Hawaii for genuine relationship

I'm a 28 year old man looking for a relationship with a man who's into frot and not into anal. I'm very passionate and affectionate, always looking for love and a genuine relationship and not just trying to hook up. I love kissing and lots of close intimate body contact, love to cuddle and be lost in each other. I'm 5'11'', 165 lbs, clean cut/shaven, brown complexion, semi-hairy, clean hygiene, drug/disease free, educated, easy going, and a loyal guy. If this sounds like something you want, please e-mail me at


and we can get to know each other better.

Big Island frot partner

Looking for a masculine, fit minded frot partner into wrestling and fun! Age not important as honest, positive attitude. If you are THE MAN! e-mail for more to


male bonding

It appears that there are only two avantegarde guys so far in Hawaii...who have found this site anyway. I'll be the third. I have always prefferred this type of m2m relationship. I don't identify with the stereotypical misgivings of male bonding. I am always willing to open a dialog.

I do prefer a kind yet manly sort of man, who is tough yet tender. Who is not afraid to feel, to be emotional, be spiritual. I find over the years that, my attraction has predominantly been toward "straight" men, even if they are married. Somehow their being married and "in love" with their wife or partner says more to me about their "being". There is a fullness in their life and yet I feel that I may enhance it. I seek no sacrifices in their life or lifestyles, only expanding the colors of this lifetime. Of course, a man doesn't have to be married and hetero to capture my interest. Even a man who is single, hetero or homo can strike a chord in me. The magic for me is...the eyes. It's in there! I remember one young man who was sort of "punkish" and cool, you know...the jock/homme'/macho dude kinda guy. But, I had it in for him because, when all the exterior influences were gone and only he and I would be together and having heart to heart conversations...I found that he was sensitive, vulnerable and intelligent and manly...all at the same time. All I could see was the potential of "HIM".

Because he was married to a quite beautiful and very wonderful young woman, I never pursued him in any manner than to observe, recognize and unweave the webbing of a young man as he aggressively tries to prove to everyone that he is "all that". I guess in his youthful manhood, he doesn't realize that we "older ones" can already see his greatness and his potential. Oh' how wonderful to be young.

Do excuse me for going on and on but, to me, all of this too is "frot". This is all part of the bonding of male to male. The physical part is, in part, about trust. Letting love...be love. No labels and rules...just "love" and the pleasure and healing magic of it.


Are there frot guys in Hawaii

I'm over 40 nonsmoker and definitely NO drugs. I am healthy and in great shape, I work out at the gym regularly. I don't do gay bars nor do I cruise. One nite stands are not an option either. I love being intimate and yet tender in a masculine way, oh yeah I almost forgot, I don't give or receive oral/anal sex. Apart from all that I am a great person to have as a lifetime friend, Let me hear from you


Re: Are there frot guys in Hawaii

Good day mate.

Thank you and choke mahalos for responding to my email. Thank you Man2Man Alliance for opening-up the doors for inspiring me and other frot men to come out and enjoy what God have given us. I am estatic and will be a role model for all frot men!

Slingshotblue in Hawaii

looking for c2c battles in hawaii

If you guys are out there Email me I need some big cock to fight Im 6'2 195 good build 7.5 cut and strong

Mean fucker

Re: looking for c2c battles in hawaii

My kind of place! Any guys out there that wish they had a jerk-off buddy?



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