Donations are far, far, far, far, far too low

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Donations are far, far, far, far, far too low


Once again, I have to write an appeal for donations.

My willingness to keep making these appeals is just about over.

You need to start donating and donating regularly, or the sites will come down.

They are NOT worth the hassle.

The most-used section of the sites is probably Frot Club.

And there again, many of you show a genius for doing the wrong thing -- actually two wrong things: making promiscuous posts and making racist posts.

Guess what?

I have no interest in running a brothel.

Nor has it been my life's ambition to open a branch of the KKK.

Those of you who don't get it are permanently banned.

So don't bother re-posting.

Getting back to donations:

Beagle has generously offered to send a pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope to anyone who wants to donate via US mail.

Just write him at and he'll send you a pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope.

Couldn't be simpler.

Beagle sends you an envelope, you put some cash or a check in it, and drop it in the mail.

What are your options if you don't donate?

Basically, there are two:

1. Join an ex-gay ministry like "Exodus."

Ex-gay ministries don't work -- there is no such thing as an ex-gay -- but at least you'll be among a lot of other unhappy, guilt-ridden, queers.

2. Find an analist psychotherapist -- if you live in the Bay Area, I'm sure Walter Odets would be glad to help you out -- and spend several years and about fifteen thousand dollars working on your "issues" around getting fucked.

Those are your options.

Cause you see guys, either I'm right -- or everyone else is right.

And if everyone else is right, you're either evil and sinful; or

mentally ill.

Maybe both -- a sick, sinful, queen.

To the religious right you're a creature of sin;

and to great gay male majority -- you're SICK.

You have "baggage."

You're "immature."

You're unable to adjust to the most "emotionally significant" gay male sexual act.

That, as I've said before, is your world.

And living in that world, you need either to take yourself to a nunnery -- or to the booby hatch and the tender mercies of guys like Walter.

What you cannot do is what you want to do: sit there and do nothing.

This week, with the dust and other debris from Katrina seemingly settled, President Bush is going to do what he was elected to do: appoint a religious right "conservative" to the Supreme Court.

The effect of that appointment will be two-fold:

1. It will embolden the religious right to be even more stridently anti-homosexual than they are now.

2. It will increase the siege mentality in the gay community -- making that community even more determinedly analist and sodomite.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

In each case, the effect will be exponential.

The religious right will be exponentially more strident and homophobic.

The gay male community will be exponentially more analist and sodomite.

Our sites -- and, not to put too fine a point on it, me -- are your refuge, and the only one you've got.

Ours is a voice of sanity and reason in an increasingly insane and irrational world.

Don't care whether that voice is heard?

Don't donate.

Do care?

Then put your money where your mouth is.

Here are some recent letters:

I can't believe that I'm just finding your group! Your beliefs resonate so deeply with me.

I hope I find the right guy to connect with.


I hope Ben finds the right guy too.

Why is Ben "just finding our group?"

Here's a hint: there's no money to advertise "our group" aka The Man2Man Alliance, so Frot men like Ben never find it.

Or find it far too late.

Here's another letter:

I have always considered myself to be something of an outsider when it came to what I thought was reg gay sex. I could not understand what all the whoooeee was about. To be honest I found it to be very painful. Here is an option that's a lot safer n cleaner and also not soul depleting.

I have had a look of some of the site pages and they are very informative ... pity I was not aware of this stuff before i came out, life would have been a lot simpler.


Life would have been a lot simpler, says our correspondent, had he not been forced to take part in sex which was both painful and soul-depleting.


That's a good descriptor.

Here's an analist profile from one of the big gay internet "dating" sites:

Vers/Bttm 37 Horned n Kinky guy up for fun -- into 1 on 1 or groups, likes 2 pnp hard and getting right to the point; getting fucked, sucked; rimmed, fisted; tag teamed; toys, leather, spandex/speedos; etc anything goes very uninhibited --- lookin to hook get twisted n get used by a group of tops.

PNP = party n play = "get twisted [on drugs] and get used by a group of tops"

"Get used"

He said it.

I didn't.

But that too is a good descriptor of what happens.

That's what analism is about: getting used in soul-depleting sex.

Why soul-depleting?

Because it steadily erodes your manhood, your masculinity, and your humanity.

Tell there's nothing left.

So: you can "get used" in "soul-depleting" "sex".

Until your body, your soul, and your one sweet life have been destroyed.

Or you can support the Alliance and CocktoCock Dick2Dick Cockrub FROT.

True sex.

Man2Man sex.

Phallus to Phallus sex.

Sex which honors manhood and enhances masculinity.


Making Love







Or lose it.

Watch it vanish from your life.


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