Posted 5/8/01

I and my smart & responsible buds do not like anal sex and we do not like other gaymen into it either, for the sake of our community and for the person in question. There is a saying: "Birds of a feather fly together". I carefully select buds who are smart and responsible and the most handsome vulgar guy on this earth leaves me cold.

10 reasons why I do not practice anal sex:

1) Dirty. Very dirty. Nobody could deny.

2) It is extremely dangerous for both partners, speaking about diseases. Just a little fun but the consequences could lead to lots of suffering and death! Regret is too late!

3) The bottom's anus becomes abnormally loose. He could not really control wind and other types of eructation. Esthetically speaking, such a bottom is not beautiful to see. Medically speaking, it is even worse.

4) It is not pleasure; it hurts and could lead to hemorrhoids

5) The contacted part of both bods is, for most of the time, just confined and concentrated to the dick's size.

6) The mutual pleasure of Giving and Receiving is extremely rare. Most of time it is egoistic bcos the pleasure is often on just one side. Just watch any Video tape and we could notice. The Bottom has to jerk himself to help his ejaculation. Right? And the Top fucks like a machine, without any feeling, to prove that he is really "Virile", "Manly". Completely false, not sincere, role-play!

7) We cannot feel each other muscle on ours, compare the firmness of each other bod part, feel our masculinity in full and beautiful bodies. We cannot feel the whole of our beloved partner; we cannot appreciate him as much as we could.

8) If the dick is too big, the bottom cannot take it all, and it will frustrate both partners. How could we say it is real "LOVE and SEX"?

9) Both partners could not measure their strength and virility like real males into competition during their lovemaking. The main character of the male is competition. Nothing is more arousing than measuring each other strength, each other mild aggressiveness, each other muscles...

10) Almost 100% of the videos do not have frottage scenes, or limit the frottage scenes. Really too boring! Although I choose the "Best" video tapes, I still have to wait for hours before enjoying a very few minutes of bod rubbing!!! You said "they try to educate the way they like" is true, really true! I really regret that grand scenes could be done with handsome muscular guys, but not! At least, not yet.

Bods frottage, Pecs rubbing, Belly rassle, Cockfighting, Wet kissing, Erotic wrestling are the best ways of lovemaking because we could make love with all of the 5 senses in maximum:

1) See: Face to face, eyes into eyes, the full front nudity, comparing nipples to nipples, pecs to pecs, dick to dick...

2) Touch: The maximum of skin touched, with nipples grinding nipples, pecs sliding on pecs, pubic hair tangling, cocks dominating each other, legs wrapping one another...

3) Smell: No shit. Just pure man essence.

4) Taste: Wonderful taste when liplocking each other's mouth

5) Hearing: The smacking of the slippery pecs on pecs, belly on belly, the humping of dick on dick, and the moaning of both mouths into each other.

When could we have that chance to see the entire video tapes into frottage, cockfighting, pec slamming, deep French kisses, mutual nipples play, mutual muscle worship of equally muscular men? When?

Thank you Bill, thanks Bill for your sensational works!


bill's note:

i asked warrior stockpeck to post this critique of anal sex because in it he says things that many of us think but feel like we're not allowed to say

for example, if we say that anal sex is dirty, we're accused of being "shit-phobic." but anal sex is dirty -- and shit is something rational people avoid.

and anal sex is a vector for disease.

and there are anatomical consequences for some bottoms.

and in much anal sex in our culture, as stockpeck so rightly says, mutual pleasure is clearly not the goal. in buttfuck porn, and very often in real life, the "top" does act like a machine, with minimal contact with his partner's body, who's usually feminized and degraded

and, as stockpeck says, people have to be "educated" into anal sex, there's a vast cultural apparatus that teaches gay men that anal sex is good, pleasurable, and desireable -- whether they experience it that way or not

so in essence anal sex is a vast procrustean bed that all gay men are cut to fit

whereas wrestlin and frot are primal and natural, equal and free, they grow out of childhood fantasies and boyhood tussles and teendude grapplin.

they don't have to be taught, you don't need expensive lubes or pricey condoms or trips to the doctor for years afterwards -- frot and wrestlin are just there, to be enjoyed and the emphasis is on full body contact, on masculinity, on an essentially male muscular contest, on the meeting of two equals in a passion that's both athletic and erotic

"The main character of the male is competition. Nothing is more arousing than measuring each other strength, each other mild aggressiveness, each other muscles..." says warrior stockpeck

right. frot and wrestling accomodate that essential part of our masculine natures -- we don't have to subordinate our natural male sex aggression to someone else's idea of pleasure. rather we can celebrate it -- in a way that's playful, joyous, and completely fulfilling for both men.

phallic, masculine, heroic

warrior stockpeck understands

Reply from Warrior Andrew64

How true Warrior Stockpeck's words are! So much male aggressiveness is directed towards the wrong goals. Look how many young males join gangs that beat the shit out of each other instead of channeling that same healty aggressiveness towards much more healthy pleasures, like wrestling and cockfighting! The need to fight, to challenge each other and prove one's strength and worth, is a necessary part of every male, but so often it's not fully understood. "Violence is bad" they say... but not all violence! Homoeroticism is also part of all that friendly rassling between young males from a early age. That doesn't mean that all boys are gay, obviously, but that beating each other for fun could be much better than killing each other like happens every day!

bill's note

Warrior Stockpeck and Warrior Andrew64 have together hit on something that I talk about in Phallic, Masculine, Heroic, and that's the potential for cock combat contact sports, including boxing and wrestling, to redirect male aggressive energy and sexuality into a form which is both affiliative and safe. Men into sex wrestling and boxing know that at the end of the match, aggressive energies are expended and that through frottage they achieve a comradely bond with their opponent. And frottage itself provides a safe yet celebratory release of semen.

And that's what both Andrew64 and Stockpeck understand. Erotic Wrestling is Best because it meets two male needs -- sex and aggression.

Without spreading disease.

That's why


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