Marc Takes Me Down



A perfect summer day, my parents at work, and I was at home with a lazy day ahead. At 16 years old and no car I was somewhat limited in what I could do, or so I thought. With a few of my chores done (at least the grass had been cut the day before), I looked at the clock and realized I still had a couple of hours to wait before swim team practice was over and the pool opened for general public swimming. I thought about going early to watch the guys practice. Their skimpy tank suits and lean long bodies were always fuel for my imagination. But it wasn't worth it to be questioned as to why I was standing around watching.

As usual no one was home when I got up. And I was just as glad cause I liked to do my chores in my jockeys. I stopped in the hall and looked at myself in the full length bathroom mirror. Turning at a 45 degree angle , I posed and liked what I saw. The daily paper route of 83 customers and more than 5 miles of bike riding with heavy newsprint had given my calves and thighs great definition.

I held the leg muscles tight and began to stroke the muscle lines, probing each thick cord in my leg. Then letting my fingers become feather light in their touch I trailed them up my leg and across my tight ripped abs raising goose flesh. I could feel my heavy ball sack jerk with the pleasure of the stimulation. And as usual my meat began to thicken. I watched myself with familiar rapt attention as my cock swelled, head down, in my tight shorts, bulging out till, engorged with blood it tented out at my balls and the shaft was like a pole bent under pressure. I reached for myself and then stopped. I had cum that morning and just wanted to enjoy the sense of fullness.

I let my fingers play across my gut and then, quivering with anticipation, I rubbed my knuckles across my erect nipples. I shuddered involuntarily and my cock surged. Repeating the action time and again till the sensitivity was diminished, I resumed the pose flexing my pecs and as I was giving myself the classic biceps curl pose my revery was broken with the ringing phone.

My new friend Marc was on the line and was checking on our usual practice of going for a swim before we delivered our routes. (He was my original inspiration for the combination of exercise, building endurance and making money all at the same time - a.k.a., delivering newspapers on a bike route.) Marc was a year older, a bit taller but about my same weight. He had spent the previous year at a military school. He bragged (as he flexed his muscles) that it had made him the man he was today and was always alluding to the exploits and rigors of 'military life'. I let him brag and listened, trying to hide my envy at his chest hair and heavy beard and interest in the hints of life in the barracks. I assumed (and it was confirmed readily enough) that every one jerked off. Some porn mags were shared by the older guys but it seemed that there was more just beneath the surface - a story waiting to be told. It was the look he gave me sometimes that made me wonder what else happened after lights-out. But the question passed readily enough because there were lots of things we talked about.

I confirmed our usual plans to swim and he told me he'd be by at noon. I finished my chores and ate a quick lunch, went down to my bedroom and changed into my jock and speedo. The air conditioning was cold and I grabbed a T and my towel and went outside to wait.

Right on schedule, he rode up on his bike. Grabbing mine off the carport, we headed to the pool. With the summer heat the place was crowded and the life guard was a guy we didn't know. Throwing our towels in the general direction of a deck chair we charged off and dove in. As I broke the water, I could hear the whistle tear the air. I surfaced and saw the guard motion to us. We swam over, and got our first warning of the day - not 30 seconds in the pool. Admittedly it was crowded and I couldn't blame him.

There was a game of pool tag and we joined in. It got a little rough and when I tagged Marc and turned to swim away, my foot caught him near his crotch and I heard him yell. Well I just laughed and got away with him being 'it'. The game was just beginning I soon found out.

He came after me and when he tagged me it was with both hands on my shoulders and an attempt to dunk me. As I went under his knee caught me and again I heard the whistle.

Rough-housing in the pool - 10 minutes out of the water. Well that just gave us time to threaten each other with retaliation when we got back in. And the threats weren't hollow. When the guard was watching the kiddy pool we tore into each other trying to see who could dunk whom and with scissor holds and full nelsons we wrestled in the water until the inevitable whistle. When we heard it, we knew the day at the pool was over. With a thumb gesture, the guard motioned to the gate and we grabbed our towels and started back to our bikes.

As we walked across the grass we tossed insults, blame and challenges back and forth and we headed back to my house. As we went in we were still at it, blaming each other for the ejection. Downstairs I walked into the rec room and with no warning Marc's towel snaked toward my butt and snapped, making a good connection. I yelped and turned to attack.

The fight was vicious and brief. As the injured party, I aimed for his balls and he dodged, catching my hit on his upper thigh. We exchanged pops until I saw his hand snake out and grab my towel in a lightening fast gesture. I was without a weapon so I lunged for him and tackled him in a body block.

On the floor we began to wrestle grabbing each other with various holds and attempted maneuvers. Suddenly I was down and scissored across my gut with his heels locked between my legs. In a half nelson Marc stretched me and ground his leg into my crotch rubbing it with his calf. Struggling to get free to my horror I felt my cock begin to swell. Marc just tightened his grip. Suddenly I realized that I could feel his beginning boner pressing against my rib cage.

And then for no reason I could tell, he broke the hold and rolled away, springing to his feet as I did. We circled facing each other, each noting the swelling in the others suit. His eyes met mine and he was grinning. He extended his hands, fingers out stretched, inviting a test of strength. My fingers intertwined with his and we began to strain for control. To my delight he began to bow to my pressure and I shifted my weight for better leverage. Suddenly Marc dropped to the floor and rolled on his back lifting his feet into my gut and effortlessly lifting me over his body and throwing me into the couch against the wall.

Before I could recover, he was on me with a half nelson and leg lock that stretched my crotch. I wondered where all this skill had come from. And as if hearing my thoughts, he said that self defense skills, boxing and wrestling had been part of their PE at school. I should be lucky I wasn't getting punched out.

He broke the hold and stepped back. Asking me if I surrendered, I laughed and lunged for him. We hit the floor and tied up. As he maneuvered me for another hold, I broke free and attempted to escape. He laughed and grabbed for me, catching my trunks at the
back and half pulling them down my thigh. I grabbed them to pull them up and as I did, he caught my arm, and dragged me down with an arm lock. With my face against the carpet, his weight pressing me down and his semi-hard cock pressing my ass cheek, I struggled in vain to escape. He laughed in my ear saying my ass was whipped and I knew it was just a matter of time. Again he broke the hold and I rolled free. Again he grabbed at my suit and again I was caught pulling it up. Again I was pinned, his cock pressing against my ass and my face pressing into the carpet.

When we broke again, I determined that two could play the suit grabbing game. As we broke from the bout I feigned fatigue and as he got up, I grabbed with both hands and instead of fighting to keep the suit on, he somersaulted forward and I found myself holding not only his suit but his jock as well.

He turned to face me, his cock swinging heavily and rising slowly. "So you finally decided you wanted to play too?" And with that, he came at me with a single intent - to strip me of my suit. In short order he had me pinned to the carpet, face down and he stripped my suit and jock off me.

Rolling off me, he stood over me and as I looked up he stepped back and gestured for me to stand and wrestle again. Slowly I stood, my cock now throbbing like his, wondering what we were going to do. I had only once play wrestled with a guy on a scout camping trip and it was just until we got hard and raced to see who would cum first while we J O. This was different. This was what was behind the look. This was the beginning of the answer to all the unasked questions.

When we tied up, we went down quickly. Marc maneuvered me with series of moves always bring our cocks in contact with our sweat slick bodies. I saw an opening and as he seemed to try to get away, I scissored him as his chest rubbed across my cock. I locked my legs under his arms and squeezed. He rubbed my cock against his chest hair. I felt the cum begin to rise. I continued to squeeze and suddenly I felt his beard against my cock head and I exploded cum all over his face and across my chest as if I hadn't shot a load in a week.

My legs flew apart, my back arched, heels dug into the carpet and load after creamy sweet load spewed out of my cock. I was mortified and so far over the edge I almost forgot to care. Finally I looked up, realizing Marc was still lying there between my outstretched legs. He was grinning, "Good, huh?!"

He wasn't pissed, or embarrassed or anything, just smiling. What the hell was going on. He grabbed his towel and quickly wiped me off. Standing he said it was his turn and to get on my feet. We tied up again and when we hit the floor, as best I could, I returned the favor, rubbing him with my chest while he humped against me. His load exploded against my chin, across my cheek and his chest. He lay there looking at me and finally asked if I was OK. OH YEAH I replied. Good, he said, cause this is just the beginning.


marc takes me down

epilogue from life

Any good piece of fiction has elements of truth. Marc was one of my buds. We both had bike paper routes and both had awesome legs from pumping the hills near our homes hauling newsprint in bike baskets to the front doors of homes. He was the guy who taught me to jerk off the summer I turned 15 - remember that night well - thought my world would melt. Happened on a camp out (on my carport) but that's the makings of another story.

Marc introduced me to man sex in the hesitant ways of boys toying with taboos. We "knew " it was wrong and we couldn't share it with anyone. We'd play wrestle in our clothes and he would always claim that I had hit him in his crotch. Then with a grin, he'd demand to get even by 'hitting' me with his fist pressing firmly on my hard bone with his knuckles spread so he could feel me.

I always wanted to wrestle him but he was more a passive teacher. He was my JO wrestling fantasy but there were others also...more to cum, boys.

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