I asked a friend
if he would box with me



I asked a friend if he would box with me


Reading the postings on your site made me think back to when I was about 11 or 12 going to school in England, boys only. In the playground we would push ourselves against one another, ostensibly seeing who could move his opponent, without using our hands, just our bodies. I was aware of the other boy's hardon against mine through our clothes. That was not discussed, it was just supposed to be a test of strength, but I am sure that the 3 or 4 boys I did this with most often, were as excited by it as I was.

I also liked to watch men and boys boxing. From quite an early age I was sexually excited by it. When I was about 16 I asked a friend if he would box with me. I hadnt done any boxing other than in gym class at school learning some basic moves, but we did not actually spar with one another. I said let's see how good we are.

We were in a field away from the road and I said we should strip down to our shorts. We did not have gloves but started to circle around looking for an opening, we moved in closer and I became very much aroused, we began punching rather unscientifically, I thought my erection would go down because of the blows, but not only did it not, my friend's penis was hard and the head coming through the slit in his shorts. We went back to the old game of pushing against one another, this time our penises out and touching, I put my hands on his shoulders, he did the same to me and we "fenced" with our hard penises.

This was the beginning of my real sexual experience. As I began making contacts later in College, I was always bothered by the question "do you give it or take it?" which is what one said in England then, it was assumed one either gave it i.e. fckd or took it i.e. was fkd. I wanted neither. I was lucky in meeting someone with whom I had a long friendship who was interested in frottage, though we did not know that name for it at the time. I also went to a boxing gym when I went to live in New York, the long defunct Al Roon's in the Ansonia Building and enjoyed sparring and body contact that way.

Thanks again for the site.

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