Hey dudes

I wrote this brief description of Brett for teens in one of the yahoo clubs.

I think it's really important for gay teens to have a sense of the deeply loving potential in gay male relationships.

So I posted it for them, and I've posted it here as a small tribute to Brett himself.

It's written in the folksy style that my character in that club uses -- hope that doesn't grate too much.


Howdy, cockrub warrior dudes. It's ol Poppa Pelopidas here, and since I don't have a story ready for you just yet, I thought I'd do a little show and tell instead.

My very own cockrub warrior, Brett

Here's a picture of my lover, Brett. He was my very own cockrub warrior.

And he was an extraordinary person too. Brave, generous, caring, intelligent, and, as you can see, didn't lack in the looks department neither.

And he was very loving too.

Main thing about Brett was that he had in him a sort of sustained unself-interested generosity, an ability to give of himself, which most people just don't have.

Brett was an editor in the gay press when I met him, and in those days that was pretty lonely and low paid work. But he did it cause he wanted things to be better for gay people, and really for all people.

And I have to say he made a difference too.

Now as some of you already know, we met at a self-defense course for lesbians and gay men that I was promotin. And you dudes know that I still think it doesn't hurt to learn a little self-defense.

Anyway, I thought I'd put his picture, lookin noble and with his dick out, up here in the club for awhile.

I know he'd be pleased to find himself among so many manly and upstanding young dudes as there are in this club, and be pleased with the progress that gay people have made too.

And I thought his picture might be just a gentle reminder that if you stay true to your dreams, you may find your very own cockrub warrior too.


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