Posted 10/31/00


I love all kinds of cock to cock action, dick dueling and frottage in every form. However, my greatest adventures have been going head to head with another guy.

My best cock-rubbing buddy used to live in my building in New York City. We rubbed cocks every way imaginable. But after a while, we started to talk about what we liked best, and we refined cock rubbing to an art.

We would get nude, sometimes inhale poppers (optional), and go at each other head to head, piss-slit to piss-slit. We were both blessed with thick, cut, man-sized dongs, with big, sensitive dickheads. We would whack our rods together to get them hard, and then do a dick tease while pulling at each others hot nipples. Our pre-cum smeared red, raw rock hard dickheads would MEAT in mid-air, and we would both start groaning.

We got this down to a science, together. The rubbing became minimal, after a while. Sometimes we would say: "Let's just touch dickheads." This could last for at least 45 minutes. It was a communion of dicks.

Has anyone else had some similar experience? I would love to hear about it.

HOTDICKHEAD's profile:
NYC/CT area frottage fanatic loves all kinds of rubbing, but especially head to head or shaft to shaft. Really like to see how long we can last head-to-head! 55yo (look younger), hairy chest, stocky build but good shape, 5'9", 7", cut, extra thick, low hangers, mushroom head waiting for yours. Looks and age unimportant. Just be hot to frot!!

reply from bill

Wow. What a really great story. A "communion of dickheads" -- that's a really powerful image.

I've been working on a short story about snakes and cockrubbing -- there's just a hint of that in The Avenger, and there's a lot more about it in Phallic Masculine Heroic -- cause anyone who's ever actually seen snakes mating knows how phallic and emblematic of cockrubbing it is.

That's the secret of the caduceus -- the wand with two intertwined and mating snakes that was carried by Hermes, but that's much older than the Greek gods, and that we know as the "shield" in Doctors' offices.

And that two-headed snake image is found all over the ancient world, for example in this Spartan herald's staff (the beards tell us that both snakes are male):

So when I read about people in present-day NYC rediscovering what I think is a very ancient rite and symbol, I just go Wow -- far out dudes!

One of the things I try to get across to people in my writing is the mythic relationships between and among cockrubbing, wrestling, and homosex. Most people in present-day American haven't a clue about any of that, because it's been suppressed for millenia. But it's real, and it can't be kept hidden forever. I think it's re-emerging now, at this moment.

Thing about that though is that if it's reemerging, it's a manifestation of the collective unconscious, and those manisfestations cannot be controlled. We like to think that we can control them, but we can't. What that means in practice is that we're just along for the ride, and these instinctual forces are going to play themselves out the way they must, not the way we want.

The Greeks understood that. They called it Moira, or Destiny.

That's in The Avenger too.

Point is, when an instinctual force like this starts moving again, best you can do is get out of its way -- if you're lucky.


reply from

Warrior logdog

Your story is terrific...just spent a day with an old friend reaquainting our pricks to one another. We massaged each other with hot oil and shaved genitals...the slippery smooth skin was heaven to our sensitive cock heads. We lay hugging, necking, and rubbing dick to dick talking about the underside of the glans we were stimulating, the feel of glans on shaved ball skin, the hot hard joy of two shafts merging to one erotic lump of male sex energy...we took our rubber cock rings and entrapped each other.

But there was a moment we pulled away and face to face on our knees realized the communion of cock head to cock head play. Gently at first we teased each other, took our fingers to the meatus and spread the hole to kiss each other's cock lips. Wet with precum our dicks necked for many minutes as we looked into each others eyes. Dick to dick, we knew, was an ultimate form of communication and communion for us. A bond to be repeated in many places in many ways...enough not to cum but to touch.


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