Philippines -- Naga City Region in Camarines Sur -- Looking for real frot partner

53 year old single guy here no wife no children. I discovered frot many years ago but cant find a real partner into frot. They like oral or anal which leads to parting our ways. Hope I can find the right partner for me here.


Looking for a good friend in Guangdong, China

Hi guys,

You can call me Troi. I am a Chinese based in Zhuhai, Guangdong. I am 27, 167cm, 58kg, and I don't have a big dick which I feel not so confident on. I am not good at social and I am always alone. I want to find a friendship and brotherhood like the feeling of pure schoolmates we once had when we were young.

If you are interested in me or close to me, please feel free to message me. Looking forward to hearing from you~




I am Tarun, 25 years old, bicurious male, fit athletic body, looking for a partner to frot. I love frot, mutual massage, cockfight, cockrub. Still no experience though. Not into anal. If interested ping me.


Frot / Cock Fight In Chennai, India

Hi, I'm a 21 year old bi curious male from Chennai. I'm looking for some one to have a cock fight with. I love frotting and want to meet someone who's as into it as I am.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Seeking a long term frot buddy.

I am 48 year old of Sri Lankan origin medium build 5'6" tall and weigh 65kg, never married and stable. My hobbies are a few like history, plants, cooking, nature etc. Seeking a guy of any creed or colour. I do prefer a mature stable guy from the age group late thirties to seventies, non-married/widower/divorced/non-commited... chubby/stocky/heavy/muscled guy. A guy with any disabilities is also welcome.

Am looking forward to having a long lasting, caring and understanding frot partner.

Love to hear from any nice man.


Looking for a regular frot buddy in Malaysia


I'm 29, Chinese, uncut at 180cm height and weigh 85kg. I'm looking for a regular frot buddy and I'm never into anal. I'm a clean person and disease free. Body type and size matters not to me as long as we can enjoy rubbing cocks with each other.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


ISTANBUL looking for good frot friend

living in istanbul. turkey. I want to try a good frot friendship with somebody who likes this safety sexy exercice.......maybe in greece athene, in london, or in frankfurt......



MANILA stud wants a hot man2man frotbud 35 yo up ..lets rub our cocks dude!


INDIA MUMBAI, 26, bi-curious, athletic, looking for Frot LTR

I am Jerrin, 26 years old, bi-curious, fit masculine athletic body, 5'7", 60 Kg, 6" uncut, looking for a frot lover/partner preferably of similar build for LTR. This would be my first frot experience. I am into full body contact, massage, phallic mating, cockfight, cockrub. Anal is strict no no. Unfortunately cannot host.

According to me frot sex is most intimate relationship that two individuals can share.

Contact me:


Manila Frot Bud

Hi jv here 30, from manila, ph. I've been looking for a Frot buddy. I'm slim built, average looks and hot for frottage.


Looking for a guy who enjoy frottage in Seoul, South Korea!

Looking for a guy who enjoy frottage in Seoul, South Korea!

35 years old with 16cm thick cock.

Much enjoying frottage and cock fight.

Rubbing and grinding crotchs feel so good.


Melaka, Malaysia I'm looking for frot lover

Hi, I'm 33 years old. I'm still single and I'm looking forward to get to know a frot buddy who loves to be in a LTR relationship. Any straight acting, manly, and mature men are welcome. For any particular details, please direct it to my email. I hope to keep in touch with those who are interested.

Mohd Fauzi Abdul Rahman

Izmir, Istanbul, Turkey. Cock to Cock

I want to meet a man who is there for a cock to cock meeting, manly, masculine, defying. I want to do a great combat together, first in dress then totally naked, and I want us to attack on each other with our cocks and muscles. Let us elevate masculinity, the aesthetics of two man's alliance. Let us bring our powers together on our cocks and form an energy climax, screaming and shouting, savouring the moment. Let's milk each other.

Dag Han

Frot Buddy in the Philippines

Wazzup warriors? I've been lookin for a frot and gym buddy as well.. Im 30 from Quezon City Philippines.. Lookin forward to hearing from you guys..

Frot Man

China cock to cock wrestling brother

I'm in China, 27yr, 175cm and 70kg. I met a penfriend in the club a year ago, but out of touch with him now. Friendship or brotherhood is very important to me, so now I'm looking for a brother (not a boyfriend), we can share our views about cock-to-cock wrestling, and to be the one you want to wrestle with, never do anal and oral, just 2 brothers get hard-ons and chest to chest, nips to nips, muscle to muscle, finally moan and wrestle to cum together. Love cyber too, and I also collect cock2cock wrestling stories and artworks.


Indonesia -- JAKARTA looking for that special someone

Hi, i am 27 years old, need frot m2m Indonesia.

I live at Jakarta. I dont like anal.

I want frot sex only with special someone forever. Fight together, kiss, and cock fight. If u r interested plz send me email. Thx.


Philippines -- MANILA Frot buddy

Hi, i am 21 yrs. old, 5'11 ft. Average build, good looking guy from Manila. Frot buddy.

Ibey Seyn

Brunei frot buddy

Enjoy frottage immensely. Looking to find an equally enthusiastic, well-endowed and sporting buddy from Kuala Belait, Brunei or anywhere within Brunei for regular sessions. I am 30, 5'7" tall, weighing about 150lbs, very straight acting and gym fit. Write me if interested! You won't regret it! Thanks.


Turkey first time

My age is 28 from Turkey. I am looking for frottage and man liking frottage and somewhat athletic maybe better. He can be black or white or caucasian it does not matter if he is handsome. In general I prefer a man at the age between 18-30. my profile is 185 cm height, 80 kgs, dark, average body type, and i think i am handsome. I have never done before with man and i am curious about it. I am waiting e-mail from a man having preferences similar to me.

kamuran tansel

Hong Kong brother bonding

I am a Chinese guy in my 20s in Hong Kong looking for a sincere brother, someone who has no purposes but only to make a friend having the potential to develop as close as a brother. The basic requirement is that you have to be healthy (disease-free) and hold the same view as that proposed in man2manalliance. You should also be straight-acting, physically fit, and can let things develop naturally. I think there is no point to frot if there is no brother bonding between two. Hopefully, we can help each other grow into a warrior.

Don't be shy to drop me a message. It's chance that we can know more about each other. I promise I will respond whether I like you or not.


MANILA looking for a frot friend


I am a frot enthusiast from the Philippines. I am looking for a frot buddy. I am 32 years old and I live in Manila. Please contact me.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I'm looking for frot lover

Hi, I'm 25 years old. I'm still single and I'm looking forward to get to know a frot buddy who loves to be in a LTR relationship. Any straight acting, manly, and matured men are welcome. Extra bonus remarks for those who serve in the navy or any uniform units. For any particular details, please directed it to my email. I hope to keep in touch with those who are interested.

Adam Ahmad

INDIA DEHRADUN searching for a frot sex lover

hi im 24,m from india (dehradun),i search for a frot sex lover of mine age between 20-29 in my city.


Azerbaijan, Baku. I am looking for a guy here

I want to practice frot with somebody in Baku.

I am 26. Height is 174 cm, weight is 65 kg.


FIJI frot buddy

have been searching for a frot buddy in fiji.......only way to relieve it is the bathroom floor....please reply .....26 years old and heavy build


looking for frott buddy above 35 in manila

looking for frott buddy above 35 , must be muscular, gymfit at least 5'8"

onyx pails

Looking for frottage and erotic wrestling buddy in Singapore

I am a 39 yr old male 5'7" 154 lbs looking to meet and have fun with another masculine guy that enjoys erotic wrestling and most of all hot grinding, frottage.

It would be perfect for me to find someone close to my physical size. I would enjoy hearing from all interested out there.


SINGAPORE Seeking a committed mate


I am currently living in Singapore, Chinese, 28 yrs old. Lean fit, looking for a committed partner to share my life with. Preferrably someone around my age or younger.

Please email me with an introduction.

Thank you.

Zu Raffo

Frot Buddy in KL, MALAYSIA

If you're a man who is comfortable with your own sexuality, and keen to explore frot and all that it has to offer, get in touch.

I'm a 30yr bisexual guy, liberal minded, enjoy intellectual conversation, into fitness and health, art and design.

171cm, 65kg, smooth, clean. Prefer non-femm, regular down to earth guys.


OKINAWA frot buddy

I'm an American guy living in Okinawa Japan
I'd love to settle down and rub myself to sleep with a frot buddy every night. I am 47 hairy masculine Italian American man..must say I'm handsome with a nice smile, so they tell me :)


Looking for Long term frot buddy in manila

looking for a long term frot buddy in manila.. im in mid-20's.. i love cock fights! im living and working in makati....

thanks much!

hari man

CHINA wanting a friend in Beijing

Im Chinese living in Bj, and looking for a friend under 30


India Calcutta Cock2cock duel 22 yr old male


I am a 22 yr old guy from Asia - India - Calcutta.

Looking for a guy of the same age group for a hard cock 2 cock duel.

cock2cock fight

MALAYSIA 21st birthday coming up, seeking frot wrestling soulmate

5' 7 height, slim, smooth, seeking frot/ nude wrestling/ cockfighting partner and soulmate. looking for someone i can connect with at every level, and interested in a making a long term relationship our shared treasure.


frot wrestling in Tokyo

I would like to find a frot wrestling / frottage mate here. I am mid 40's, hairy chest, 173cm,93-95kg stocky bear. It would be nice to enjoy frottage with the same type.

wrestling bear

Re: frot wrestling in Tokyo

Come to Saigon, waiting for you.
Former pro wrestler and judoka, I am 50, 1m76, 90 kg, stocky, smooth, looking for long cessions of erotic and sweaty wrestling. Dare you?


sleep tight warm cuddle frot

This is why i love men, discovering the passionate gentle person behind all those layers of strength. I have never tried intercourse because this is what i'm looking for is a bestfriend to love. I'm 25 from Quezon City Philippines, average build. Looking for a guy of the same age, a bit younger or a bit older is cool too.



frot wrestling in singapore

looking for buddy into frot wrestling often


Hi from Syria



I have always thought about somethinh, didn't know it was possible until I found this site.

I do not have any previous male to male relation of any kind, but I'm willing to have a frot friend to do only things mentioned above.

I am married, in my late fifties, an engineer. Looking for a sane, healthy, highly-educated, married man preferably around my age. Discretion and safety are very important to me.


MAURITIUS Reached home shore at last!

Hello, guy of 26 y/o athletic fit guy, brown skin 5'11" tropical boy (a sweet athletic dude's chest for hard muscle boy pecs) from Mauritius, an Island state in the Indian Ocean I'm so far away from the club (this make me feel home sick for my frot bro community). I at last found to where I belong, and i can say that this site and community still fragrance innocence and real male sex just don't fall like most men into promiscuity and lost sight of the meaning of love; Frot= respect, equality, masculinity. I'm so glad i found this site,i must avow that when i discovered it i got the feeling of reaching home and my folks. Now that I'm at last on the shore of this nice land, would like to meet my fighter.

The frot minded athletic lean tall,the street fit type guy,str8 guy has always been the kind of guy i'm looking for and never met till now a good Frot-minded guy the hard muscle pecs/athletic/ martial art Frot bro with sense of humor, attentionate, caring and who seeks an LTR relationship.

Well guyz if i'm the type you maybe looking for as i describe at first drop me a line. We could take it from there and exchange photos and learn to know each other.

Frot_Bro mXangelos:)

P.S (Alexander &Hephaestion, Achille &Patrocle, David &Jonathan) their love inspired me so much and waiting for (mXangelos & ..............?!) :)))


looking for frot buddy in delhi

I had been frotted 10 years back - it has been my best sexual experience ever. Would like to do it again, looking for partner pref in delhi or nearby.


NEPAL frot lover

A frot loving man from Nepal. Anyone interested can contact by replying in the email.

Kathmandu, Nepal


anyone from kerala

i m Raj, 23, living in kerala, India. i like rubbing cock to cock and fighting till coming. If u like contact me


Cockfight buddy in Singapore

Looking for a cockfight buddy SG. Pls email me.
Thanx..32yo 176 98. Interested in some fun wrestling too.



I like frottage and cock to cock sex very much.
My profile is 176cm 90kg 44years old.
Let`s enjoy frottage!

tinnpo awase ero oyazji

MANILA Frot bud

im 19, 5'7 inc., 150 lbs


San juan, Manila

hi! anyone interested to have frot with me. I'm 21 years old. i'm a 4th year Psychology college student. i am still a virgin because i do not believe in being promiscuous. i have many gay friends who have sex with many different men in a http://month.They ask me to come with them sometimes but never once did i join. I haven'r tried frottage but im willling to learn this great sex act. Hope to hear from you. Thanks


need a frot buddy


I am 29 guy in Mumbai. have atheletic body, clean shaven I need a FROT buddy who is not a sissy and is very straight acting!!
I need a man who love men and loves FROT.


Re: need a frot buddy

hi, i am in chennai,39 and married.
but frot had been in my dreams eversince my teens.
would like to get in touch.



Cock fight in s'pore or Bangkok or M'sai

I hv always tot tat I m alone into this. Love to hv a guy or gay fren rubbing cocks and body togather. If u like to do some wrestling, in jeans, leather , boots, sneakers or boots, I am also ok. Hope to have a bud into this. Serious and ready to meet up.

31yo, 5'9", 71kg


manila / philippine wrestling bud

looking for a wrestling bud

let's get it on Filipino wrestlers!


Re: manila / philippine wrestling bud

gusto mo ba talag hanap k nang place handand hanada ang bayag ko,..

hot dude

Need a young warrior to frot

Seekng young 18-22 Chinese for frot in Singapore


looking for a frot buddy



hi guys, i'm 27, looking for a buddy, pal, friend, best friend; clean, healthy and great sex; cool and great intimacy; a beautiful mind and body; someone who is sensitive and sound, not effeminate; a dude; hygienic and takes care of himself, i.e. nails, etc., may or not be a greek god [but prefers one,:-)], can get cozy or crazy

i'm 5'4.5", cute, handsome, (women turn their heads when they see me but i'd really appreciate it if men did, sorry for bragging...), with black hair, deep brown eyes, clean, not into smoking as well as drinking or drugs, not into anal thing, not into effeminate stuff, but i can get mushy but not that womanly, :-), just intimacy bet. buddies....

you can ask me more about a lot of these things at e-mail:



I am happily married but I do too enjoy a man to man bonding. NOT SEX, NOT ANAL and NOT ORAL. Have been tricked into anal once and hated it from then.

If you are in Malaysia, athletic, pleasant looking, married preferably or monogamous and comfortable about being close to another man, write me. Discreet and passionate are the key words.

I have never felt as good until I find this website! Imagine that I have always thought that my attraction to man is because I am gay. I am not, I am just a male looking for a close male bonding and exploring each other.


MUMBAI Frot lover

Hi ! I am looking for a frot lover boy friend in Mumbai. I am a soft and shy boy in early thirties. I would love to meet a similar boy from mumbai who loves rubbing cocks on each other. I am not interested in anal sex. If you are my type, let us meet. Pl. mail me. I would love to frot with someone with smooth skin and without moustaches/beard.

lot of love


filipino man had been cheated wants true and honest frot buddy..

im gabe from quezon province philippines... im 25y.o.chinese -spanish miztizo..5'11hgt. 75kg...smooth skin but hairy on the parts not including into long term not into hotty stuff horny thing..
i love cooking.. and planting.. arts , movies.. amd going to gym.. i also like games on different mode.. love be4aches and sand...i do land scaping , part time modelling, networking.. and some other jobs if it would fit in.. im workaholic..
sweet . . . and loyal.. but mostlly romantic..
im hunk at the out side..
not into girly type kind of thing..
i act and live as a man..
dress as a man.. but also loves man.. .. so if you think we could get along mail me..
seriously not for fun..pls...not for fun..


Fidelity in Gay Relationship: Surviving the Ages

hey guys, i would love to learn how you handle fidelity amidst the sexual revolution going on. how is it to trust someone to be loyal to you.


hi maharashtraian

Hallo. friends,

i am 35 years in search of u



I am 29 yo guy in Mumbai. I am 5-11", atheletic body, clean shaven and very cute!!! I need a FROT buddy who is not a sissy and is very straight acting!!
I'm a good looking straight acting guy and I want a str8 acting good looking man for Frot.
I need a man who love men and loves FROT.
Manly and not girlish!
i dont like girlish guys...and you should be fit and pot bellies either..!!
A gym fit guy would get my attention.



lets frot dude, im alex31 manila, straight acting very masculine guy and loves to frot. contact me dude


Looking for a Philippine Warrior!

Contact me! Let's prove how courageous our forefathers were! Cockfight and naked wrestling! I live in Cagayan de Oro waiting for your response!


Re: Looking for a Philippine Warrior!

hi bro!

I am glad to know that I have a fellow frot man in the phils. I have a partner of 1 and a half year and we are into frot. We have sex but we don't act gay at all.

It would be nice to communicate with a Warrior such as you are.

Hope to see and know more warriors like us!


Re: Looking for a Philippine Warrior!

I guess there are a lot more in our counrty. I've been researching about our pre-spanish culture and pre-islamic culture. Our ancestors we're more likely into ritualistic frot. And hey, even to this present time, most members of the Badjao tribe is in to it... a ritual in becoming a true man!


Anyone from GUAM?

Bimarried man here looking for a frot male soul mate.....someone who I can share myself with as an equal. Drop me a line soon.


Dick to Dick sex or dick fight )--( in Taiwan.

Hi ! I am 32, caucasian, 178, 66kg, slim, fit smooth but not muscley looking for a similar guy 18 - 30 for dick to dick rubbing or dick fight. Mine is 19cm. I also like safe wrestling with no injury including long dick fight at the end. Safe and sane. Please contact me if you are interested


Re: Dick to Dick sex or dick fight )--( in Taiwan.

Hi I am Ivan.
liveing in Taipei County.
179cm/67kg/27yo/7 inches cock(17.5/4.5cm)Taiwanese/Asia
Good looking
good skin and pretty nose....
(I swear...)

If Yoe are still in Taiwan and you are interested.
Mail me,please.

I wish we can make a date.


looking for frot buddy in manila

filipino, mid-30's, smooth, looking for masculine intimacy with a hairy buddy around 30 yrs and above to develop a relationship where we could meet on a regular basis. Into M2M, CockRub, CocktoCock, with lots of body contact, kissing, oral, some JO. No anal whatsoever.


Re: looking for frot buddy in manila

Sure am glad I found this website. Tired of cruisin'. Hope to find a frot buddy out there ...



i want smart and bold for heroichomosex. contact at id amit28tak. i m 19.


Re: lovem2m

hi amit,
i saw your message. I am interested in heroic homosex. My age is 20 . Studying Engg. Staying in Bangalore.

I will wait for ur reply.


looking 4 a FROT friend in india (bangalore)

hi guys, i'm looking for a frot friend .please let me know if you are interested. i'm 22 year old. 1I1 love sex, have fun , making others happy.
i'm strongly desired in a frot friend .


Re: looking 4 a FROT friend in india (bangalore)

hi amit,
I received ur mail and I' m very happy.
In my view frot is not only a sex between two men but also an emotional attachment between the two men.
I want to share my feelings with you.
Let me know more about you and ur true feelings about frot.
I will wait for ur reply.


Indian experience


I want to meet a person who enjoys frotting. I am in mUmbai.


Stocky Man looking for similar for wrestling, frottage, pec slams

GAM, young 40+, 1m76, 90Kg, stocky built, smooth chest, strong arms, muscular hairy legs, into frottage, cockfights, nippple plays looking for same stature for erotic wrestling, lots of rubs etc...
I travel a bit.


Cockfight in Bombay

Any Guy from bombay looking a plain cockfight ....and competitions between dicks !!!


Re: Cockfight in Bombay

Hi!!! This is a straight cock 2 cock fighter. I am 22 yrs old. And looking for a same age guy with.. similiar.. physique to have a cock duel.. I am from Calcutta...
If anyone interested they may send me a mail or an IM cock2cock.fight


rub two hard dicks until cumming together

Im from Malaysia ... love frottage sex and rubbing two hard dicks together until both cannot hold and cum at same time ...


Re: rub two hard dicks until cumming together

I just found out what Frot is all about, yeah, I've been doing it loads! Didnt know it even has a name!

Looking for someone into it in BRUNEI! Yes, in quiet little Brunei!


oil wrestling

like to meet guys in Japan for oil wrestling, dig cock to cock, chest to chest meetings until cum



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