We need donations now!

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

We need donations now!


We need donations now in order to stay online in January.

Donations in December have been, as is typical during the holidays, low.

Which means that we're facing the new year with no money.

Guys, the fact is that a relative handful of the men who visit our sites donate.

While the rest of you freeload.

That's unfair, and selfish, and it means that we can never advance.

Truth is, the bulk of you are so short-sighted and tight-fisted that it's impossible to help you.

Which is all I'm trying to do.

I can't develop the sites, and I can't do advertising and other forms of outreach, which would bring in the men so many of you claim you're aching to meet.

Cannot be done.

Yet those men are out there.

With advertising, we could reach them -- and they could find you.

In addition, what's going on at present is that a tiny number of guys are making relatively large donations, usually just once.

While I'm deeply grateful for those large donations, and obviously don't want to discourage large donors, that pattern of one-time and unpredictable donating makes it impossible for us to plan.

Because I never know from month to month how much money we'll actually have.

What I've asked you guys to do is commit to donating $5 a month.

At present, no one's doing that.

But if one hundred of you would do that, we would quickly have the surplus we need to start advertising and other forms of outreach.

And except for people living in third world countries, there's not one of you reading this who would miss that $5.

Who else is going to help you?

Those of you who are gay-identified know that you can expect no hope or succor from the gay male community.

It's now been five years since my first, ground-breaking, article, Hyacinthine Love, or Some Thoughts on Cock-rubbing and the Cultural Tyranny of Butt-fucking was published.

In the time since Hyacinthine was published, more than 100,000 gay and bi American "men who have sex with men" (MSM) have acquired HIV through anal penetration.



Not only have MSM HIV infection rates not fallen, they've actually increased.

So that there are now more Americans living with HIV / AIDS than at any prior time in the epidemic.

And it's not just HIV.

We now know that 57% of HIV negative anally-receptive men have anal HPV, the virus which causes anal cancer.

While outbreaks of traditional STDs like syphilis and of bizarre and exotic diseases like LGV and MRSA scar the lives of gay and bi men.

And of course worldwide, the HIV / AIDS epidemic continues to spread, with more than 40 million people infected.

Most of those people are expected to die.

Not simply countries, but entire continents are suffering under the weight of this pathogen.

Across large swaths of Sub Saharan Africa, life expectancy is plummeting, and whole societies are coming unhinged.

Yet HIV / AIDS is an easy disease to avoid.

No technology is required.

If you're gay/bi/MSM, all you need do is avoid anal penetration.

That's it.

You don't have to stop having sex.

You don't even have to stop being promiscuous -- though we don't recommend that.

All you have to do is avoid anal.

If you avoid oral too, and instead go with the hottest, most mutually and directly genital, and most masculine MSM option -- FROT, you'll be as close to risk-free when having sex with another human being, as you can be in this world.

And you'll have a great time too.

That's our message, and it's the truth.

Yet we can't get it out.

If that doesn't bother you -- it should.

Who's setting up the roadblocks?

The gay establishment

The gay press for one.

That's their choice, though it's the wrong one.

The AIDS Service Organizations -- like GMHC and SF AIDS Foundation -- for another.

That should not be their choice.

Their job is to provide the community with all the information and all the options available to deal with this deadly epidemic.

Instead, they focus almost exclusively on condom campaigns, which, as we've documented, have the effect of actually supporting anal penetration and promiscuity, the two behaviors responsible for the spread of HIV among MSM, and the two behaviors which make your life miserable.

If you've been donating to ASOs or other AIDS charities -- stop.

Those organizations are funded in part by tax dollars, they have ample money, they don't need yours, and more to the point, they are no friend of yours.

Please donate to us instead.

Our message of Fidelity and Frot would actually end this epidemic and prevent future anally-vectored catastrophes.

Their message of anal and promiscuity is guaranteed to prolong the HIV/AIDS epidemic and almost certainly produce others.

The religious right

The other huge roadblock is coming out of the religious right.

The religious right is intensely homophobic, refuses to make distinctions among homosexual behavior even though those distinctions are sitting front and center in the Bible, and instead condemns all same-sex sex while plotting to make ex-MSM of us all.

A prime example:

The Salvation Army.

This time of year the Salvation Army is out in every shopping district in jaunty Santa suits with jolly kettles and jingling bells.

But the truth about the Salvation Army is that it's viciously homophobic and remarkably harsh towards the homeless, its primary clients.

Specifically, it requires them to pay a fee to get a bed for the night.

No other homeless charity, Christian or otherwise, has that requirement.

Patrick used to minister to the homeless and worked for the Salvation Army.

He's told me how their policies effectively kept the homeless *on* the streets.

And how many of the former substance abusers who make up the lowest rung in the SA echelon are themselves gay and bi men -- who the Salvation Army oppresses.

Do NOT support the Salvation Army.

It too is not your friend.

Nor is homophobia

Some of you who are bi or straight-identified may think that homophobia, of the sort generated by the Salvation Army and other "Faith-Based Organizations" (FBOs), doesn't affect you.

You're wrong.

That homophobia is just as oppressive to you as a straight guy with m2m feelings as it is to any gay-identified man.

Here's a scenario:

Your wife finds out about your m2m life.

She sues for divorce and demands custody of your kids.

When the judge looks at you, he sees not just a cad who cheated on his wife; but a pervert -- who cheated on his wife with another man.

You lose your kids.

That's homophobia, and that's how it works.

Homophobia impacts everyone in our society -- not just gay-identified men -- but straight guys as well.

At the least, homophobia prevents those of you who are straight-identified from having a reasonable chance to explore your same-sex needs and desires.

At the worst, it can destroy your life.

What we do

We fight two forms of bigotry:

1. Gay bigotry which says that if sex isn't anal, it isn't gay, it isn't real, it isn't complete.

2. Straight bigotry, coming mainly nowadays out of the religious right, which claims that any form of love between men is evil; and that the men who engage in it aren't real men.

We fight both sets of bigots -- and we're the only people who do.

Great content

We also provide information here for you, completely free of charge, which you'd be very hard pressed to find anywhere else.

For example, my most recent article, an anus is not a vagina, cites more than 50 scholarly and other reputable sources to elucidate that point, and to present it in a way which is both non-analist and non-homophobic.

No one else does that -- simply does not happen.

As with Why Be Faithful, which presents such vital concepts as cumulative effectiveness and concurrency, it takes a great deal of time, thought, and research to write such articles.

We also, alone among MSM groups, support abstinence -- that is, we support those men who choose not to have sex rather than do a form of sex which is abhorrent to them.

No one else does that from a sex-positive perspective.

Plus there's all the other great content.

Most particularly, all the true-life stories which I've gathered so painstakingly over the last four years, and which you'll hear no where else.

It's time to get real guys.

Start donating, and start donating in a way and with such regularity which makes it possible for us to move forward.

2000 years ago Rabbi Hillel asked:

If I'm not for myself, who will be for me?

And if I'm only for myself, what am I?

And if not now, when?

You know the answers:

If you're not for yourself, no one will be for you.

And if you're only for yourself, your life has no meaning.

And if not now, never -- because if you won't do it today, you won't do it ever.

Living as you do now, without committment and without cause, your presence on this earth is little more than a burden to yourself and your fellows.

Find your courage, and you'll find your life.

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