Cockrub Warrior Mr. T

This was the last thing the two men expected. They had come to a motel room to fistfight over their wives. They had once been friends, now they hated each other... and both had agreed to meet in a private place where they could fight it out man to man. Now with the curtains drawn both of them circled each other fists raised and their big cocks both erect and bouncing as they prepared to fight in a way neither had prepared for or imagined.

Two weeks earlier Jim and Mark had been the best of friends ... But one day while Jim was gone his wife came over to talk to Mark -- allegedly about a birthday present for her husband. They'd both wanted each other for a long time, and soon one thing led to another and Mark and Kathleen were in bed and fucking like animals.

Later, feeling guilty, Kathleen confessed to Jim.

Filled with rage Jim wanted to go direct to Mark's and beat him to a pulp right then and there. But remembering the way Mark's wife Jean had flirted with him at dinner a few weeks before, Jim decided to get even and it wasn't long before Jim had Jean in bed.

Not surprisingly -- both women were good Catholics -- Jean soon confessed to her husband as well. Now both men were filled with mutual hate, and determined to confront each other.

Mark called Jim when he knew he was alone. Jim answered...

"You bastard you fucked my wife" snarled Mark.

"Now you know how it feels" replied Jim.

"Screw you, I ought to come over and kick your ass right now"

Their blood boiled.

"I'm here let's go asshole"

Their call was broken by Jean coming home.

"I'll call you later and we'll settle this," Mark said, slamming the phone down. Jim paced in fury .. both men wanted to fight right then and there. Knowing it was now or never, Jim brazenly called Mark back...Mark answered...

"Look keep cool a second...can you make an excuse to go out for awhile?"

"Yes," Mark answered in an even tone.

"OK, meet me at Motel 6 on Old Mill road, we can go there right now, get a room and fight it out -- if you're not afraid pussy boy."

Mark's body seethed with rage, but he quickly agreed and told Jim to call his cell phone with the room number.

Mark told his wife he was going to work out and would be gone at least three hours.

Jim made a dash for the motel and swiftly secured them their place of battle. Once inside Jim was flushed with anger and a little hesitation, but there was no way to back out now. He called Mark.

He answered.

A cold voice said,

"Room 112"

Mark jammed the petal to the metal and arrived mintues later.

He got to the room and knocked. Jim opened it. And stepped back.

"Lock it."

Mark placed the Do Not Disturb sign and threw the bolt. He turned and they glared and in seconds Mark and Jim were in a bearhug and rolling around the room. Punches flying and curses of hate. Their bodies writhed and legs locked and unlocked as they fought it out. Panting and grunting they refused to let go.

You fucked my wife

You fucked mine

I'll kill you bastard, each shouted as they fought on. Mark kept imagining Jim's cock inside his they fought and struggled together bodies wrapped tightly, something began to awaken below. Jim could feel he was getting hard, he tried to ignore it, but was afraid Mark would feel it and mistake it for a gay thing.

Inside Mark was fighting his own erection. As they rolled both men could feel the hard shafts collide in each others pants...both tried to keep the fight in other places, but instinct forced them to ram their hips together...

You trying to hump me you fag?

You're the fag, you got a hard on for me.

The two enraged males continued punching, writhing and rolling on the floor. Soon they were punched out and exhausted from the first round ... they laid still for a second and rested. Jim on top of Mark, they still held onto each other and would take turns punching back and sides. But neither could deny the fight going on in their pants.

You fucked my wife with that fag cock of yours.

Your cock is the fag.

My cock would kill yours if they fought.

Oh yeah my cock would fight yours to the death anytime.

Both men froze realizing where this was going...

They lay in silence...

So you're saying your cock wants to fight mine?

No, but it will if yours wants to.

Do you?


Yeah -- i do...

Listen man, Jim said, Since our cocks were in each other's wife, we should let them fight.

That's what it's about right? Our cocks right? Isn't that what makes us men?

Fuck yeah said Mark -- and my cock's gonna destroy yours pussy.

Fuck you man Jim shot back. Let's just do it cunt!

Totally furious, both men got up and stripped and faced each other naked, fists clenched, checking out their rival's thick heavy blood-swollen wood for size and power. Both men were hung big and they circled with their club-like weapons swaying up and down and they closed in and slapped em together feeling the sting and pain and then stopped and lined up their fat heads...

Fight me bitch!

Fight me fucker!

They mashed mushrooms and pushed and prodded and soon they allowed their snakes to slide and wrap together...both men groaned at the feeling of the hot hard cock of his enemy...grinding their shafts they grabbed each other by the hips and began a violent pounding swordfight....swingin hard from side to side, the only sounds were the brutal slapping of cocks and grunts of pain...the slapping continued until they met chest to chest and each roared with hate as they grabbed each other in a mutal bearhug and crashed onto the bed ...

Naked they locked together and as if a bell was rung, Mark and Jim began to fuckfight..

Their angry cocks began fighting it out to the death as they humped each other as hard as they could. Rolling and struggling, now one on top, now the other...

Both panting and cock slamming, each man could feel his turgid member filled with blood and str8-guy jizz ... each was determined that the other would shoot first, and they began pounding their cocks and slamming their balls together with that goal, each trying desperately to force the other to cum while edging dangerously close to the point of no return...

Locked even tighter in their brutal bearhug, their hard muscular buddy boy bodies scraping together, Mark on top pounded and ground his thick dick furiously into Jim's rock-solid rod, and Jim thrust his wood as hard as he could back when suddenly Jim realized he was losing it and began spurting cum between their ripped 6 pack abs ... Mark started to laugh then he too was overcome and began spurting back..both men fought and cock-fucked hard...both writhing in sweat spit and cum, balls banging together...

The passion of their hate and love shot all over each other...

Laying in each others cum...Jim said I'm sorry I fucked Kathleen ...but not sorry this happened.

Mark agreed, we could have done this along time ago and not fucked each other's women.

Now they both realized that they had discovered a new way to settle the masculine tension which had always been between them.

Mark observed their limp cocks...some fight Jim, look at all that cum, the blood of cocks.

Jim agreed, it was a death fight, if that's cock blood they killed each other...

My cock wanted to fight yours...and mine yours they agreed.

As they talked about it, both cocks began to rise again...soon the apologies were gone and the verbal assaults started again.

Fuck your pussy cock bitch!

Oh yeah cunt? Fuck you!

And soon Jim and Mark were rollin stinkin in their blood sweat and cum naked cock to cock fightin it out again...this time it would be a long fight...pullin hair, slamming pecs, hairy muscular legs grapevined and long grinding rock-hard red raw cockshaft fights...

Their war was far from over.


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