Reading the postings over the last few weeks has been most excellent. I wanted to share my view of my first true 'cocktocock love' from where I am now ... 21 years later. I saw him the other day. We are still good friends but live in different towns. We talk on the phone but meet infrequently. Such is life.

Reading the stories of other guys cocktocock experiences ... then seeing my mate ... made the memory of our first night together and the sea change in my life which it heralded, come back sharply into focus.

We were both just 19 years old. At university/college. Different ones. Different towns. We had met a couple of times through a mutual friend. As is the way of young people . someone . or a group of someone's . had decided that we were a good match. When the subject came up I dismissed it. Stating categorically that I didn't agree with arranged marriages. I had been out since I left home at 16. I had already been through a 2 year plus relationship. I thought I was an evolved gay young man. I wasn't interested in guys like my new friend. Who weren't out and proud like me.

Anyhow. It was engineered . over some weeks . a couple of parties. Finally a party at my house and my new friend was staying over. Either I or we gave in to the inevitable and ended up sharing a bed.

I remember we talked for a long time. Lying quite still. Me with a hard on . I think he had one too. We'd been partying and drinking so we eventually fell asleep.

When I woke up in the early, early morning I turned to look at the guy next to me. His eyes opened and we smiled. He moved, it seemed with no effort. As our lips/mouths came together so he was on top of me. My cock was hard through the pyjama pants I was wearing. His was attired the same. He got his cock shaft on top of mine. His balls resting on mine.

Then he started to rub our cocks. Moving his shaft up and down, our foreskins moving in time. We kissed and rubbed our bodies and cocks. Taking off the clothes his dick mounted mine again. We were looking at our cocks. They were oozing precum . his cock working mine . my hard cock pushing up to meet his thrusts.

I remember. This is totally true. I remember wondering if I was in a dream. Because this was the way I loved to have sex. I had done it with other lovers . but not like this. With such love and erotic passion . deliberate and sensual phallic interaction. I remember as I got more and more stimulated . as we wanked our two cocks together . then him fucking my cock some more . I was getting close . this was mind blowing . I remember thinking. 'If we cum like this . if he makes my dick cum with his . our cocks cum . cocktocock . cockoncock . I will know definitely that there are other gay men who like to have sex . love ... the way . I do. Maybe this cocktocock guy will be my lover. Who knows?'

Before that night/morning, sex had always been a negotiation. Even with my 2 year lover . he did his thing then I did mine. He was older and told me that things worked well sexually that way. As I got to rub cocks with him it was just ok with me. Although he did like to fuck me more often than I liked.

With other guys it was the same 'what do you like' scenario. I often got guys into rubbing cocks. But also often was left with a less than satisfied feeling after a suck and fuck encounter. To be with someone who behaved as I wanted to . without prompting . without any direction or encouragement. Another man whose cock got horny from rubbing with another man's cock. To cum. It was a day when I knew that some 'gay' men were like me and liked to love and cum face to face . hard to hard. It wasn't just a hang over from my early teens gay life. I didn't have to grow up sexually anymore. I had found a man the same age as me who got horny the way I did. I held him so close. He was the living, breathing, throbbing embodiment of my compatible lover.

We came cocktocock. Then we laughed and rested and then we rubbed dicks till we came again. Rolling around the bed. It was so natural and so easy. We laughed in relief and celebration.

We were together for 4 years after that day. We have always kept in touch and remained firm friends. Though we have never had sex since we split up.

Being with him the other day . as I said after reading postings and stories on this site . I couldn't help looking at him . wondering how it would be to get our cocks shaft to shaft again. Our dicks were so good together . we achieved simultaneous orgasm often. How could I not wonder how it would be to share cocktocock love with him again? I tell you true. If we stay in this mortal realm for some years more, please god, I hope we do rub cocks till we cum.

Don F

Re: CocktoCock Love


A really evocative and erotic personal story.

"It was so natural and easy," the author writes.

Of course it is---that's the whole point of this board. Direct genital mating between males IS possible and a very likely "instinctive" coupling without any preconceived roles or coaching needed. That's why it's easy.

"His balls resting on mine...." was written. Yup. Balls are important too and an often overlooked aspect of the sexual communion. They're delicately sensitive to touch, so testicle contact not only provides mutual stimulation but does so in a way that confirms the essential MALENESS being shared by partners.

And that is what makes this board so different from other ostensibly "gay" sites.

Here we champion MASCULINE sexuality in defiance of those who would feminize guys by receptive analism and take away that natural union between equals that we know is possible...and beautiful.

The author writes that afterward, "We laughed in relief and celebration."

YES. The joyful celebration following from natural, shared male union---THAT'S what we are proudly proclaiming here.

We don't need enemas, condoms, dildos or femininizing roles, because we are GUYS being GUYS together. It IS natural and easy.

It's a message for now and for the future.

Don F


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