Is Biology Destiny?

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Is Biology Destiny?


Chuck Tarver, author of Musings of a Black Gay Man into Frot and Fighting the Conformity That Kills, sent me the article pasted in below from the Jamaican paper, The Gleaner -- it was first posted on EROS V's yahoo group Black Dicks Rub Together.

It's about boys forced to anally prostitute themselves, and has a couple of very telling statements from healthcare workers about how an anus is not a vagina and was never meant to be penetrated.

And about how thin the lining of the anus is, and how easily damaged.

Not anything like the skin of the penis, by the way.

The Gleaner piece reminded me of an article that appeared a few days ago in the NY Times, chronicling several decades of pedophilia at a residential school that housed a famous boys' choir.

The article quoted one of the victims of the abuse to the effect that when he complained to the choirmaster who was fucking him that it hurt, the guy responded, "You're a 'mo [short for homo], so you have to get used to it."

Though it sounds outrageous, the truth is that the choirmaster's comment isn't much different from the advice so freely dispensed on, which purports to tell guys how to cope with the pain of anal.

That idea -- that if you're homosexual, sex is going to be painful -- is very close to the old concept of a woman's lot in life: that biology is destiny.

And that women would have certain "women's complaints": that losing their virginity would be painful, that menstruation would be limiting, and that sex in general, suffered at the hands of piggish men, was something to be endured, rather than enjoyed.

It's very striking how transparent this aspect of gay male anal culture is. Don F has often posted about not being a substitute pussy -- it sounds harsh, but it's true.

The analists have a culture of butches dominating bitches, males fucking shemales.

We have a culture of men loving men.

In anal culture, the partner playing the woman's part is in pain, and is at significantly greater risk for contracting a deadly disease than the top.

In our culture, both partners feel the joy of true genital sex, and neither partner is endangering the other.

These are very striking differences, and, as Warrior levis-501s just said in his powerful post "The CCCs of Lovemaking," we should have the courage of our convictions, our confidence, and our contentment.

Here's The Gleaner article -- I'll have more to say about in a bit, cause those rascally analists have been at it again.



From The Jamaica Gleaner

Teenage boys and the sex trade-

A tragedy in waiting?

Patricia Watson, senior staff reporter

Within Kingston and St. Andrew's fancy houses and hotels, and outside along those daytime busy streets, twilight hides a sombre reality: scores of boys below the age of 19 years, frolicking with men two or three times their age in exchange for money.

These young boys, according to contact investigators employed by the Ministry of Health and social workers are becoming a major fixture in the now lucrative sex industry of Jamaica. Many are selling themselves to older, 'big men' for money to pay school fees, buy books, clothes and shoes of the latest fashion. So concerned are these workers that they fear the situation may get out of hand if something is not done soon to prevent more boys from joining.

Penelope Campbell, who along with Ann-Marie Campbell carried out research among sex workers last year, noted that "the need for money forces many young boys from the ghettos to become involved in the sex trade. These are usually high-risk as not much precaution is taken in these transactions."

* Boys becoming a major fixture in sex industry

The Ministry of Health and social workers say scores of little boys are becoming a major fixture in the now lucrative sex industry of Jamaica.

"When we see young boys engaged in this sort of relationship, it is a power thing. We find that the young men may not be able to negotiate for safer sex - exposing themselves to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, such as gonorrhoea, syphilis and warts," senior medical officer with the STI/HIV Prevention Programme, Dr. Yitades Gebre said.

He, however, explained that this activity mainly takes place in the Kingston and Montego Bay area, but should not be seen as sex workers in the strict sense. According to him, sex workers are persons whose main occupation is transactional sex.

But regardless of whether they are sex workers or not, health workers believe the activities of the boys can cause serious long-term health problems, apart from STDs. Nurse Pearline Jamieson explained that like young girls who become sexually active early, boys having anal sex at such tender age run the risk of damaging their tender organs.

Unlike the vagina which has stratified lining, the rectum is only one cell thick and thus less resilient. This makes the rectum inherently more susceptible to infections, including HIV, hepatitis and other viral infections that according to nurse Pearson can lead to anal cancer.

"The anal cavity was not built for the sort of elasticity that can facilitate penile sex," Dr. Gebre said. He said while this may cause bruises and tears if the cavity is not well-lubricated, there is no proof that it can lead to cancer.

[Dr. Gebre was wrong. It had been reported a month earlier -- see anal cancer -- that anal penetration results in infection with anal HPV, which causes anal cancer; and that 38% of gay men had been found to be infected with anal HPV.

We now know -- as of July 2005 -- that the actual prevalence of HPV infection is far higher: 95% in HIV+ gay men, 57% in HIV negative gay men, giving a grand total of at least 67% anal HPV infection among all gay men.

See Walter Odets, the sex police, and the big lie for documentation on this and other STD prevalence among anally-receptive gay men.]

Still, fear is being expressed that the muscles of the anus can be damaged leading to incontinence.

"Many are afraid to stop it - some say they are born this way and some are being programmed. We try to counsel them, but it all boils down to money," Nurse Holly Alvaranga of the Glen Vincent Clinic said.

According to her, many of the parents of these boys are overseas and they live with grandparents. In other instances, she notes, the mothers don't seem to care. She also explained that the behaviour of the boys are driven more by money and not necessarily because they have homosexual inclinations as they do not go out with each other.

Nurse Jamieson said only two weeks ago, one of the boys was tested positive for HIV.

"This is the stage where many boys begin to develop and by 16 or 18 years old they will start clinging to a female and sex then comes into play because he doesn't want people to think he is a homosexual."

The boys who do go to the clinics are counselled and at Glen Vincent, Maxfield Park, the Comprehensive Clinic and Windward Road clinic, this counselling also involves a Minister of Religion and nutritionist. "We can't force them to change - we point out the dangers - the good - but the individual has to decide to change," Nurse Alvaranga said.

Notice that Nurse Alvaranga says of the boys that "some are being programmed" into thinking that abusive anal sex is their lot in life.

We've been saying that on this site for 2 years.

The violence of anal sometimes seems endless.

But we will put a stop to it.


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