Feeling Great



Feeling Great


hey guys, it's been a long time since i was here. it was June of last year. since that time, my life has changed greatly because i got to tell and experience (not sexually, hehehe) what it's like to be me, the frot guy, to my officemates, to my friends and new guy friends and to my brother. Dudes, my own brother! (He's straight, and of course, the experience with him was not the sexual type, hehehe!) Our relationship went up to a new level. we got to talk more about each other's lives and i can talk about my life also and i even got to ask him for an advice about a guy that i liked in my office. That was so cool! And he also talked about his friends that were homosexual who weren't so lucky as I was (Man, i was saddened by this)! My officemates can now kid and tease around me, and i say, freely. Of course, the kidding and teasing were not of the disrespectful or degrading type. They were more of an ego-boosting and morale-boosting types. The experience was just so great! The highlight of this whole experience: I met a great guy here on this site!

Thanks (a lot) Bill!


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