered with the harsh soldier stubble needed to rake across an opponent's face.

And each had the characteristically huge shoulders, massive pecs, armor plate abs, thick thighs and densely muscled calves and feet of the mature COCKRUB WARRIOR.

Both studs wore a thick COCKRUB WARRIOR regulation jock strap, which even so did little to conceal their massive mantools and heavy balls, the result of years of genetic research and the consumption of minute quantities of certain Martian lichens.

In truth, except for Quarlo's slightly hairier chest, and the blond down that covered Skyrax's legs, there was little difference between them.

Except that Scyrax was Blue and Quarlo Green, and that the rivalry between them, carefully inculcated through the years by WARRIOR officials, was so intense that it bordered on hate.

Surrounding them in the circular Palestra arena were 150 DUDE warriors from each of the training academies of Damos and Phobos. These traditionally fierce rivals had been seated on open bleachers in purposefully mixed groups, one blue next to one green. They wore only the light cotton shorts bearing their school colors that were expected of them in public. Each of the 300 youths assembled there was extraordinarily handsome, and though they were not yet as muscular as Quarlo and Skyrax, they were well on their way. All earth races were represented among them. Red-haired northern Europeans found themselves thigh by thigh with golden-skinned south Asians, and the deep black skin of Africa rubbed against the olive tones of the Levant.

Naturally the boys were eager, almost insanely so, to get it on with each other, but they had been warned very explicitly not to get involved in sex combats themselves, only to watch the match. WARRIOR officials, of course, did not expect them to be able to resist the temptation to fight, especially since everything that Quarlo or Skyrax felt during the match, every sensation on his skin, would be transmitted telepathically to every boy from his team.

So the Warrior officials didn't expect the bleachers to remain peaceful. As a matter of fact, they were hoping that they wouldn't...

Part 7 -- The Battle Begins

Down in the pit, the lictor had raised his caduceus and Quarlo and Skyrax were joined in the preliminary face-off and stare down, each man's eyes locked on those of his opponent, both men snarling and growling at the other, emitting deep animal moans of lust and aggression. After 10 minutes of growing tension, they advanced to the obligatory chest butting, starting off slowly but then ramming each other quicker and quicker with their massive, genetically armored steel-like pecs, each time emitting a low, guttural grunt -- UH. Despite the thickness of their skin, pleasure and pain receptors had been enhanced by WARRIOR scientists, so that each collision of hard pec against pec was both painful and extremely pleasurable at the same time.

In the bleachers, every boy felt the violent crash of flesh against flesh as though it were his own, and every boy jerked back repeatedly with the shock, while in their groins their massive dude dicks grew harder and harder.

Now Quarlo and Skyrax advanced to the test of strength, locking their hands shoulder width apart, each struggling and straining to push the other back and down. Of course they could not. Research was so advanced that they were completely evenly matched, and no matter how much their massive delts, tris, bis, glutes or quads bulged with effort, neither could move the other. This stand-off only served to further infuriate the stud warriors, and in the bleachers the dudes felt the combatants' intense frustration and anger as their own, and were at the point of barely being able to control their own sex aggression.

At that moment the two fighters separated and went for the traditional grapple, crouching down and circling each other warily. They locked up a few times, struggling brutally, only to release and push back from each other in anger. Their jocks had been bulging further and further out, and now they both stood upright, and, glaring at each other, ripped the cloth from their bodies. In the bleachers the dudes gasped as the massive weapons and heavy balls of the two stud warriors surged into the light. Both men had thickly muscled super hard 10 inch cocks, heavily veined and ridged, rigidly erect now and throbbing with the need to fight. Using special muscles grafted to their shafts, each man swiftly retracted his foreskin, spilling gobs of thick precum down the shaft and onto the balls and exposing the fat, hard, angry purple cockhead, more prejizz glistening in the piss-slit.

At the sight of the huge mantools the dudes in the bleachers went wild, their own dicks, already beginning to match the studs' in length and thickness, pushing hard through their shorts or over their waistbands. The young dude warriors eyed each other's massive shafts hungrily as they wrapped their hands around their own and started stroking. Many of the dudes shook and trembled with the effort to control their wild sexfight impulses.

Part 8 -- The Lockup

Now Quarlo and Skyrax locked up nude for the first time, and in the violent struggle their cockheads collided. The sense of that impact, of mantool on mantool, warrior weapon on weapon, shot through the 300 dude warrriors in the stands, and they began to lose control.

As Quarlo and Skyrax moved into cockrub position, the young dudes above them turned and started to fight each other. As below massive manweapon collided with massive manweapon, above the warrior dudes started to battle, first wrestling frantically and exchanging wild blows, then swiftly moving to press cock against cock.

The intensity of their feelings was augmented a thousand times by the telepathic sensations they were receiving from the huge stud dicks locked below in pure unrelenting cockfight. Every dude felt in his own cock the almost unbearable pleasure that Quarlo and Skyrax were generating in the arena, while at the same time his own dick was throbbing from the pounding it was receiving from his dude rival's.

As the huge stud warriors continued to pound and grind each other's massive dicks, the bleachers became a mass of heaving, sweating, grunting and panting teen dude flesh, the interlocked boys rolling and muscling each other, the air thick with their acrid teenboy sweat and the sound of their heavy panting and groaning. While some boys were standing in traditional cockgrind position, others had managed to pin their opponents and were wildly humping their foes' engorged dicks, their prettyboy muscled dude butts rapidly rising and falling as they slammed their cocks repeatedly home.

Below, Quarlo had managed to push Skyrax up against one of the four defining poles, and was grinding his massive cock over and over into Sky's own huge tool. But both men had trained for years in techniques of orgasmic control, and were determined to hold out against their rival's rod, no matter how fierce the attack. And so the cock pounding continued for close to 30 old earth minutes.

In the stands two rival boys, Arius and Stivo, were now locked in especially heated erotic battle. They had been sitting side by side when the match started, had been silently eyeing each other as the fight got more intense, had started bumping up against each other as their excitement grew, and finally, at the moment of cockrub joining, had turned on each other like infuriated animals. Grunting, panting, and sweating, the two had exchanged a thick flurry of bare knux blows before locking arms and rolling into a sex wrestle on the narrow bleacher floor at their feet. Their smooth bare teenboy dude chests and hard nips scraped roughly against each other as their cocks sought and found their targets -- each other. It was teen dude cock against cock now, thick and strong, as the dudes ground their dicks together, feeling the intense heat of their balls atop each other, and getting higher and higher off their own excitement, each other's, and that of the warriors below.

Part 9 -- The Culmination

Now all four -- Quarlo and Skyrax, Arius and Stivo -- their cocks sore and abraded, their cockheads red and inflamed - knew they couldn't hold out much longer. And throughout the bleachers the same was true, dude after dude feeling himself fast approaching that telepathically augmented place their Tantrics were always warning them against, the much feared point-of-no-return.

They all knew what would happen next.

As the setting sun cast enormous phallic shadows across the writhing, sweating, panting, and grinding flesh in the Martian arena, Quarlo and Skyrax looked deep into each other's eyes and with a mighty groan let their mouths come together, and at that moment they both began emptying their balls, gob after gob of thick white warrior jizz shooting straight up between their ridged bodies and, driven by the incredible force of their honed and toned jaculator muscles, penetrating the shallow force field protecting the arena and swiftly reaching the velocity necessary to escape Mars' meager gravity and launch into space.

And at that exact moment Arius and Stivo achieved the same. Lips locked, tongues roughly entwined, their massed dude dicks throbbed mightily and shot great quantities of teendude cum, THE MOST POTENT SUBSTANCE IN THE KNOWN OR UNKNOWN UNIVERSE, off into the blackness above, while around them teen couple after teen couple shot their own loads in the same way.

It was the greatest mass ejaculation and cum-brother-eternal event in the history of the COCKRUB WARRIORS.

Actually, in the history of the cosmos.

But why had WARRIOR leaders, with typical COCKRUB WARRIOR cunning and insight, planned such a mass event?? What was the purpose of launching all that by now freeze-dried COCKRUB WARRIOR jizz into the immensities of the void???

Were they sending a message???? And if so, to who?????

Pelopidas III, like his predecessors, knows. But for now, at least, he isn't saying.

Stay tuned, and remember dudes,


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