If there is any resistance at all to this movement I say it's fear . Fear of intimacy. Fear of facing up to ones real nature. Two men cannot be closer than when bone to bone, face to face, locked in erotic combat with one another. A buttfucker never has to face his partner if he does not want to.

Although I understand those who play heterosexual for the public & really desire the touch of another brutha ),& those who do more than just desire ,actually going up somebody's ass or down on his knees suckin' pipe like a bitch in secret , while his girlfriend or wife , family & friends laugh at his ' same sex ' jokes ( I do not use the word 'GAY ' because I find it ridiculous , limiting , defining in a negative way , & outdated ), I am losing sympathy for him because in hiding & practicing the same old " GAY CONDITIONING " meaning you have to "fuck the ass" , "suck the dick" , " act like a bitch " in order to be part of the all male union , not only are you living a false life but you continue to endanger your life & the lives of others.

WE have got to take better care of ourselves as brothers & STOP FOLLOWING OTHERS . Remember who we are. Explore the pleasures & better health of dick to dick luv . If you insist on hole why not just stick with women or toys ? I say NOOOOOO to who & what we are supposed to be , based on history . Cum slidin' bruthas' . See how you like it.

Bill Weintraub


The author of this post, bojneon, is founder of the yahoo group Black Dicks Rub Together, which is where his message originally appeared.

Boj is better known on Cockrub Warriors as EROS V, a brilliant artist who has very generously allowed us to display his work on this site. His art appears in many places on Cockrub Warriors, including the splash page and in two galleries: The Art of EROS V and Blaadokz and Krundoun.

I wrote Eros asking permission to use his post, and he answered sure, and added,

It's interesting that as soon as I posted this message a number of filler members dis-joined the group . No response which is what I would have preferred but just left. It proved my point that FEAR is our # 1 opposition . Fear of a real male bonding experience . Fear of personal responsibilty in health & emotional issues. They are even fearfull of examining this message in an adult manner . This issue is getting my blood boiling again but I intend to get re-focused & re-new my fight for the Warrior point of view. If they can't take it they need to go elsewhere anyway.

Of course Eros is absolutely right about this -- and his words echo something the Cockster, who like Eros has contributed a great deal to this site, said on the Rolling Stone bug-chaser board yesterday:

Open and frank discussion of gay male sexual behaviour is essential. Yet as a reflex action Gay male culture defends and promotes anal sex as the zenith of male to male intimacy. Following the rule that attack is the best defence, they label and harrang allcomers who question the staus quo and bandy about accusations of 'Homophobia' when that term is best used precisely and not as a dialectical rock.

Right. For more than two years I've asked the analists, what are you afraid of? Why do you find us so threatening that you have to censor us? If you're secure in your sexual practice, why do our words worry you?

The Cockster also said: "I also have no problem pointing out to any analists who promote anal sex whilst at the same time condemning 'bug chasers' ... BE REAL about the risks of anal penetration, rimming and other STI's ... stop wrapping up a behaviour which is known to be dangerous in a candy, culture covered condom."

And here's what Eros said about that: "you have to "fuck the ass" , "suck the dick" , " act like a bitch " in order to be part of the all male union , not only are you living a false life but you continue to endanger your life & the lives of others."

Like the Cockster, EROS V is a true warrior -- he's out there in the community, saying what he believes, fighting for the truth, and sharing his unique vision of frot in a multi-racial world of strong, loving, men.


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