The Man2Man Alliance
has closed.

The Man2Man Alliance has closed.

All subsidiaries of the Alliance, including Frot Club, Personal Stories, and Warrior Fiction, are now closed as well.

No new material will be added to the Alliance, nor to Ares Is Lord.

Nor will we accept donations.

We have not accepted donations for a very long time ;

We will not accept them in future.

Correspondence :

Bill Weintraub, creator and author of the Alliance, is now 75 years old.

He is no longer available for correspondence by email or any other means.

Everything he has to say he has already said on the Alliance site.

If you have questions, please consult the Man2Man Alliance and Ares Is Lord sites.

Finally :

Does the closure of the Man2Man Alliance mean that the often contentious disagreement between Men into Frot and Men into anal has been decided ?


Sexual desire, which originates in biology but which is shaped by a myriad of cultural forces as well, changes over time, and will continue to change.

I encourage all Men who Love Men to explore the varieties of Phallus Against Phallus, and I stand by what I said at the close of Hyacinthine Love, which I wrote in 1997 and published in 1999 :

I have often been called eccentric for the way I live my life. But the longer I live, the fewer regrets I have for the way I have lived it. If I need to apologize, I feel, it is for those moments when I have failed to be true to myself, not for my failure to mimic others. But whether I have been right or wrong, we need, I believe, as the history of our tragic generation is written and re-written, to look at all the factors that facilitated, even if inadvertently, the spread of AIDS, including our own sexual intolerance, and to re-examine those first principles of Gay Lib which promised, so briefly, a better world.

Bill Weintraub

November 14, 2023

who reject anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy
among men who have sex with men



Luke Shelton


Bill Weintraub

Frot (rhymes with "hot") is the contemporary term for the male-male erotic practice formerly known as "frottage": full-body, phallus-on-phallus sex, done face-to-face and heart-to-heart.

The Man2Man Alliance is a coalition of Men -- some of whom self-identify as "gay," others as "straight," and others as "bi" -- but most of whom today have rejected those out-dated labels and now simply identify as Men -- Men who are determined to win recognition from society of the genuineness of their feelings for one another; and of the validity of the expression of that affection through Frot, phallus-on-phallus sex, which is not only life-affirming and masculine but mindful of both participants' shared and mutual enjoyment.

This Man2Man Alliance website, then, and our affiliated Heroic Homosex and Frot Men domains, are advocacy sites, dedicated to putting forth the truth that two Men can best have a physically and emotionally loving relationship when it's expressed through the celebration of their Mutual Masculinity and the exaltation of their Mutual Manhood.

This central premise flies in the face of beliefs cherished by both the dominant "heterosexual" and "homosexual" cultures.

"Straight / heterosexual" culture defines Men within the confines of a narrow and sterile idea of how men should relate to one another, both emotionally and physically. Too often, men are taught that any physical bonding with another man that involves sex or emotion automatically brands them as something less than a man.

While "gay male" culture has become obsessed with anal penetration, incessantly asserting that anal is the ultimate expression of erotic contact between males, and that no sexual encounter is complete unless it culminates in an act of anal penetration.

Yet the erotic pleasure in anal penetration is so minimal, and, when joined with promiscuity, the dangers anal presents to its practitioners and the community so great, that it's difficult to conceive of a practice more ruinous or less enjoyable taking center place in a sexual subculture.

These dangers, of which HIV/AIDS is the best known, but which include hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, the human papilloma virus, herpes, and a host of other pathogens, will persist even after AIDS has been cured or can be prevented through vaccination.

And more anally-transmitted diseases most certainly await discovery.

For anal penetration is an exceptionally efficient mode of disease transmission, and we can be sure that pathogens will continue to find an infective niche in anal.

In addition, no magic or wishful thinking can transform either the anus or the rectum into genital organs, nor can the feelings experienced by a male being penetrated anally be compared to those of genital stimulation.

Further, anal penetration subjugates one of the participants to the other, effectively emasculating him, turning him into a pseudo-woman, a proxy in a heterosexualized form of contact. This is an inherently unequal act, epitomized by its tedious terminology of "tops" and "bottoms," which is unmindful of the basic human need for a shared experience without pain and with dignity.

Whereas Frot, phallus-against-phallus contact, is the acme of sexual activity between Men because it's focused on that which makes Men Masculine, namely their genitals -- their Manhood -- rather than their organs of fecal excretion.

To draw a parallel with male-female sex: Men and Women connect to one another genitally. They are made that way, like counterweights or puzzle pieces, complementary of one another. In the same way, during phallus-to-phallus sexual activity, Men are related to one another as they should be, in that part of their body that fits together genitally and sensually. For a Man and a Woman sex is a naturally penetrative act. For two Men the natural experience is that which stimulates both of them phallically -- not anally. Neither the anus nor the rectum are genitalia, period. And to say so is not in and of itself confrontational, but simply affirmative of a natural affinity the majority of Men feel for one another. To be able to have a healthy, fulfilling, safe act that is cooperative in the achievement of gratification should be hailed as a boon to both cultures -- but instead it has been met with skepticism in "straight" society and derision in the "gay male" community.

This continuing denigration of healthy, loving, and innately Masculine sexual intimacy is a result of ignorance and prejudice, and the Men of the Alliance are committed to exposing and defeating both.

The Alliance and its allied websites also present in detail the historical and cultural context of the recognition of same-sex contact between Men. This is relevant to all Men whether they currently self-identify as "heterosexual" or "homosexual." Because historically, in many cultures, Men could express erotic desires for both sexes and be considered totally within the realm of normality.

In fact, Frot is an expression of our most basic male biology, that we are not only capable of giving and receiving pleasure phallically with each other as Men, but that we are hard-wired to enjoy it. Recognizing phallus-against-phallus sex as a part of the natural interplay among Men will go a long way to removing the prohibitions still in place in our society against the physical and sexual expression between Men of their bond and friendship. That's not to say every friendship between Men should involve sex, but rather that if it evolves into a phallic, sexual sharing it is not an aberrant or immoral behavior, but a natural and imminently uplifting experience.

Finally, the Alliance does not support promiscuity among Men who have sex with Men, and encourages its members to practice monogamy and fidelity.

To us this is not complicated. Promiscuity is psychologically debilitating and physically dangerous, and the sexually transmitted infections which plague the gay male community and threaten society as a whole would disappear were it not for promiscuity, and anal promiscuity in particular.

Many religious individuals and organizations have condemned anal promiscuity and pointed to its role in the dissemination of disease, and we agree with them.

Unfortunately, however, all too often those same individuals and organizations have linked their condemnation of anal promiscuity with a blanket condemnation of any expression of male-male attraction, affection, intimacy, or love, and in so doing have strengthened the hand of those in the gay male community who unhesitatingly accuse Men opposed to anal and promiscuity of erotophobia and homophobia.

We submit that such condemnations of male affection and amity have, in evangelical terms, aided and abetted the work of the adversary, and we urge Christians to reconsider, through thought and prayer, the effects of their actions.

We also directly question under what scriptural authority those condemnations have been made. Jesus, who, Christians believe, died that men may spiritually live and who intercedes for them before the throne of God, when incarnate on earth made no condemnation of affection between men. The Old Testament speaks of "a man who lies with a man as with a woman" - but that does not apply to Men who practice Frot - for we are present sexually with a Man as only another Man can be. And in the story of David and Jonathan the Bible sets forth as clear a model for love between brave and heroic Men as could be imagined. Why is that story there? The evangelicals among us understand that nothing in scripture is insignificant, or present for no reason, and least of all the account, clear and compelling, of the Warrior Love of Jonathan and David.

Moreover, among the ancient Greeks, whose piety and devotion to their Gods was unsurpassed, male-male love affairs were the norm, and Manhood was exalted and equated with Virtue -- in ancient Greek Areté (αρετη).

We said earlier that historically, in many cultures, Men could express erotic desires for both sexes and be considered totally within the realm of normality.

That was true in ancient Greece, where Areté -- Manly Virtue -- was the core societal and cultural value.

As the great classicist KJ Dover has said:

[The Greeks] did not consider male-male relations incompatible with concurrent male-female relations or with marriage...

Again: The societal and cultural norm was for the same Man -- not two different males, but the same Man -- to have *both* a wife and a male lover.

And -- because both relationships were sanctioned by the Gods, the Man who had both a wife and a male lover did not suffer any psychic distress as a result.

To the contrary -- He saw himself as a complete and whole Man who was fulfilling two societally-sanctioned roles -- in a responsible and indeed Virtuous way.

The Greek God Zeus and his wife Hera on Olympos
Zeus' male lover Ganymedes stands between them

For just that reason, and because, ultimately, Manhood is a spiritual quality, mediated by the Warrior Gods, in the Alliance we worship a Divine Being whom we call Ares -- Ares, who is the source of Areté -- Manly Excellence, Manly Goodness, Manly Virtue -- and of Manliness and Fighting Manhood itself.

Ares is the Warrior God, God of Fight, God of Manhood, God of Fighting Manhood, and the Father of Eros -- Eros, the God of Romantic Passion between Men.

So: The Man2Man Alliance is a new force in our country and globally, a force both temporal and spiritual, which calls upon men who love men to do so as Men, bravely and loyally, through the act of phallic bonding, an act that is uniquely male and uniquely ours.

In summary:

1. Phallus-Against-Phallus Sex, in the past commonly called "frottage," and today most often termed "Frot," is an inherently equal, natural, and masculine form of mutually and directy genital sexual expression.

2. Anal penetration, which at present is extolled by the mainstream gay male community, is by contrast inherently unequal, unnatural, and effeminizing, and is a vector for a host of physical ills, including some which are among the most terrifying known to humankind.

3. Most straight-identified men have same-sex erotic needs and desires which our contemporary heterosexualized culture cruelly, un-necessarily, and unreasonably demands they deny.

4. Frot offers all Men a Masculine, healthy, intimate, and sensually fulfilling expression of love, affection, and comradeship.

5. The Man2Man Alliance therefore calls upon all Men who Love Men to reject anal penetration, effeminacy, and promiscuity, and to embrace phallus-to-phallus intimacy, masculinity, and fidelity.


Luke Shelton

Bill Weintraub

February 20, 2003

September 14, 2017

1. To show Men who Love Men, primarily through The Man2Man Alliance, that they can express that Love in a way which celebrates and exalts the Mutual Manhood of both Men -- while eschewing anal, promiscuity, effeminacy, and other forms of licentiousness.

2. To strongly encourage all Men, primarily through Ares Is Lord, to train either in Traditional or Mixed Martial Arts by explaining to Men that they have a religious obligation to Embody and Enact the Fighting Manhood of the World of Being here in the World of Becoming.

the centrality of Fighting to the spiritual welfare of Men.



    The Men of the Alliance reject hedonism and ethical nihilism.

    That means we reject any male-male sexual practice that does not directly celebrate and exalt the mutual Manhood of both Men through Combative and Aggressive Phallus-Against-Phallus.

    It also means that we reject any ethical or other belief system that does not have Manhood and Manliness at its core, and that fails to identify Manhood, Fighting Manhood, with Virtue.


    The Men of the Alliance also reject the categories of sexual orientation and all labels associated with or arising from those categories, including, but not limited to, "gay," "straight," "homosexual," and "heterosexual" --

    And any other labels which some closeted creature and internet charlatan might happen to dredge up from the disturbed and dismal depths of its UN-conscious.

    We reject those labels, and we reject anyone who uses them.

Additional Reading

Our Man2Man Alliance sites are huge -- more than 1000 webpages in each -- and newcomers can find that daunting.

To start we recommend these core articles:

Hyacinthine Love


Some Thoughts on Cock-rubbing

and the Cultural Tyranny of Butt-fucking

Bill Weintraub's first published article, Hyacinthine Love takes up three of the most important themes of the Alliance:


Published in 2017, but written in 1999, Certainties is a sequel and companion piece to Hyacinthine Love, and further explores both the deeply romantic and mythic nature of the relationship discussed in Hyacinthine Love, a relationship which was expressed sexually in combative and aggressive phallus-against-phallus.

Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution

This article discusses the history of the dominant culture of anal penetration (analism), describes how it parallels the previous heterosexual model, and talks about how the advantages of equality, mutually genital pleasure, and masculinity will accrue to men through Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution.

What Sex Is

This article, which contains sexually explicit images, explores the essentially genital nature of sex, whether between men and men or men and women.

One of the most popular pages on the site, and absolutely essential reading.

An Anus Is Not a Vagina

Warning: some adult content.

This Man2Man Alliance policy paper, which is in three parts, discusses three aspects of anal penetration:

Part 1. The Biology of Anal Penetration, examines the anatomy and physiology of the anus and rectum, with particular attention paid to the various diseases and mechanical problems they're subject to when penetrated;

Part 2. The Psychology of Anal Penetration, looks at the question of pleasure and pain in anal penetration, and asks what it is that anally-receptive men actually experience during penetration; and

Part 3. The Ideology of Anal Penetration, analyzes the belief systems which underlie and support this fringe sexuality.

An Anus Is Not a Vagina is essential reading for those who wish to understand the reality and the role of anal penetration in gay male life today.

Sex Between Men: An Activity, not a Condition is a key Man2Man Alliance policy paper which examines the difference between sex between Men as an activity -- and as a condition.

An examination of the ancient Greek past as well as our global present, Sex Between Men: An Activity, not a Condition is essential reading for those who wish to understand why the Alliance rejects the categories of sexual orientation, and what our Alliance vision is for the Future of Men.

A direct result of our discussions of Masculinity over the last three years, Sex Between Men: An Activity, not a Condition is a key policy paper and important reading for all members of The Man2Man Alliance -- as well as the general public.

Why Be Faithful

Why Be Faithful is a Man2Man Alliance policy paper which looks at at the health and psychological risks of sexual promiscuity, and examines the benefits of Fidelity.

Here are some highlights:

In Part I, we examine in depth the many concurrent epidemics of STD affecting men who have sex with men, and although we of course endorse Frot as a very low risk activity, we also note that
no sexual behavior outside of Fidelity to one uninfected lifetime partner can confer absolute protection from STD.

And we warn Frot men explicitly, as we've done countless times before, that they cannot combine Frot and promiscuity:

Men who are promiscuous, even in low-risk activities, still run the risk not only of acquiring an STD, but of being part of a process of disease creation which will, ultimately, affect everyone in the community.

In Part II, we talk about the many benefits of stable, loving, long term relationships, paying particular attention to the norm of warrior altrusim.

We also address "open relationships" by asking, "Can there be committment without fidelity?"; and respond:

Only a sexually exclusive relationship can protect male lovers from the dangers not just of STDs, but of emotional infidelity.

and we add:

Men who have sex with men, like the rest of humanity, do best in relationships when their sexual and emotional energies are focused upon each other exclusively.

We also look at abstinence both among older gay-identified men:

For a Frot Man to choose abstinence rather than take part in a form of sex he dislikes and which is dangerous as well, is good -- it's a response which protects both his integrity and his health, and gives him time to look for a long term relationship with another Frot guy -- which is what he needs;

and among young people:

Delaying sexual onset -- abstinence -- is just as important for young people who identify as gay as for other teens.

Gay-identified teens and men are not members of some alien species.

They're human beings, and have the same needs for purity and security in their emotional and sexual relationships as "heterosexual" people.

And the best way for you as a young gay-identified person to achieve those goals is to abstain from sex until you're sure you've met the man with whom you will spend the rest of your life.

We ask whether biology is destiny, and look at the phenomenon of gay male promiscuity in the modern world:

Only among gay-identified men in the post-industrialized world, has a culture of absolute promiscuity, with no effective restraints upon individual behavior, developed.

That development is, as we shall see, though supported by an ideology and subcultural norms, very recent.

Indeed, this sort of unbridled promiscuity is so new that we may reasonably regard it as a social experiment -- and one which has, by any reasonable measures, including the physical and psychological health of its participants, and their happiness, failed.

We then look closely at the ideology of multipartnered pansexualism and the implications of the beliefs of the pansexualists.

And finally, we come back to the benefits of Fidelity and of what we call

Why Be Faithful is one of our most important policy papers to date.

So we hope you'll take the time to read Why Be Faithful

You'll be glad you did.

Although Masculinity has been a core value of the Alliance from its inception, in 2006 we began exploring Masculinity and Men's issues in more depth.

And for that reason we strongly recommend these articles:

The Power of the Masculine discusses two core concepts: Natural Masculinity and heterosexualization.

We continue that discussion in a number of articles, including

Natural Masculinity and Phallic Bonding;

Creating a Masculine, Socially-Dignified Space: Loving a Man as a Man; and,

Natural Masculinity and the Weight of the Lies.

Also highly recommended are:


too male;

MANPHOBIA: Fired for being into UFC;

and the other articles listed in Warriors Speak VIII.

Just as Masculinity has been a core value of the Alliance since its inception, so has Spirituality.

As can be seen in such relatively early articles as Masculinity and Spirit and Phallic, Masculine, Heroic.

In the Fall of 2006, the Warriors of the Alliance deepened their understanding of the spiritual apsect of Frot through a series of posts on our Personal Stories message board.

Those discussions have now been brought togther in our core Alliance article

Sacred Phallic Love explores three of our core Warrior beliefs:

Masculinity is a Divine Principle;

Manhood a Divine Gift; and

Frot a Holy Sacrament.

So strongly do we believe these things that many of us Worship a Divine Being whom we call Ares, and who Sokrates, in the Cratylus, identifies as the God of Manhood and Manliness.

Not only is Ares the God of Manhood and Fighting -- He's also the father of the God Eros -- the God of Romantic Passion between Men.

Both Ares and Eros are vast and vastly powerful spiritual forces who use their Creative Energy to mediate -- for Men -- between the Kosmic Realm of Pure Being -- and the daily realm of our human senses.

Sacred Phallic Love is essential reading for those who wish to understand this most important aspect to, and the spiritual basis of, our Sacred Warrior Man2Man Alliance.

In addition, there are these representative Policy Papers and other Articles:

Walter Odets, the sex police, and the big lie;

Protective stupidity and the debasement of language under analism;

MSM HIV Timeline;

What are they thinking?;

Death of an AIDS Activist; and,

Sexual Freedom.

If you're a regular visitor to the Alliance, and / or have read some or most of the articles suggested on this page, then it's time for you to start visiting our Personal Stories message board.

Personal Stories is the heart of the Alliance on the web.

Here you'll find new articles, posts from your fellow Warriors, and Alliance updates.

Personal Stories.

Ck it out --

You'll be glad you did.

The Man2Man Alliance, in response to requests from individual Frot Men, has begun the process of organizing real-time, real-life Regional Chapters.

Called simply "Frot Men [Name of city or region]" -- for example, "Frot Men Portland" -- these chapters are our latest organizing tool in our ongoing battle to defeat analism and radically improve the lives of Men who Love Men.

This page:

1. discusses the challenge of cultural inertia faced by the Alliance and our regional coordinators;

2. sets forth the requirements for opening a regional chapter;

3. explains how the regional chapters relate to The Man2Man Alliance worldwide; and,

4. lists the regional chapters.

If you're interested in opening a regional chapter, please visit this page.

In 2004 we presented four essays on the nature of Men who Love Men which are still highly recommended.

The first is our Man2Man Alliance policy paper, Are Men Who Have Sex With Men Intergendered?

The question is an important one, because until men understand the truth about male sexuality, they will remain vulnerable to attacks designed to confuse and frighten them, attacks coming from both the analist left and the religious right.

And because in our experience those attacks are so destructive of the lives of men, we include as an accompanying article a powerful editorial from Alliance founder Bill Weintraub, titled Awash in Lies.

This is a strong personal statement from Bill about the reality of men who have sex with men.

In addition, in 2004 we welcomed a new essayist to the cultural section of the site, long-time Alliance contributor Dr. Robert Loring, Th.D., Ph.D., who presents, in A Case of Rape, a telling tale of analist rape and its aftermath;

and his own very moving and persuasive meditation on masculinity and loyalty, Brothers of the Heart.

All four essays are excellent and highly recommended.

Our Definitions page is a compendium of terms readers frequently encounter in the various articles, essays, and message board posts on our Man2Man Alliance and Heroic Homosex sites.

We also have a FAQS page which helps answer those frequently asked questions guys have about Frot and the Man2Man Alliance.

And please note in that regard that other than and, which are subsidiaries of the Man2Man Alliance --

And Ares Is, which is the religious arm of the Alliance,

the Man2Man Alliance is NOT AFFILIATED with any other group on or off the web.

If someone or some site says that he's affiliated with the Alliance, or that his work is endorsed by Bill Weintraub or the Man2Man Alliance -- he's lying.

Plain and simple.

If you have a question about affiliations or endorsements, please write to Bill:

Also noteworthy:

In Multipartnered Pansexualism or Heroic Love? we examine ten representative messages generated by proponents of the dominant culture of anal sex, including documents from AIDS Service Organizations, pornographers, academics, safer sex educators, gay sex advice columnists, personal ads, and major media; analyze how they support the culture of anal penetration and promiscuity among gay men; and describe our goals for a new m2m culture.

In Do Condoms Work?, we look at HIV prevention programs, and explain why we support "Primary Behavior Change," rather than "condom campaigns."

And in Is Unwanted Anal Penetration Date Rape?, we examine the ways in which participants in mainstream gay male anal culture pressure and coerce men into frot so as to penetrate them anally, and suggest ways men into frot can avoid becoming the victims of what is in fact analist date rape.

Visitors interested in other discussions of sexual culture will find a list further down this page.

The Heroes section of our site contains many articles on the Ancient World.

Here's a complete list:

In addition, we have a seven-part series on the Spartan Agogé:

Descriptions of the various articles can be found on the Heroes Site Guide.

In addition, we invite site visitors to learn about our other domains by clicking here and scrolling down our Fidelity Alliance page, which contains portals to our other sites.

We caution visitors that some of our sites contain explicit pictures and descriptions of men having phallus-to-phallus sex, and we ask that you not visit those sites if you believe they will trouble you.

We maintain our adult sites as a means of modeling and affirming phallus-to-phallus for those men who are interested and seek validation.

Unfortunately, gay male life, and the internet, are now awash in a sea of anal sleaze, raunch, and kink, and we believe it's important to present images of healthy, non-promiscuous, phallus-to-phallus alternatives for men who love men.

We call such alternatives, collectively, Heroic Man2Man, and that's what our sites are about -- the beauty and spirituality of the uniquely male act of phallic mating.

Mating -- not promiscuous rubbing.

And bonding -- not meaningless sex.

Love between men who are strong and noble.

Love between people who are decent and caring.

That's our vision.

We invite you to share it, and to join with us in building a new and better m2m world.


Please click here to learn more about Heroic Man2Man and Frot Fidelity and to find
Portals to our Man2Man Alliance Domains.

Visitors who want to understand the practice of frot and the mutually genital nature of frot
can ck out our very popular adult articles
What's Hot About Frot and What Sex Is.

Visitors interested in the culture and politics of frot may read the following articles:

Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution

Interview: Cockrub Warrior

Hyacinthine Love
A True Story of Cockrub Romance

Plus! Certainties
The Sequel to Hyacinthine Love's True Story of Cockrub Romance

Rethinking Gay Sex

The Anal Sex Myth: A Frottage Manifesto

Not All Gay Men Are Sodomites

Does Sex Have to be Anal to be Gay?

Do Gay Men Have to be Promiscuous?

Risk Reduction or Cultural Change?

Do Condoms Work?

Is Unwanted Anal Penetration Date Rape?

A Case of Rape

Are Men Who Have Sex With Men Intergendered?

Multipartnered Pansexualism or Heroic Love?

Gay, Bi, or Straight?
Labels are Meaningless

Sex Between Men: An Activity, not a Condition

Bug-chasing, Barebacking, and the Safer-Sex Establishment

Walter Odets, the Sex Police, and the Big Lie

The Debasement of Language Under Analism

The Buttfuck Dictatorship

The Ultimate Defeat

Brothers of the Heart

Come Back to the Middle

Media Watch

And don't forget to ck out the rest of our

Man2Man Alliance Domains

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who reject anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy
among men who have sex with men


who put forth the truth that one Man should love Another
through the exaltation of their Mutual Manhood;
and the celebration of their Mutual Masculinity.

who reject anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy
among men who have sex with men


who reject anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy
among men who have sex with men