Gentle Warrior


With Freddie, Jeremy finally learned what it meant to have a friend. His family had moved too many times in the past sixteen years for Jeremy to have more than a passing acquaintance with other boys. Sure, there were good times because people naturally liked Jer. He wasn't very tall or broad, but he had a friendly, open handsome face and a wicked sense of humor. He was naturally muscled, neither the first nor the last picked on any team. He was also full of imagination and could draw any group into a magical world of alien invaders, early settlers, soldiers or cowboys. Wherever he lived, Jeremy soon found himself with a circle of "pals" and fun times were to be had. But there was no one person he could call a true friend.

Until Freddie. Jeremy knew the moment their eyes connected cross the classroom in his new school that there was something special about this guy.

First of all, he was strikingly beautiful: dark brown hair, much darker than Jeremy's own, contrasted to the most startlingly blue eyes Jer had ever seen. He seemed a bit bigger than Jeremy as far as the boy could tell on first appearances. Freddie's Grateful Dead t-shirt clung to a nicely muscled torso. Best of all was his smile and the total lack of suspicion in his face. Freddie didn't seem to be checking Jeremy out at first glance.

Instead, he had accepted the new kid in town on the spot.

Still, Jeremy was tentative when he first approached Freddie in the schoolyard during lunch.

"You like the Dead?" he asked.

"They're okay," Freddie replied. "My dad's a fucking groupie, and I like my dad. Do YOU like the Dead?"

"I'm afraid I don't get them at all," Jeremy admitted.

"That's cool. I'll teach you."

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Of course, it started as mere "pal-dom," like all Jeremy's other
relationships with boys had been. Freddie introduced him to other guys, and they took to Jeremy because Freddie seemed to and because of Jeremy's wit and creativity. But two things were different this time. First, Jeremy knew that his father had no intention of pulling up stakes anymore. The frightening, exciting possibility of putting down roots and making relationships was all too real this time.

Secondly, and most important, Jeremy was sixteen now and facing a few hard facts about himself. Girls were a pleasant but unimportant aspect of his life. His interest centered on guys. It wasn't hard to admit, especially when he remembered how exciting it felt to wrestle in a group of guys during a game of football or in one of his fantasy games. Lying in the "trenches" with a war battalion or cooped up in a rocket ship with fellow astronauts, Jeremy would breathe in the magical scent of the boy or boys nestled close to him. His dick would get rock hard in his jeans, and it would take every bit of will power to keep from rubbing his erection against another guy's jeans. He knew this would spell the end of his popularity, although many times Jeremy had been tempted to touch another boy, if only with the assurance that his family would soon move away and he wouldn't have to face any social disgrace for long.

But now, here was Freddie, and Jeremy realized two things.

First, he cared more about what Freddie thought of him than he had of anyone else before. The possibility that he might make a true friend of Freddie - for a long time, even - filled Jer with a delight and a nervousness he had never known before. Secondly, and even more frightening, he wanted to share everything with Freddie, his hopes, fears and secrets. And his biggest hope was that someday he and Freddie would find themselves wrapped in each other's arms, naked and hard, their tongues intertwined, their chests rubbing together so tightly that they could feel their hearts beating, and their solid, erect cocks humping and rubbing against each other.

This was a subject impossible to broach! How do you tell a new buddy that you think you love him and that you want to rub his cock against your own?

True, it seemed like Freddie enjoyed Jeremy's company over anyone else's; they had quickly become inseparable. And it seemed like their talk wasn't always about light stuff. Sometimes, Freddie would share his dreams of becoming a graphic designer or show Jeremy special places around town and talk about memories that were important to him. He also encouraged Jer to open up, expressing sympathy at the family's nomadic existence up to now.

But Jer didn't have the heart to share his deepest feelings with his friend. All he could do was dream and fantasize. . . and jerk off every day to the thoughts of making love with his best buddy.

Ironically, it was Jeremy's mom that set the whole wonderful train in motion. She was as excited as her son to be putting down roots, and she constantly urged Jer to invite friends over.

"We live here now," she kept saying. "We're not just visiting! Let's fill this house with people. Have a sleepover or something!"

"Mom!" Jeremy would say. "That is such little kid stuff. Like, I want everyone to see I still sleep in a bunk bed."

Even though he was an only child, Jeremy had slept in the bottom of a bunk bed since he was out of the crib. Whether his parents had believed that they would give Jeremy a baby brother, or whether his mom was merely a firm believer in "sleepovers," Jeremy had been stuck within the narrow confines of a bunk bed since he could remember. And while he often complained, he had to admit that the bed was a cozy retreat from the troubles of the world.

"What about this new friend of yours? Freddie. Why don't you invite him over?"


It seemed like such a childish idea, on the one hand. On the other, it sent Jeremy's cock straight to the ceiling. Oh yeah, he thought, what a wonderful idea. Have the guy I'm hot for over to my room while my folks are in the next one. A dream come true.

And so Jeremy resisted, but his mom persisted.

"At least have the guy over for dinner. I'll make my world-famous ribs and we can finally meet this fabulous Freddie you keep talking about."

Jeremy hadn't realized how much he had been sharing his obsession out loud at home. Well, could it hurt to have the guy over for dinner?

At school, he swapped sandwiches with Freddie, took a deep breath and said as casually as he could, "So my mom wants me to invite you over for dinner."

"Cool," Freddie said. "Do YOU want me to come over for dinner?"

More than anything, Jeremy thought. And then I want you to come into my bed and hold me all night.

"Sure. My mom makes wicked spareribs."

"Mmmm." Freddie licked his lips and grinned wickedly at Jer, causing the boy to go weak. "When?"


Freddie nodded. "Let me check with the parental units." After a pause he added, "You know, my car's in the shop. What if I just stayed the night so nobody had to pick anybody up?"

Jeremy wasn't sure he could speak right. He tried to calm down and say as casually as possible, "I think that would be fine. My mom's big into sleepovers."

"This isn't some cub scout camping thing, is it?" Freddie asked mockingly. "I DO get a bed to sleep in."

"We'll find you something to crash in. Maybe the kitchen floor . . . next to the dog."

"Ah, sleeping with you, huh?" Freddie cracked up and took a swipe at Jeremy.

Jer swiped back and the next thing he knew they were mock-tussling on the lawn, their lunches forgotten. Freddie made a grab at Jer's arms, trying to pin him down, while Jeremy scissored his legs around Freddie's waist in an effort to subdue him.

The feeling of his legs around Freddie was the most delicious thing Jeremy had ever known. He felt his cock start to harden in his jockeys and panicked. That was just enough uncertainty to allow Freddie to flip his pal on his back and get his arms pinned above his head on the ground. Freddie leaned over, grinning so his mouth was right above Jeremy's. He laughed and moved excitedly, causing his crotch to grind lightly against Jer's. Jeremy fought to keep the smile painted on his face while inwardly he feared that Freddie would feel the erection straining against his jeans. Suddenly, Freddie stopped and looked deeply at his friend. His expression seemed almost puzzled. Then the grin returned, bigger than ever. He leaned even closer until his lips were pressed to Jeremy's ear.

"Betcha I can eat more ribs than you," he whispered, and it seemed almost seductive.

It took an hour for Jeremy's erection to go down.

It took two weeks to set a Friday date that would work for Jeremy's mom, and it was an agonizing time for him. Something about their moment on the school lawn had caused a new feeling to enter Jeremy's heart. He barely recognized this feeling as hope.

Freddie won over Jeremy's parents immediately. His mom loved the boy's politeness and sense of humor. His dad loved the ice cream that Freddie brought unasked. ("Nice touch," Jeremy whispered to his friend.)

When Jeremy took Freddie on a tour of the house, he dreaded showing his friend the bunk beds for fear of hearing snickers. But Freddie looked at the beds for a moment, then turned to Jer and asked, "Which one do I get?"

Jeremy swallowed hard and finally answered, "Well. . . I usually sleep on the bottom, but . . . "

Freddie touched his friend's shoulder and whispered, "No sweat, dude. We'll figure it out later."

The ribs were as delicious as always, but Jeremy tasted nothing. He watched his best pal - his first friend - interacting with his parents as if they had known each other for years. Jeremy was filled with such pride and he couldn't fully grasp why. When he looked at Freddie, he felt a wonderful heaviness in his heart. It was almost as if tears could spring up at any moment, but it was such a feeling of gladness that he almost couldn't bear it.

"You're quiet tonight, sport!" His dad said.

"Huh?" Jeremy started. "Oh, just a little tired, I guess."

"Rough week, sir," said Freddie. "Midterms and stuff." "Oh. Too tired to join your mom and me at a movie?"

"Well..." Jeremy's heart leapt. Here was the chance to be alone together.

"Do you mind if we pass this time?"

"Not at all," said Jer's mom. "It means we can skip Spielberg and head directly to Merchant-Ivory. You guys play computer games or watch TV."

With that, Jeremy's mom dragged his dad from the table and, within ten minutes, the two boys were alone in the house. Jeremy took Freddie into the family room. They plopped down onto the large leather sofa and Jeremy pointed the remote control at the TV. He looked nervously over at his friend who smiled back at him.

"Please don't tell me you like this show," said Freddie.

Jeremy didn't, but for some reason he said, "It's my favorite."

"Don't guests have a say around here?"

"Say whatever you like, but we're watching this show."

Freddie's smile grew brighter, and his eyes sparkled at the sound of a challenge. He got up and sauntered over to Jeremy, pulled the remote out of his hand, sat back down and changed the channel.

Jeremy smiled wickedly, all nervousness forgotten, and said, "You think you get your way that easily, my friend?" He rose and stood before Freddie, who held the remote behind his head. Jeremy grabbed at it, but Freddie changed position. Without warning, Jer leaped onto his friend so that he was, in effect, sitting on Freddie's lap. He leaned forward and grabbed the arm with the remote. Their bodies were pressed together. Freddie smelled subtly of soap and some sort of after shave, and the fragrance heightened Jeremy's excitement. He attempted to wrest the remote from his buddy, and Freddie struggled against him. Then Freddie sprang from the seat, upsetting Jeremy and causing them to flip over. Now Jeremy was lying on his back on the sofa, still clutching Freddie's arm. Freddie climbed on top of friend, nearly laying prone against him.

They laughed and swore at each other as the remote got pushed and the channel changed repeatedly. The temperature in the room seemed to soar as their tussling got fiercer. Jeremy could feel his dick surging against his pal, and he no longer cared. If this proved to be the end of their friendship, he would face that later. It felt too wonderful to be wrestling with his buddy, panting against him, feeling Freddie's breath against his face, torsos and crotches sliding together.

Suddenly, Freddie stopped. His body surged up until his face looking down on Jeremy's, somehow expressionless. Jeremy looked into his friend's eyes for some sort of signal, some understanding. And then he became aware of something tremendous: another erection, pounding fiercely against his own.

He moaned with pleasure as he ground his dick against the other, purely by instinct. Freddie's smile returned, bigger than it had ever been.

"At last, Jer," he whispered. "At last, buddy." He slowly slid his hard cock against Jeremy's, bearing down with exquisite pressure. Jeremy humped up against his pal.

"I want you so bad, Freddie," he nearly sobbed. "I - I love you, man."

Freddie's eyes widened. They seemed to fill with emotion and the first trace of tears. He leaned down with aching slowness until his lips were pressed against his friend's. Their lips touched, then parted. Two tongues snaked out and intertwined. At first tentatively, and then with mounting urgency, their tongues dueled. Their bodies ground together as their arms encircled each other and held fast.

Freddie broke the clinch and stood up abruptly. He held out his hand to his friend. His breath was coming rapidly, his eyes glittered with feeling.

Jeremy took his hand and they scrabbled out of the room and up the stairs till they stood side by side in the doorway of Jeremy's room. They turned to face each other and began to kiss wildly. Their hands roamed over each other with abandon as they frantically began pulling t-shirts over heads.

"Agggh," Jeremy moaned as he felt Freddie's naked chest against his own for the first time. He could feel a wetness seeping through his briefs as his aching hard-on throbbed. He looked down at Freddie's pants and could see the huge outline of his erection. Jer tore at Freddie's belt as he kicked his own shoes off. Freddie followed suit with his friend until they found themselves naked in the doorway, their cocks pressed together, bodies locked tightly. In his excitement, Jeremy lifted his leg and wrapped it around his pal's waist. He wanted the feeling of their cocks together to be even more intense, and he could sense Freddie's equal lust, equal wanting. Their kissing went on for some minutes until Freddie pulled away and said, "Bottom bunk?"

"Oh yesss." Jeremy nodded. Freddie led his friend - his lover now - to the narrow bed and flopped on his back onto the bunk. Jeremy dove on top of his pal and savored the feeling of flesh on flesh, cock against cock. He kissed Freddie with passion and rocked against him. Freddie slammed up against Jer so that their hard dicks ground together. He got wild and playful and flipped Jeremy over so that Freddie was now on top, humping his cock wildly against Jer's, nipping at his lips, licking his neck, chest and nipples.

They groaned together, calling each other's names as their cocks throbbed together. Freddie grabbed both dicks and pumped them. Jeremy fucked his friend's fist, savoring the tight grip around two hard young man dick's, spewing pre-cum, sliding together. He wrapped his legs around Freddie's hips and humped against him, their tongues dueling once more.

More than once, their hot sex action caused Freddie to bump his head on the top bunk. "Ow," he would say and they would both laugh. It would cause their excitement to increase, until finally Freddie could stand the head bumps no longer. With a grunt, he tossed Jeremy onto the floor and then dove on top of his body. They rolled around and around on the floor, one on top and then the other. Their cocks never lost contact with the other, each spouting jizz to lubricate his friend's dick.

Freddie pulled Jeremy tightly to him and whispered fiercely, "If we cum now, we'll just have to do it again in a few minutes okay. I want to do this with you forever."

Panting, Jeremy said, "At least . . . until the movie . . . is over."

They both laughed and ground together, feeling their dicks get thicker and harder and more sensitive, until, with cries of wonder and joy, they felt great spurts of boy cum gush onto their bellies, soaking their pubes and their dicks and balls.

Freddie moaned and screamed and then collapsed on top of his friend. Jeremy wrapped his arms around his lover and held him
tightly. They lay like that for a long time.

Then Freddie lifted himself up and looked deeply into Jeremy's eyes. He kissed his friend and then cocked an eyebrow and said, "Tomorrow we start working on your folks to get rid of the bunk beds. You're a grown-up now, buddy."

Jeremy looked up at his dearest friend and said, "Now and forever, pal."


freddie and jer

The warrior who wrote this sweet and gentle romance lived, as a teenager, a very different reality, one he vividly described in a Personal Stories post now archived as Learning to be a Cockrub Warrior.

His account is among the most compelling in the club. I hope you'll read it, and if you want, email Bradley at Grindonme2@aol.com


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