the euphoric rubbing together
of our bodies


Frot Bro

the euphoric rubbing together of our bodies


Hey there; Oh man, I didn't know so many other guys were also into dick to dick action! WOW, finally a site dedicated to this most highly erotic and electric union! I would love to share some of my own true cock on cock stories with you, and only ask that you keep my name and e-mail address from print. Thanx man!

Also, GREAT SITE, truly AWESOME!!! Gets me extremely hard, and after some reading I HAVE TO take matters to hand!!!

I knew for a long time that I preferred being with guys sexually, but have had a few girl-friends in the past. Nothing though, compares to the way I feel about being with a masculine guy. Myself, I'm very masculine, 6', 175 lb., gr8 shape as I weight-lift, Br. hair, Br. eyes, and slightly hairy chest.

What really turns me on big time is getting together with another masculine guy, and start out, fully clothed, face to face, pecs to pecs, and basket to basket. Using our hands we feel each others strong back, firm shoulders, and tight ass while kissing deeply and grinding our already hard cocks together. Slowly we undress each other while admiring each others bodies, and continue with the euphoric rubbing together of our bodies. I like to gradually strip down to our jock straps and grind, rub, and even just barely touch to increase the excitement. After some of this I will, with my lips, gently stroke his pecs, nipples, abs, and of course his hard cock; occasionally giving each part of his anatomy a lick or nibble which he gladly does in return. We then rip off our jock straps, and using the head of my cut dick to do the stroking, I'll start at his waiting lips and gradually work down to his nut sac, cock shaft, and big cock head. Nothing like watching our slick hot tools slipping and sliding up and down their length and then moving our hard bodies into each other for some heavy embracing and kissing. As we both start reaching the point of explosion, we slow right down and just take it slow with some light embracing and kissing, and then back to the heavier stuff until the point of no return.

Love the site and FROT; keep it up,........... from a fellow frot bro

frot bro

Re: the euphoric rubbing together of our bodies



I came out 2 yrs. ago, and believe me if I would have come across your site before I would have come out sooner.

I've had girl-friends in the past, but have always known that I preferred being with guys. I was totally freaked out by a lot of gay bros. who always try and fit you into a label; how shallow!

I REALLY enjoy frottage much more than fucking. I've always been looked at stangely when I brought this up to my gay friends. Why? I'm just being myself, and feel much better being "true to myself", as the saying goes. I don't get the whole top/bottom thing; it's really not me and I don't feel the need to be either, to be in a loving, monogamous, and completely masculine relationship.

Thanks again!

Bill Weintraub

Re: the euphoric rubbing together of our bodies


hey thank you frot bro

"if i had come across your site before i would have come out sooner"

in this club we hear from a lot of "str8-curious" and bi guys who want to get into having sex with men, but are totally turned off by the pressure to do anal -- the post from Blk Warrior on this board, "MAKE LOVE -- not fuck," is a good example of the way many men feel

and that resistance to doing anal is completely rational -- anal penetration after all is dangerous, dirty, and demeaning:

dangerous, because it exposes you to a large variety of unpleasant and even fatal diseases; dirty, because it involves contact with feces; and demeaning -- because it forces one partner to become a pseudo-woman, or, as we often hear, a bitch

no reasonable person is going to want to be involved in that sort of activity, and it's only in the topsy-turvy world of gay men that anal "sex," which has so many drawbacks, would be so exalted; while frot, which is, compared to anal, remarkably safe, and provides full-body and true genital pleasure for both partners in the way frot bro has just described, would be denigrated

but so it is

so it's the purpose of this site to change that, and to help men who have sex with men start making more realistic assessments of pleasure and risk

and part of that is persuading major gay institutions like the safer-sex establishment and big gay websites like to stop pushing anal the way a dealer pushes heroin

but part of it too is to get ordinary gay men to start thinking about what they're actually doing

so that's why i keep saying dirty dangerous and demeaning -- and add, for good measure, that an anus is not a vagina

because i want men into anal not only to get off our backs and out of our faces -- by showing them that any pressure on men into frot to do anal is going to be met with fierce and uncompromising resistance --

but also to begin to see anal the way so many str8 and bi men see it -- as a bad choice

because objectively, that's what it is

so i thank frot bro for his post -- and i congratulate him, as i do all the men in this club, for staying true to himself and his dream of what love between men can be


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