A cockrub warrior
all the way

Cockrub Warrior SirGladiator


A cockrub warrior all the way


Thanks for everything Bill awesome club.

I am not into anal sex at all and never have been. I think that two guys on top of each other wrestling naked and thrusting their bodies together is awesome. I like to feel a man's strength and weight on me and our cocks rubbing together. That is my way. I can truly say I am a cockrub warrior all the way and have been my whole life.

Sir Robert

Re: A cockrub warrior all the way


I agree with you completely Sir Gladiator there is nothing better than two men cock rubbing. I too am a Cockrub Warrior all the way and have been all my life. I came across this site by accident and I am relieved to know that the truth is finally being told about M2M bonding in both ancient and modern times. As men we should be proud and as Cockrub Warriors we should be proud because we follow a long male tradition that is RIGHT, GOOD, and HONORABLE. Modern society has taken much of what our ancestors deemed "right" and turned it into "wrong". This site advocates a return to RIGHTNESS and I support it one hundred percent!!

VICTORY TO ALL COCKRUB WARRIORS !! Together we can and will overcome our persecutions.

Sir Robert


Re: A cockrub warrior all the way


Hi there Sir Gladiator !

I could not agree with your message more my friend - there is nothing else in the world like the feeling of two naked men wrestling body to body, cock to cock and balls to balls in a contest that is so totally male, yet at the same time is a celebration of equality between those men. Over the years that I have loved this activity though, it has never ceased to amaze me how few people seem to be into it - even in a major city like London.

A long slow sensual naked oiled grinding match is simply an activity which cannot be bettered - and it constantly blows my mind. Every matching part of the two men's bodies are together and to stare deeply into your opponent's eyes and penetrate the depths of his very soul (and this is the only kind of penetration which I enjoy - anal sex has never ever been on my agenda !) is about as physically and mentally close to another human being as you are ever likely to get in this life.

Many other guys here have made the very valid point that frottage and cockrubbing is all about equality - and that is surely something which is preferable in any kind of relationship (be it long term or simply "buddies") than the "Wham, bam, thank you Mam" which penetration seems to suggest. As someone who absolutely loves naked oilwrestling, it always surprises me when guys constantly ask me "Are you a top or a bottom ?". The answer is neither - I love a contest to be equal, fun for both guys and a way in which a permanent bond of friendship can be made between the wrestlers.

To roll over and over naked and oiled, cock to cock and balls to balls, wrapped together in a double bearhug with hearts pounding is the most amazing experience and one about which I will never apologise to other guys for liking. To have a site like this which has been so well put together by Bill and to have all you guys who naturally enjoy this activity making such sensible comments is really a great thing. It makes you realise that although many of us may have been low key in our preferences, we are out there - so you are not alone.

Long may you all continue to enjoy wrestling, frottage and cockrubbing and if anyone does happen to be coming to London UK, please feel free to contact me !

Cheers to you all fellow Cockrub Warriors !


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