He was the brother
I never had



He was the brother I never had


Most Gi's connect up in a subtle approach. It is usually more hidden than a direct sexually innuendo. It may be a subtle attraction to his voice and his total demeanor. Some really handsome men have zero personality and the appeal of a bowl of cold oatmeal. One such very blond good-looking young GI took my eye years ago. I got permission to move into his room as I was friends with his roommate. He turned out to be a total zero personality-wise. I was fortunate enough although in the military for a career (20 years) to hook up with some terrific guys whom I still keep in contact. All are married or have been (like me) and very straight appearing, but I have hooked up with them at one time or another. None of the stories of each friend is the same. They all happened very differently. A couple of them I know I was the only guy they ever messed around with; all were what you call Frotting experiences, these days. We called it mutual masturbation in those days or belly fucking.

Ironically my high school best buddy was here at my house today. We were "firsts" with each other and I have no doubt old "straight arrow" has never "done it" with anyone else. We never mention it ever but the look in his eyes at time I know he does remember. He even asked me to Marry him when we were naive 16 year olds, before the days of gay marriages. We spent many a night snuggled in my bed in a freezing room in our old farm house during the winter. He married his girl friend while I was in basic training. His over-endowment had gotten her pregnant. Ironically his only son is a Methodist minister. We have both served as President of our local Service club. In fact during his last Presidency I was Club Secretary. I still care deeply for him but not in a physical way anymore. He was the brother I never had.


Robb, USAF(Retired)

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