Edible Oils



Edible Oils


This is a true story......yes it is and it changed a few things for me. A few years ago I was in a gay relationship. I was the "top" but he was the ''bottom" who wanted on occasions to be a top. I could not take the bottom role, basically becuase it hurt too much. One night he came home with a present for me ( or both of us!). He had been to a sex shop and had bought 2 bottles of oils. These oils were based on vegetarian ingredients and could be safely swallowed (gov. health authorisations were attested on the bottles).

We decided to try them and both of us agreed that it might be fun to coat our bodies in as much of the oils as feasible. Now..........where could we do it? The bed ? No. It would ruin the linen.

So..........and now you will laugh.......we opted for the floor of the bathroom and placed a PVC sheet down on it. Sure it was a very hard surface, but it didn't matter. We licked, kissed, sucked and just grinded over each other, always slipping and sliding around in a mild form of wrestling and we both reached a climax together which wasn't the usual practice but that climax was probably the most stupendest I had ever had with him.

The oils were flavoured. Musk and Citrus. They tasted really good and we both had certainly lots of experiences in that act to know that this was true.

He liked it but still wanted to continue anal. After that experience all I ever wanted to do was to to do what we had done that night. I learned it was called frottage. Since then, I have found where I want to be.

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