cyber interactions



cyber interactions


I write this as a tribute to my cyber cocktocock buddy who has gone before us.

What to do with our cyber cocktocock connections and interactions ? It is invigorating, revitalising to meet guys on the web who love to rub cocks and dickfight to cum. It is mind blowing to find the honesty and directness that the 'net' allows brings us close to other cockrubwarriors ... we make new friends. Good ones. The affirming and horny cyber cocktocock chats, free from fear of the 'anal' bombshell, expand and widen our physical and emotional cocktocock boundries. It truly is good to talk.

What to do with our cyber cocktocock connections and interactions ? "Stats ?" "Where u from ?" "Smooth & slim ?" "Hairy & hard ?" "Rub or dickfight ?" "Forfeit or fun ?" ... the repetitive cyber introductions. Why do we often not meet up with other cockrub warriors near or not so near from us ? We often don't take the time to get to know one another.

Over time. If it's all about stats and geography ... a negotiation of infinite scenarios ... there's no real conversation ... there's no meeting of 2 men.

Think about it. Next time you are grilling a fellow cockrub warrior, who's out in the analist world like you. Take your foot off the sex pedal. Show that cockrub warriors can move their minds from their dicks. (Unlike analists who seem to keep their minds there even when they are consenting to unsafe fucking.)

We may not always be able or want to meet up with guys from the net. It is not something I have often done myself. But I tell you truly. I have made some good friends, and if we meet ... I hope we allready know one another as mates ... have bonded and taken the time to go beyond the hardons.

Spread the word men. And when the feedback from the seeds we are planting comes back ... be more than just a cyber hardon. You'll be surprised and sometimes I'm sure disapointed. The mark of the man of courage is that he is willing to take the first step. Go for it.

Cocktocock rules


Re: cyber interactions


You're damn right cockster! Why did the importance of friendship, comradeship and being best buddies take second place?

I personally believe that a real relationship is built on a solid base of mutual respect and understanding. How do you come to that point if your first and overriding interest is getting in and out of the other guys pants?

What do I want personally, sex or a relationship? Hell that's easy, I want a relationship. If all I wanted was sex, why would I be typing this. I could be out right now grinding myself with a guy I don't really know or want to. Our sexual instinct is primal and natural. As men we are more then our cocks and balls. We all have that need to bond or pair up with another, we want a "mate". If not then what is life all about if you go it alone. How selfish and shallow is a life based on self gratification and bodies that pass in the night. Damn sad I'd say, it's not what I want or will accept.

Being a gay man DOES NOT mean that my zipper is on autopilot and my mind is crotch bound. Why as gay men do we feel that we have this divine right to have as many sexual encounters as we physically can. I don't understand that really. My life is more valuable then my next cum. I have a brain and heart and the desire to share that with another man, not for an hour or two or ten, but for a lifetime. I know I'm not dreaming because I've seen it happen and it's beautiful.

So again cockster I fully agree with you!


Re: cyber interactions


Thanks for your reply mate.

Sex and realtionships are a risky business ... always have been ... it's common to most species. We take risks with our body and risks with our emotions when we get intimate sexually with another human.

From crabs to STDs ... heart ache to ear ache.

It is true that some of our sexual imperatives only come into focus with time and experience. Young gay men should know that declining anal sex, give or recieve, is OK. It's more than OK ... it is horny, powerful and leads to many other sexual possibilites.

Cocktocock facetoface sex between men is safe. It is intimate. It allows contact from lips to nipples to cocks to balls to toes. We face our lover and give and receive emotional and physical pleasure. We don't want to invade our cocktocock lover ... we don't ask them to accept pain for our pleasure. We don't ask them to impale and emasculate us.

The power of this dignity, masculine and sexual, is a progressive force for good ... given time I am sure the 'knowledge' of it will spread ... the voice growing louder. That's all we can do.


Re: cyber interactions


Agreed cockster, that's the real message here. SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS, ANAL IS NOT THE WAY - FROT IS HOT, SAFE, HEALTHY, EQUAL, MASCULINE AND DAMN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!




Re: Cyber Interactions

Normally I would represent my usual philosphy of .... if only people wouldn't mingle in other people's business and let everyone do as they please......

However, seeing that this healthy and stimulating way of erotic male bonding, to say the least, is being criticized and surpressed by what are to be our ' peers ' brings the warrior out in me big time !

There are many contradictions within our so called ' pink triangle ' communities and we need to see that clearly to better understand why we are not finding easy support from ' within '....

Is there general tolerance btw the ' categories ' of i.e. :

The leather man vs the ' gucci ' type
the butch type vs the fem type
the dominant type vs the romantic type
the intellectual vs the - ok, 'non-intellectual'

etc; etc; etc............or are they being cut down one by one, sneered at and delt with from a superior ' point of view '.....from the " other category "....I have listened in all around the world, and trust me the bar counter is the same on all five continents !!

Can we strive to be a buddhist, a catholic, or whatever other religious group individuals may love and need , a ' good tax payer ' < hate that anonymous evil clique behind the puppets ( presidents ) >, function in all ' responsibilities ' and fight same time for how we want to deal with our ' hardons ' ....?? Damn right we can, as long as others can criticize us for not wanting to take it up the ass and die for it in the process....

If it weren't for that alone, I would say...f* you and just do my thing as I enjoy best....., which I do anyway.....but at least after having thrown in my two cents after all.....

We'll get there...the response speaks for itself. Thx Bill.


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