fighting and combat

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

fighting and combat


these words of wisdom came to me via one of our young warriors

i've never corresponded directly with the author, i just know that he's into very heavy training in the martial arts and that he visits this site

whoever he is, he's a very cool guy and i know he speaks for a lot of us warriors when he says that he has more in common with his fellow fighters than with most gay men

fighting and combat

I have virtually nothing to do with organized gay life anymore. What little involvement I had has decreased now that I've moved to the outside of town. The guys at training are my main friends, plus I have a really good buddy who is a cop. We used to do JuJitsu a few years back but now we just hang out and watch UFC or old WW2 movies. You can't do that with most gay guys. I have come to accept that fighting and combat are big parts of me... I need to be express that as much as any thing else... The guys I train with are on the same wavelength and I feel i have a stronger bond with them than with most gay men, and while I understand that not everyone 'gets' what we do, I just find that I would rather spend my time with people who do.

Someday dudes, and that day will come a lot faster if you'll help by donating, we'll have the numbers to build communities in which men into fightin and frot can easily find each other and hang together.

Free of the bullshit of the "gay" dictatorship and free of the bullshit of the "straight" religious right.

Communities in which men can be men, and guys can be guys.

And not worry about it.

That's not a dream.

It's a possibility that can become a reality -- if you will help.

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