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cock2cock - keep saying it


Hi guys,

I post cocktocock related sites on the web. A perennial 'problem' is that there is never any category for cocktocock, frottage or erotic dickfights sites to fit into. For guys like us who enjoy m2m cockoncock sex to orgasm, it is incredible that there are categories of sites for guys who like to get dildo double fucked whilst a terrified canary shits on them ... but NO place for safe, erotic cocktocock sex. Believe me I have asked them about it.

Clearly the more we make happen ... in the way that Bill has been manifesting and planning ... then we break the stifling silence our communities have about non anal sex. We should not underestimate the number of gay men who like to rub cocks ... or dble jack off ... to orgasm. For some reason they don't think it's sexy enough to talk about it.

This site should be a great catalyst to warriors to put stuff on the web, into local and national discussions. Whatever, where ever we can keep saying it !!

Good luck with your ventures warriors ... live on Bill

hard cock2cock rub



Re: cock2cock -- keep saying it!


Here, here Cockster I second that motion !!


Bill Weintraub

Re: cock2cock -- keep saying it!


the cockster is absolutely right here on two key points

the first is the absence of a frottage category -- that makes it extremely difficult to list a frot site -- for example the yahoo search engine has no frottage category -- even though there are a number of frottage clubs on yahoo itself -- nor does men on the net

that's why i talk about the buttfuck dictatorship and a cultural tyranny -- the arbiters of gay life on the net are endorsing and censoring: barebacking -- there's a category -- frottage -- doesn't exist

the second is the importance, as the cockster says, of warriors -- that means you -- putting stuff on the web wherever u can -- chat rooms, message boards, wherever u can post -- "not into anal?" "like to rub?" "love dick2dick?" "ck out"

that's all u have to do -- spread the word



Re: cock2cock - keep saying it


hey cockster,

I thought I was the only one who asked the same question. With all the crap out there, the absence of hot cock-to-cock is ridiculous. Even the wrestling videos where it would seem a natural don't offer much. We need this void in the market to be satisfied. I am sure there is money to be made. After all no one makes those videos as a community service.

So lets see some sweating, grappling dudes go cock-to-cock, bush-to-bush, and open up the eyes and desires of the unenlightened!!



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