We need donations

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

We need donations


Donations have been low all summer long, but they've been virtually non-existent in August.

In order for the sites to be here in September, we need donations this week.

Over the last year, our sites have been kept online by a relative handful of people far-sighted enough to understand their value and importance, and generous and brave enough to act on what they believe.

And to these people I'm very grateful.

Their donations almost always come in unsolicited, and usually in small dollar amounts, because they're not guys who have a lot of money.

They just have a lot of heart.

This post is not addressed to them, but to the rest of you, who've never contributed a dime.

Frankly, and given my druthers, I would have closed the sites in July, because I can't abide the mean-spiritedness your failure to donate demonstrates.

The primary reason the sites are still here is that Patrick wants me to keep them up -- they were important to him and he has this quaint idea that they should be here for other guys.

But Patrick's a chaplain and he has a service ethic.

The rest of you clearly do not.

What's truly pitiful is that I keep telling you $5 a month is the ideal.

There's not one of you reading this who can't afford $5 a month.

One man -- just one -- who wishes to remain anonymous, but who is a true hero in my book, has sent $5 a month, every month, like clockwork, for the last year.

One man.

If a hundred of you had done that, we could have bought advertising, and your lives would be immeasurably better.

But you haven't done that, Frot remains as marginal as ever, anal continues not only to be king of gaydom and but has now made major inroads into the straight realm, HIV and other STI infection rates remain high and are actually going up, and most of you are still alone.

Eventually you'll become old and grey and your lives will have been nothing more than a series of masturbatory incidents.

But at least you'll still have that $5.

That'll be something to boast about.

Those of you able to see beyond the next 30 seconds, can click here and donate either via amazon dot com or snail mail.

The rest of you can go to hell.

And before you think yourself ill-used by my "harsh" language, remember that I've posted a zillion times, in cadenced and measured 18th century prose, explaining why it's in your interest to donate.

And you haven't responded.

You have no one to blame but yourselves when I drop the pretty words and noble sentiments and start telling you the truth about yourselves.

Chuck Tarver, who's a kinder and gentler soul than I, has said regarding your tight-fisted ways "that not only don't most of these men understand the importance of supporting things they believe in, they have also been taught to be invisible because they are gay and silent because they are not into anal. That's quite a lot to overcome."

He's right, it is a lot to overcome.

But we've been talking about overcoming it for four years.

That's a long time.

And you'll either overcome it now, or the oppurtunity to overcome will be forever taken from you.

You may think that doesn't matter -- that you can always check in at one of the many little frottage sites scattered here and there over the web.

But I've been visiting those little sites, and I've seen that not only are they full of men into anal, but they're also being used for -- "hook-ups."

Which tells me that not only are you mean-spirited and tight-fisted, but you're also incredibly dumb.

You think Frot is safe.

Yet I've been telling you for four years that "if men into frot become as promiscuous as men into anal have been, frot will lose its innocence and joy and become yet another *vector for disease*."

Well, guess what?

Thanks to the internet, men into frot now have the potential to be as promiscuous as men into anal have been.

Which means, given your short-sightedness and selfishness, that's it not of matter of "if" frot will lose its innocence and joy, but a matter of "when."

Because when it comes to sex, most of you can't see farther than your next orgasm.

But life is not about orgasms.

Life is about loyalty and bravery and honesty and truth.

Attributes which cannot long survive your ceaseless quest for the next cheap rub.

I end every post with the brave words, Cockrub Warriors Rule and Frot Men Rock.

But you shouldn't assume those words refer to you.

Warriors have balls.

Men have heart.

Most of you have neither.

If you're a newcomer to the site or someone who's lurked here for years, and you can somehow understand that the site was here for you only because some other guy had the decency to donate, then return the favor.

Or forever acknowledge that when it comes to one of our most basic human attributes -- lending a helping hand -- you are sadly deficient.

Do you claim to be either?



Re: We need donations


Personally I don't want to see these sites go away. I don't jack off to them, although some content is obviously very hot (especially Bill's fiction--whoa!). To me they constitute a sacred space, honoring the beauty and passion of male to male; a place that makes me stronger and proud to be a man who loves men. Bill is one of my real-life heroes and those are in short supply these days.

A lot of guys out there are hurting, living in a world that makes no sense. We were there once too. Donating to the Frot sites is a way to help them and give them hope. It's a very real way to help our fellow man.

So get out your checkbooks.

For those who don't like online transactions, an easy way to donate is to mail a check made out to Bill Weintraub (or send cash) to the following:

The Alliance
PO Box 30446
Portland, OR

If your wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend sees the envelope and asks what the "Alliance" is, just say you're donating to an organization dedicated to world peace. You wouldn't be wrong.


Bellingham, WA


Re: We need donations


I hate to admit this, but I've never even noticed the requests for donations - I was blind to the obvious need, and I too would hate to lose these sites. I don't use credit cards, so I'm glad you posted an address to mail my donation.



Re: We need donations


This is actually my first post on this forum. I've been reading it for... a really long time, and I have to say with all honesty that this site may have changed more of my outlooks on life and love than any other website I've ever seen. I'm only 18, though, and I don't have a job, my mom and I are pretty much below the poverty line, and allowance is one of those words I can spell and define, but am a little off on experiencing.

All that said, I just scrounged together all the round-number money I had and put it in an envelope, it's going out in the mail tomorrow. And, when I do get a job, which might not be till next year, you can expect a monthly letter from me, too.

A site like this... it can't be taken down, not if I have anything at all to say about it. I wish someone with a dedicated server would find this site and host it. I wish there were more people who... I don't know, who had the strength and sincerity to realise that people like you DO exist out there, and who had the intelligence to spread the message. Me, I've spread your message to more people than I can count on two hands, in various ways, online or in person. About frot, and... even more importantly, in a way, I feel, although the two concepts are to me irrevocably bound together, about the concept of masculine love that this website is nearly a shrine to. Suffice to say that between the sheer scientific statistics that I've gathered off of this site, and the ideology that I know I'm not the only one out there believing in... I don't know. I'd really like to say that your message reaches more people than you realise it does (still not enough people, by any means), and I'd really like to think that there are more people like me out there than people who just read this and don't do anything. I mean... I've felt badly, every single time I've seen your "Please Donate!" signs, because I've wanted to, and I know what I'm sending... I know it's really not a lot of money at all. I only wish I could send more, because this site is -priceless-.




Re: We need donations


Ryuuneko, your post about scraping together money to donate was really inspiring. It made me realize that I need to send in a second donation sometime this month.

I mentioned your post to Bill. Even though I'm not a Christian, your post inspired me to write this to him:

"Ryuuneko's post about scrounging his little bit of money together to donate was really sweet. Did you see it yet? It reminds me of that parable in the gospels where Jesus spoke of a destitute woman donating her tiny pittance as having given far more than a rich man throwing in wads of money."

This site has to continue, to continue to be a beacon in a world that tells us to hate our bodies and our sexuality and that tells gay men we aren't really gay if we don't conform to the anal norm. I love my man with my entire body, not with a stretched-out-of-shape orifice meant for a different purpose entirely. I'm still appalled that the gay press has so thoroughly shut Bill out.

I still get mostly blank looks when I use the word "frot." The most interesting reaction I get is from str8 guys who show no erotic interest in other men, but who seem to be able to relax more around me when they know I don't want to do anything to their asshole or have them do anything to mine.


Re: We need donations


Lets cut to the point, shall we?

This site needs donations to survive, amidst a sea of anal and effiminate crap, and there are people who are turning a blind eye.


Given that this site is the ONLY one of its kind to give men who have sex with men, in the non anal realm of things, a REAL VOICE to speak and promote themselves?

The only place to read descriptions of what its like to be a Warrior and to meet others like you?

A place where "gay" or bi men, can be themselves without lowering their standards of what it means to be masculine?

Doesnt it make you feel dirty ... every time one of your friends or colleagues or even Family* refers to you or someother guy in a promiscious, anal or effiminate way, just because they are partnered to/dating other guys?

Doesnt it make you feel devalued as a Man? Arent there any other men out there who can take a stand against stuff like that?

I choose to Donate to this site because without it i would surely be dead now, either from HIV exposure or possibly suicide, which i tried to achieve by means of a speeding bus.

Whats wrong? Does it leave a bad taste in your mouth? Didnt i sugarcoat it enough for you, just like those f**kers do when they promote anal as something "orgasmic" and "Natural?!"

Thats right, young male pattern suicide is REAL. The same way Aids and HIV is also real. Just because it doesnt happen to you, doesnt mean that it doesnt exist, period. Without this site i would have never met the individuals responsible for turning my life around, the men who made me see even 2 years on, that life is worth living for, and a whole lot more.

When i was 23, I took myself for a little suicide trip.

I had virtually no reason to carry on living, life sucked and i was lonely, bla bla. In the end, it was me who decided to step back the necessary two inches from the bus, why I did at the time .... no idea.

I can only guess that it was the guilt i felt, over the friend & Warrior i had met online here .... hes a hell of a guy, and he knows who I am referring to. Stupid, says a million of you reading, get therapy, etc. I did, but it didnt help cos i was still so depressed i didnt give a s**t about rational thought or anything else.

I was depressed cos i was lonely, due to the dirty and fatal system at present, the one that "serves" gay and bi men in meeting and relationship terms. Dirty bars and effiminate brainwashed youth groups. This site is the only place in the world where i am accepted and valued for the man that i am.

Whenever i am devalued and ignored, spoken about behind my back and given a general hard time from other men, here I have a voice. Here i have a place to voice my opinions.*

People, Donating is about making yourself empowered to promote change.

Its not about asking for mass political change or frot banners in place of the American Flag here, just for a simple few bucks a month.

The difference it makes to the kind of media bandwidth that can be put out there on Our part* is massive. It means money for publications to promote awareness and to empower the cause above the shitty depths of anal promisicuity and limp wristed media twisted f**khead culture.

*The only person benefitting from it is YOU*

The thing that Really burns me is this though:

Theres So many of you guys on this site, looking at it, and using it to hook up, but youre not donating towards the upkeep and promotion of it, wheres your gung ho attitude?

I thought this site celebrated true male bonding, yknow the one where 2 men arent AFRAID to express their affection with more than a handshake?

Where's your football or hockey comaraderie and sense of teamwork when it comes to doing something worthwhile? Did you leave it up your ass or at the bottom of a beer?

For all the male bonding ive heard about but never had a part it all s**te? Are you all posers?

It seems like it when you cant spare a buck for something THIS IMPORTANT.

Donating is about holding your head high and being proud, because you KNOW youve contributed to something that changes the world, for the better. Helping to make your relationship prospects better, improving your sense of male pride and esteem, and helping to slow the spread of AIDS

Can you imagine how empowering and self gratifying that would be? Every month?

Amidst the denounciations of gays from the lips of the child abusing Church, the oppression of the Straight culture and the infamy of the Anal aids funded power system, where do you stand?

On your knees, begging to be respected?

Or do you take a stand, and reach into your fucking pocket once a month?

Feel empowered for positive change, act like a man! or do nothing and lie on your belly & act like a BITCH

Your call.



Re: We need donations


So, we're at the point where we decide: what do they mean?

What do these sites mean to us?

Like many of you, I came upon to this site purely by accident. I was merely looking for pictures of Man2Man encounters, preferrably ones that didn't involve one man getting fucked up the ass.

I wanted to see men in passionate embraces: kissing, touching, admiring each others bodies.

But what I got was whole lot more.

What I got was validation.

You see, I have always admired the male form. I've always thought it beautiful, strong, and somehow sensitive.

Men are beautiful, body, mind and spirit.

And yet, I've always appreciated the female form, as well. All those gorgeous curves, with beautiful breasts, hips, and all that luxurious feminine flesh above and below the waist.

Women are beautiful, body, mind, and spirit.

But men like me are not supposed to exist.

Men (indeed, people in general) are supposed to like one, or the other. Certainly not both.

Just ask the gay male community.

And when I read the postings on this site, from strong, masculine men who love men AND women as well, everything clicked somehow.

You see, in this society, it's perfectly acceptable, it's even hot, for women to like both sexes.

But men who like both sexes are portrayed as disease-spreading, closeted liars, who are hopelessly in denial. We're the lowest of the low.

We're "really" gay, right? We are "really" just fabricating this attraction to women, right?


And Bill Weintraub is the only gay-indentified male to recognize that.

Bill stood up for men who like both sexes.

He recognized our need. He knew that there are men who desire intimacy with men.

And that many of those same men need intimacy with women, too.

His lover is one of them.

He didn't judge. He didn't criticize. He didn't shake his finger at us and tell us who we "really" are.

He accepted us as we are.

He acknowledged that it is natural for men to love the human form, be it male or female.

And he was the only one to say it's okay.

Guys, you need to decide how much these sites mean to you.

Could you do with one less latte per week? One less movie rental? Perhaps you could bring your lunch to work with you one day a week, instead of buying? Clip coupons so that it will equal $5?

Whatever you need to do to free up the (rather measly) $5 a month, please do it.

Bill is undertaking what is arguably the most important social movement of the 21st century; he needs our help.

And every one of you reading this has a chance to do that. By parting with a mere $5 a month.

Suppose you were to come to this site one day and it were CLOSED.

For good.

No more Warrior Fiction. No more Warriors Speak. No more Frot Club. No more Personal Stories.

N more validation for men who love men but DON'T DO ANAL.

And, certainly, no more validation for men who love men AND women.

How would you feel? Especially with the knowledge that you had the power to change the outcome?

I personally couldn't live with that.

Which is why I'm sending a $20 check, despite the fact that I have already donated around $80, and don't have a lot of money.

In fact, I'm willing to bet that I have less money that a lot of you. I still live at home.

(If I had a lot of money, I'd be subsidsing these sites myself!)

But HeroicHomosex, Man2ManAlliance, CockrubWarriors, Frotguys, etc.,...they've all become such an important part of my life.

And I know they're an important part of your lives as well.

Because many of these posts contain the same phrase: "I thought I was the only one."

And thanks to this site, you now know you're not.

Because Bill had vision enough to reach out to you.

And it's your turn to reach out to others.

Do what you can: SOMETHING!


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