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a common experience of men into dick2dick is to have sexual partners -- most often during sex -- and friends stridently deride their love of frot. Warrior NYBOX43's story on this page is an excellent example of peer denigration of an act that he experienced as beautiful and literally dreamy. Similar accounts can be found in The Book of Cockrub, Learning to be a Cockrub Warrior, and my own Hyacinthine Love, but they're actually scattered all throughout Warriors Speak.

It's through exactly this sort of peer pressure that the dominant culture of anal sex maintains its power.

Warrior NYbox43 Posted 12/11/00


About four years ago at a bar in NYC I met a man visiting from Chicago on a business trip.

After talking a while he aggressively suggested we go back to his room at the Waldorf.

I explained I was not interested in having sex but he was quite determined and insisted it would only be for a drink.

I liked him and found him attractive in a masculine, unpretentious way. He was in his early thirties, tall, dark, slim and hairy. I was almost ten years older and flattered by his attention.

After the drink he wanted to have traditional sex but I refused. I told him I was afraid of AIDS but the real reason was that I do not like oral or hardcore anal sex.

He offered to give me a massage and then suggested we take off our clothes and relax in bed together. The feel of his thin hairy body was arousing. We took turns massaging one another. His whole body drove me crazy and I especially enjoyed feeling his hairy pecs.

He was extremely aroused and kept pushing for oral sex. I don't like the feel of being sucked; to me a mouth feels like a vagina- all hot and sticky. And I gag with a cock in my mouth. I would only engage in oral sex with a beloved partner.

I wanted to get on top of this man and feel his hairy thighs between my legs and kiss his hairy chest.

I had never heard of frottage and thought I was the only one who enjoyed rubbing.

He respected my wishes and we continued to lay together breathing on each other's necks, snuggling, kissing and petting and appreciating each other's masculinity on an equal level.

Hours passed, we couldn't get enough of each other, we didn't want to j/o and end the pleasure.

He got on top of me and wrapped his hairy legs around mine. His warm crotch felt so good weighing down on my body. He then squatted over my chest and I played with his balls and ass. With my fingers I feathered his butt, rimming and sweeping my fingers to his balls. He then flattened his body over mine, rubbing it into mine.

We climaxed not just from the friction but the mutual tender intimacy we were experiencing.

After drifting asleep and waking in the morning, we snuggled for another couple hours. He said he never experienced such pleasure over such an extended period of time. It was the best sex he ever had.

I never saw him again. When in town again a year later he tried to call me but I was overseas. I still dream about him. So if you're reading this, call me.

PS I told some close friends, my buttfucking cocksucking friends about this frottage experience and they think I'm sick.

reply from bill

no good buddy, ur not sick

and ur not alone

u know, 30 years ago men who didn't like to penetrate women were told they were sick -- and the people who told them that really believed it

it took a lot of work and a long time, but most people don't think that anymore

unfortunately, though, gay men have substituted one sexual orthodoxy for another

but that's gonna change -- and it already is changin --

thanks to guys like u coming forward and telling their stories

so thank you good buddy



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