the first time...


christopher golitsyn

the first time...


Rugby fellow here - 26 years old and very fit. A sunny afternoon on a deserted beach with my mate Taine (27 and also has the body of a god!) - a wrestle in the sand and a few minutes later we are crotch to crotch and the grind unexpectedly started. Totally surprised - first time for this and we both lay silently smiling and roughly going at it. We reached an incredible orgasm together and Taine layed a big hard kiss on me - tongue and all - and I was hooked. Should say, we were hooked. Now exploring the depths of man love. Gay, straight, bisexual? What's in a label? For us this is a great and exciting adventure - in the process, discovering a love and deeper friendship than I've thus far known. If my telling the story brings joy and perhaps a dawning of self to someone else - then, the world is made a better place eh?


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Re: the first time............


This is a beautiful story...what a wonderful joy for you to have experienced


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