Nelson / Vancouver Frot

Hi! My name is Lou. I live in Nelson, but I spend time regularly in Vancouver, BC. I am looking for a man in my area for intimacy, including frot, which is the form of sexual expression I enjoy the most. I have no definite preference in terms of skin colour and age. I am a healthy, good looking, muscular, 5'11" caucasian, in exceptionally good shape for a man my age, with a healthy sex drive. I am a cultured guy who is very physical, into bodybuilding, nature, wilderness camping.


Vancouver, B.C. M2M

Blond/Blue 180 lb, moderately hairy 6' 47 y.o. average guy, looking again, maybe for someone who shares the same interests.

14 years in a relationship, 7 years out, guess I'm ready to look again, but not an eager participant of the anal dominated gay society, and really never have been.

Seeking another guy who would like to slowly explore the possibilities of simply being physical w/each other, and loving it.

I have a tendency towards really physical, which includes feet & socks, horseplay wrestling nothing mean or menacing, just love being sat on or vice versa, or simply rolling around on the floor, simply because it's fun (How old did I say I was?), humping dick to dick (or taking turns rubbing dicks all over each other for that matter (I'm an expert at giving head to toe, front to back body massages w/o using my hands, I have a massage tool for that, guaranteed to really work over those extra stiff spots! (wink!)

So if you consider yourself to be sensual, open, and the big one here, SERIOUS, feel free to drop a line. I never was a boy scout, but really wanting to find out if rubbing two pieces of wood together really CAN start a fire!

Looking forward to hearing back!



CALGARY frot frat

I came on to this site a few days ago and can't get enough of reading about it! How awesome is it to be able to experience something manly and masculine with another guy!

I'm 22, blonde, blue eyes, 6"1, 170lbs. I'm looking for a guy in Calgary who is my age or older and appreciates this site too. I want to be able to go work out or play volleyball then hit the sauna and enjoy being around a naked man just to sit, talk and ...touch!

Hit me back if you're interested and you're real.


VANCOUVER cockrub bud

Hi Guys

I'm looking for a cockrubbing buddy here in Vancouver, B.C. I'm 40 years old, in great shape -- 5'10, 165 lbs., smooth, lean, huggable, body. My cock is a very handsome well-proportioned 6 1/2" cut and I have good-sized shaved balls. I love rubbing cock-heads, undersides of dicks (the loose skin) and scrotums together.

I also love giving and getting erotic massage and showering together, and a little bit of playful wrestling and rolling around.

Hope to hear from you,


Lower mainland area of BC

HI I just discouvered the Frottage site, I thought I was the only person who was into it. I am in my 50s, and would like to hear from others in the North west. I am in lower mainland area of BC and can travel.



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