Fireplace Frot



Fireplace Frot


Just thought I'd share an experience that I had. I have always been into frot.

Recently I invited my best friend from high school, John, over. John and I had messed around a bit in H.S. but John has always been straight and seemed to clearly prefer women.

After a few glasses of wine the two of us were sitting in the living room by the fire. All of the sudden, John lies down on the carpet, saying something like "oh i'm so tired." I went over to him and started massaging his shoulders. He seemed really into it, so then I removed his shirt and pants. John gave a few weak straight boy protests like "come on dude, knock it off" but in a matter of seconds we were naked.

Now it was frot time. I knew that I had to show John what real man-to-man love was about. I climbed on top of him and John asked me "what are you doing man?" I said "just lie there and enjoy". I started to grind our crotches together, making sure to make plenty of contact with his cock. Well he started moaning like I have never heard with any other guy. Cries of "oh fuck man!" and "oh that feels sooo good dude!" filled the room as our sweaty bodies rutted against each other.

For those moments, we were truly making love to each other. Then we both shot our loads ... almost simultaneously but not quite. What a night. I'm really into him and I can't wait for the next get together!


Re: Fireplace Frot


That is a hot "Tom" will be visiting this next week. He's gay, like me, but has some trepidation about crossing the boundaries of friendship, although we are both very curious and acknowledge a uniquely strong and loving bond between us. I do massage for my friends quite often and he specifically requested on for his visit. Your story has inspired me to just go for it and let the chips fall. It could be a disaster, but if its half as incredible as what you described, it'll be worth it.





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