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Cockrub Warrior

Ramel was a good friend of mine for as long as I can remember. We used to hang out just about every other day when we were younger. Now we see each other about once a week. Ramel was gorgeous; he grew up from the old soup bowl haircut he had when he was younger and skinnier.

Now he's about 5'10'' tall, a deep dark tan, and jet black buzzed short hair. He has a super sexy goatee to go along with the package. He's Hispanic so he speaks with a little bit of an accent under his laid back deep voice. He has a rugged pretty boy face, but the eyes of a teddy bear.

He used to always show off his muscles in tank tops whenever we hung out with our boys. He has a broad V-shaped chest with some big very suckable nipples that you could almost always see though his white tank tops. I used to love watching him on the low whenever he was around me. Checking out his bulge. Checking out his bright red lips centered between his short goatee.

I remember when we used to go play ball on the court rubbing up against his sexy body. Him against mine. I don''t look that bad either. I'm 5'10" black, dark hairless skin, 170lbs of pure muscle. Handsome.

I used to catch him checking me out me out all the time too, but I never used to say a thing. We used to slap box and wrestle around a lot. Just two guys playing games. When we were playing ball one day, he was so tired that he lay out on the floor with his hands over his face with his legs bent, knees in the air, and feet on the ground. I saw his dick in between his pant legs sticking out. His dick was light peach colored and cut. He saw me checking it out, smiled, and opened his legs wider. He tilted his head back and smiled again.

I got so hard I had to go and sit down. He said, "What's wrong? Why'd you stop shooting?" with a big smile on his face. He sat down next to me. "You wanna head back to my crib?" he offered. I nodded. We headed back to his house. He pulled out two bottles of Gatorade and we guzzled them down.

We sat there talking, laughing and joking about dumb shit. We were watching TV. We watched Sports Center then we turned it on to wrestling. There were too hot wrestlers stalking each other around the ring. We watched the match dead silence. Just watching these too fine greased down mother fuckers go at it.

Then one of them threw the other into the camera by his shorts. It revealed a thick chuck of ass check that hung out his pants from the wedgie. We sat there giggling. The wrestler turned over on his back showing his crotch that was like 3 inches away from the camera. Ramel blurted out, "I think they be doing that shit on purpose."

"What?" I said.

"Every time I watch wrestling they be zooming in on some ass or dick in the camera. I bet you they be getting crazy ratings doing that shit. I won't even lie, this shit turns me on sometimes." He took a big sip of the last of his Gatorade with his head tilted back. He put his head down and said, "Now don't tell me that shit don't be getting you hot."

"Hell yeah!" I blurted out without even realizing what I was actually admitting too, and a 30 second pause passed.

"Yo, you ever fucked with a dude before.?" Ramel asked.

"No," I said.

"I did," he said.

"So you fuck some boy up the ass? Ehhhwww."

"No I don't fuck nobody's ass, I like dick."

"So you let somebody?..."

"No," he cut me off laughing. "It was better than ass-fucking, some intense shit. I could show you if you let me."

He was leaning on the end of his sofa. I was on the same sofa slumped into the seat. My eyes almost popped out my head. When he said that.

"What do you call it?"

"It doesn't have a name, I got to show you what it is."

"What is it man. I ain't doing that shit!"

"Come on yo, I can't tell you I can only show you how to do it." He scooted over on the coach close enough that he was whispering in my ear. Come on, There ain't nobody coming home till about 5 hours from now, we got the house to ourselves.

I played manly like I didn't want him. "Yo back up son." I covered my ass checks with both hands laughing. "Back up home boy."

"You got a nice ass and all but I don't want your ass. I want your dick," he said as if he was joking. He got up and I saw his fully erect dick straining to get through his basketball shorts. "Here let me give you a better look," he said he rolled up the leg of his shorts and his dick popped out--about 8 inches. "I know you hard too. I can see your bone through your shorts." Then he lunged after me and pulled my pants down to my ankles. He tripped and fell on his chest and I fell back on my ass, hard. My 8-inches plopped straight up into the air right in front of his face.

He jumped on top of me pressing his waist against mine. Our hands interlocked and we wrestled for about 3 minutes, our hard dicks swinging away in the air. I tried to get up but my pants were at my waist and I would trip and land on my ass again. Then he ripped my pants off my legs sending one of my shoes flying. I pull at his in reaction. He pulled them off himself and said, "Here take my shit."

Then I no longer cared about getting away. I wanted to wrestle with him just for the hell of it. I pulled off my shoes and shirt. He did the same with a huge smile on his face. Soon we had nothing on but our socks. I pinned him on his back and by this time we were sweating harder than when we were playing ball. He stretched his head up and kissed me really deep. He broke one of his arms out of my hold and pulled me by the back of my head toward him. We kissed really long and really wet.

The he pushed me off. I fell on my back and he said, "Now let me show you what I was talking about."

He then leaned against me: chest on chest, stomach on stomach, thighs on thighs, and dick on dick--face to face. He took the underside of both of our swollen dicks and pressed them up against one another: shaft to shaft, balls to balls, head to head. It was incredible I could fell his dick pulsating to his heartbeat. The heat of our midsections and torsos against each other burned at 110 degrees it seemed. The feeling was unreal. We began kissing. Then he started to grind. Our sweaty dicks slipped and slid against one another. He kept reaching down to make sure they were holding together. He moaned hard into my mouth uhhhhhh uhh yeah shit. My eyes were rolling back into my head. I was breathing steam I was so hot.

Then he reached down and grabbed my balls putting both of them in his mouth. He grabbed my shaft and started jacking from the very base and not the tip. I couldn't believe the sensation. Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhh. I was screaming like a bat out of hell.

"Yeah you like that shit, don't you? It gets better." He went to the bathroom and came back and few seconds later.

"You getting rubbers?" I yelled.

"Hell no," he said. "We don't need no fucking condoms for this shit." He had a big bottle of lotion. He popped off the top and squirted a huge glob of lotion at my crotch.

"What the hell you doing," I demanded. My dick was hot and oozing with pre cum. Then he throws some cold ass lotion on my dick.

"Just watch me. This shit will fuck your head up." He dropped a glob of lotion on his crotch and rubbed it in between his legs and dick. He looked at me and nodded at my dick, so I did the same thing.

Ramel then grabbed both our swollen dicks and held them together hard. He started jacking our dicks together with both hands. "Urrrrhhhhhh yeah Urh," He yelled without moving his lips. He let go and backed up a little.

Then he stood upright and I stood up facing him. We were both on our knees face to face. He manually moved my thighs close together and then put his together. We inched toward each other. He took my dick and pointed it between his balls and thighs. He did the same with his dick. Then he grabbed my ass and pulled us both into each other's crotches till the head of my dick was pointing out of the back of his thighs. I felt his dick squeeze out of the back of my thighs.

We rested our heads on each other's shoulders. I knew what he wanted to do now. He held onto my ass and I held onto his back. Then we pumped each other hard. The lotion was super hot now. We were kissing and moaning into each other's mouths. "Uhhhhhh Yeah Shit" I was screaming. I never felt anything like this before. It was incredible. Our hands moved up higher and we were holding each other in a tight bear hug. Our sweaty foreheads were sliding and knocking against each other. Our thighs and waist banging hard making clapping sounds. I could feel every part of his body wince against mine.

He slapped my ass with both hands and rubbed my thighs while thrusting his crotch into mine. Then he went back up into the bear hug. Our pubic hairs were crumpling against each other's like tissue paper. "Ohh fuck!" I said.

"Shit," Ramel growled. I felt his pre cum leak down my thighs and that was it. I shot off a huge load on his calves. I felt his cum land on the bottom of my feet and down my thighs. Ramel went limp and I felt his head rest heavy on my shoulders. I rested my head on his. My vision was so cloudy and blurry from the Nut. It was the most incredible Nut I ever had. I was wasted like I just ran ten miles in the desert. I fell on my back and Ramel fell right on top of me. He wasn't moving just breathing real hard.

"Damn, they don't got a name for what we just did?"

"I don't know if there's a name for it, but it's some good shit."

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art © by eros V

About the Author

In an email to me, boomer, the author of the story, remarked that when I was writing the story, I was thinking the exact same thing you were in terms of showing men frottage can make for some really hot sex. That's what I had in mind. I wanted men to read the story and remember it, and when they came by the idea of frottage again or the website to take a second look at their sexual practices.

Just trying to spread the word that you started. A simple story made to make a guy horny might in one way or another end up preserving his life.

That's a beautiful thought from a really great guy.


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