First Love



First Love


It started with me and Rick when he slept over. I was horny all night. Toward morning we were lying against each other . I turned toward him. he must have felt my cock because he reached and started feeling it. I reached to his and it was so big man. It went on we pulled our underwear off rubbing our dicks and kissing. The kissing started when we were face to face and we had our eyes closed both sticking our tongues out- and then that moment when they touched. We quickly withdrew. But wanting more I stuck my tongue out again and he had the same idea and they touched again, and stayed touching. Then we explored each others mouth long and wet and rubbed our dicks together. We didn't cum the first time. This was my first love.


Don F

Re: First Love


As you wrote - awesome indeed.

A nice example of that inherent TRUST between buddies that often readily translates into a mutual desire for intimacy. Touching and being touched is a way for buds to affirm that trust with each other.

Sometimes guys can just wrap up, arms and legs together and fall asleep like that--totally reassurred by the closeness and trust they each have for the other.

And, as you experienced, sometimes it leads to arousal and strong male feelings.

I believe the most inherently natural part of your story was the mutual instinct toward genital communion, removing your underwear and seeking homosexual intimacy in penis contact, mating as males easily, without preconceived ideas, just moving toward what naturally seems "right."

Bill agrees with me this fundamental focus on the genitals is largely "instinctive" behavior when buddies desire sexual intimacy when they have no experience or outside influences.

As such, it represents a fully pure instinct for m2m expression.

Your wonderful post confirms that natural inclination we all treasure as guys with cocks and balls.

Don F


Re: First Love


Thanks for the beautiful, erotic message

It just confirms what I felt from the beginning of my sexual feelings. Guys together, dick to dick is as hot as it gets. Even just being together with Rick - we were drawn to each other erotically, sexually and sometimes just started deep tongue kissing.

You know how I feel Don

Your message is supportive and a turn on!

Don F

Re: First Love


Hey - thanx for the speedy reply. Just wanted to welcome you aboard and make it clear your feelings toward your bud are a natural expression of the trust and comraderie you have for one another.

Most importantly, you related to each other as MALES when you moved toward sexual intimacy. It is the natural joining of EQUALS we champion here as the zenith of M2M expression.

No feminization of one at the expense of the other, just inherent masculine feelings expressed through natural anatomy as GUYS so you both can share that sense of full intimacy at the point of openly HONEST, male-wet union together.

Men climax through their cocks, not their butts.

Luckily you and your bud found this basic truth to be self-evident.

Too bad so many others don't, or can't, accept such natural instincts.

Your thoughts, comments, or personal feelings are valued here, be sure of that.


Don F


Re: First Love


thanks Don

you are absolutely right on!

man, like, you can't express it in words it's so basic, like part of my nature

thanks man

it's soooo cool to have a bud who understands



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