Morten and Jens Stupendous Cock-Fuck


I am from Denmark so i am sorry if I have some spelling mistakes or put the words in wrong places.

I am gay and I am into frot - my problem is that i do not know any places in Denmark where frot boys meet.

I have met many guys and i have introduced them to frot and they do like it - but I have lost contakt with them all again - I have been tjekking all of Bill's sites and there are none from Dk - Well I have put my details in at the datingplace today - both in Europe and England - so you have your first Dane with you on Heroic Homosex and The Man2Man Alliance.

I started my dickrubbing career when I was young - in my village we vere more boys then girls and we always said to each other that it vas ok when there was no girls - so we vere rubbing dicks together like crazy in all kinds of places.

One of the boys was dared to bring a boy to his parents place and then they should rub their dicks together under the table at supper without his parents discovering it - well he did it and he succeeded - I was dared to do the same at school in my class without the teacher to see it - I did it.

One of my best adventures was with a straight boy - we were around 16 at that time. We had been training and then on our way home Jens invited me to his place - I said yes so we went to his home and we had a really god time talking - he was well trained already at that time and he was seeing some of the hot girls in the class. I was not that well trained but I was / am a good wrestler - one word took the other and suddenly we were in a big fight testing each other rolling around in his room - then he was on top of me then I was on top of him.

Suddenly he was on top again and he said wildly to me "My cock is bigger then yours". "No it's not!" I shouted back. "So - you want to have a dickfight with me?!" he said to me. Not knowing what it was i said "Yeah lets do that!"

We got up and stripped and faced each other naked, fists clenched, dicks hard, I was thinking "Well we just have to rub our dicks together no news about that" and then BAM I was in the floor - everything was upside down and I was sore. "So you are weak," he said to me - I was on my feet within seconds and running into him "BAM AGAIN - FROM ME TO YOU!" I shouted - we were looking at each other totally furious and then we went ape-shit!

We closed in and slapped our big dicks together - we pushed, prodded and rapped our dicks together, the only sounds were the slapping of cocks and our grunts -- UH UH UH.

I do not know for how long we did that - but it was a long time - we were totally into the intense dickfight feelings and wondering who would give in first - we were even playing tug of war with our rock hard cocks.

Suddenly he said to me "Come on boy let's put our cocks together and see who can push the hardest".

So we did - we lined up our fat heads and pushed them directly into each other - our foreskins touching and our dicks bending - we started to cock-fuck and hood fuck - we wouldn't give in - for awhile his foreskin covered my dickhead, hugging it tight - then my cock pushed free and we started rubbing and grinding shaft on shaft - slappin and slammin our dicks together then lockin up in a brutal bearhug for more hard and merciless rubbin. We were in a ferocious dick fight frenzy, pantin and sweatin and groanin and grinding our rock hard man tools into each other. The feeling was intense and we were both getting there - our cocks humped harder and harder and we both felt the jizz building - and then - UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - our throbbing knobs swelled, pulling our dick-hides tighter, our big thumpers cut loose and gushed out steaming ropes of white hot Dane dude cum, shooting up and hitting our hard pectoral muscles and abs and bathing our big red knobs with creamy wads of spunk - some of it flowing back down our thick hard shafts and drippin off our heavy jizz-filled ball sacs.

For a long time we stood there, each of us milking the other's fat dick and holdin his balls.

We got cleaned up a little bit and I goet ready to leave - and then FUKKKKKKKKKK - we did it again!

That was the first time and we got together ever since then for all-night dick fights -- then in our mid twenties it stopped - he had his girlfriend and actually they moved to USA - i have never seen him since - but it was great.

Well - that was one of my best stories - the first time with him. WAUW.

Hope that you get this one - also want to tell you. that I would like to join your guys!

Love from Morten S


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