Compliments and Sympathies



Compliments and Sympathies


I'm a twenty-three year old closeted bisexual (Though I lean more to males) virgin college student and a part time fast-food worker from rural East Texas. A few months ago, I stumbled to your webpage. Before that, I like other men, thought that oral and anal was the way to go (From all the media). However through all the years of sex that I fantasized, I mostly found myself being turned on only by oral sex, and the sight of chests, pecs and dicks. I even tried anal masturbation a few times, but it felt more awkward than pleasurable. Now, reading about the risks of anal sex (even with condoms) I'm not doing that again. As a matter of fact, I'm not playing the butch or the bitch ANYTIME IN MY LIFE!!

YOU'VE EXPANDED MY HORIZONS; seeing your webpage to me was a gateway to finding and reading about safer and more pleasurable man-to-man alternatives to anal sex. Your page has also brought back memories of some really erotic dreams to where I was laying with a partner, hugging, caressing and yes... RUBBING OUR DICKS TOGETHER! Now my sexual fantasies include frotting, and that turns me on far more than anal!

A few weeks ago, I donated a bit of money to your webpage a few weeks ago, through the "Amazon Honor System". I've also just made a donation today, which should arrive very shortly. And it won't end there; For every paycheck I get, I will use some of the money to donate to this page. It breaks my heart to see that every past month, less people have donated to this wonderful page, To these people I ask,


But I'm also to blame; I should've started this sooner. :(


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