Jeff decided that after work he would go to the gym and work out. It was late and no one would be there that time of night.

He drove up to the gym. Like I said it was late - only one car was there and no one else. Cool, he thought, I can work out and go home. He went into the locker room and changed into his jock, tank, and shorts. He went out to the weight room. There was one man there but he didn't look to see who it was.

Jeff worked on the vertical press then went to the free weights, and then the guy passed by him. The guy paused and stared but moved on. The guy went to the mirror and looked again and Jeff could feel someone staring so he looked up. It was Jim. He pulled off his shirt to expose a very muscular chest. Little hair and hard nips.

Jeff was getting excited but he was also getting ready to do battle if called for. Cause Jeff and Jim had a fight to finish - there was bad blood between them.

Jim was about 30 -- 6 ft and 195 lbs of solid muscle, black hair, a very nice bod Jeff had to admit. But Jeff was also about 6 ft and 195 muscular, blonde, 26 years old. They were pretty well matched.

Jim could see Jeff looking so he flexed. Then Jeff stopped, got up, went to the mirror, ripped his tee off and posed back. This went back and forth for about 20 min. It was very hot in there. Jeff looked at Jim and Jim moved right up next to him almost chest to chest, you could feel the excitement and the sex in both.

They glared, neither giving a inch, they could feel their cocks growing and feel the heat within them. After a few minutes Jim said fuck this shit and went to the locker room and stripped to his jock, anticipating Jeff would follow. After about 3 min Jeff did and as Jeff rounded the corner Jim was standing in the center of the room.

Jeff - hell, might as well admit it, I'm Jeff - I stopped looked and ripped off my shorts so I was standing in my jock too.

We teased and posed and slowly came toward each other. As I was about to get close Jim stripped off his jock. I backed up and took in the sight before me - he had about 8 inches of thick meat. Large balls, we were almost the same there. I was about 9 thick but hell he was as thick.

We met, our cocks the only thing touching and the heat was way too much -- our cocks were flowing but we were not ready for pleasure, our cocks started to fight a battle all their own while we stared eye to eye.

Finally I broke the silence -- Why Jim I asked? You could have had anyone -- you knew we were together.

If you were man enough you would still have him, Jim said with a smirk on his face that enraged me even more.

I moved chest to chest -- our cocks were all tied up now. I am man enough you fucker, I replied, and now your cock is mine and with that statement we were as close as we could be nose to nose. Our nips were touching we were so close. We both knew this would be a hard fight because we were evenly matched. We began to push into each other grinding hard and deep, pounding hard, our cocks so wet with precum they glided together and even with the anger it felt good.

We finally parted our cocks still oozing precum then we collided again and I pushed Jim to his knees my cock in his face I slapped him with it rubbed it across his mouth and face. This humiliated and angered him and he grabbed my balls and brought me to my knees. We locked up and threw punches to the gut, chest and face for what seemed hours. Then we struggled and wrestled and ended up in 69 position on the floor and I forced my hot, hard cock in his mouth and face-fucked him and he did the same to me and we matched stroke for stroke until we both shot all over each other's face.

We lay on the floor exhausted, then finally got up and stood face to face and agreed another time and place, privately where no one could stop us or come in.

We lingered and our cocks awakened again hard, we swayed back and forth then locked up grinding our cocks, pounding them and smashing them together, our cocks were red raw and sore by now and the pleasure was intense. We kept grinding and pounding till we knew we would have to cum again, we put our hands behind us nothing but cocks battling, hard cockheads colliding exchanging blow for blow and man it felt hot. We grinded and grinded until we were both ready to shoot and we watched as our heads shot on each other a huge load of Jeff-n-Jim muscle dude jizz.

After I finished I grabbed my rod and shook the excess on Jim's hard chest and he did the same to me.

We went to the showers not saying a word, cleaned up and toweled off and came face to face again. We can't tell Joe or Steve, I said. Jim shook his head and agreed -- They wouldn't understand, he said. We dressed and agreed to meet the next night out in the cabin because Steve and Joe would both be gone on business trips.

I left feeling stirred and ready for our next hard encounter.

If you are like this story let me know ncwrestler


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