First Time



First Time


My first time with frot - when I was in my mid-20s - wasn't my first time with a guy. But until then we hadn't done anything other than mutually masturbate each other. I won't say we were furtive about it - we spent afternoons after jogging together - but we both had girl friends at the time.

After hard runs we'd massage each other's legs, which is something not viewed as gay by people who are into sports like running, bike racing, etc. But combine that sort of touching with an occasional joint or a beer in a private apartment, and it got all too easy to play around. And I wanted to play around with a guy, because that's what I'd fantasized about since entering puberty.

After weeks of sort of teasing each other, we finally got serious, stripped down, and jacked off each other after trading sensuous full body massages one afternoon. We were lying on the floor of his apartment. For me, it seemed like a great way to completely release myself after tough rides. It felt so good, if not quite right. We just kept doing this, at his place or mine.

One Saturday afternoon we were again nude and massaging each other at my friend's place. When he started started to gently jack me off, he managed to lean over and start kissing my stomach and legs! Again, it felt great, but I wasn't sure of the propriety of it. And then, before I could cum to this crazy sex play, he stopped kissing me and asked me if I wanted to call my girlfriend, break my date for that night and stay with him. With his hand still on my cock, I was in no condition to refuse. I picked up the phone and made the call with a lame excuse for my girlfriend.

In a few minutes I was being gently tugged by my cock into my friend's bedroom. The covers were pulled back and then we were in his bed. We were suddenly enjoying full body contact, sliding our cocks up and down each other on our legs or rubbing them against each other, using our hands for hugging. I had never felt anything like that and pretty soon we were kissing on the lips lips and licking ears and necks. We were on our sides, then he or I would lie on top. But this didn't take long. I just could not hold back more than a little while. Neither could my friend. I guess you could say we were in a frot frenzy. We were soon sticky and laughing and still hugging when it was over. It was so different than being with my girlfriend or any other woman I'd ever been with.

But I was also very nervous after this. Although we spent the night, enjoying dinner and t.v. on the nude before getting back in bed, this time jacking off each other, I had this realization that I now had a boyfriend and a girlfriend. After a few weeks of this, I decided to I had to break off with my friend, something I've regretted many, many times.

I also realized how good that wild sliding of our bodies together had been (I didn't know what it was called at the time). I was always so focused with just getting my penis into a woman to validate that I was having sex. In truth it had mostly been a chore, even when a girl was more than willing to fuck. After playing with my friend, I started to relax more with my girlfriend and with subsequent women when we had sex, and I'm sure we all enjoyed the experience more. I learned that penetrating a woman was not the only way to have sex.

After too long a time, I realized I wanted to play with guys more than gals. Although, like so many guys here, I had to put up with a certain amount of anal sex (giving and getting) when I finally made the switch to guys, I mostly resisted fucking, prefering to play with hands and mouths and full body contact. Again, for me anal sex was too much of a chore when I was the top, and I personally didn't like being penetrated.

I've found lots of guys who like j/o and frot, particularly with the rise of AIDS. Even so, I'm very happy to have found this Web site and see so many other guys who enjoy frot as their main way of enjoying sex.

Thanks so much,


Bill Weintraub


Re: First time

Thank you Dave for this terrific post.

What Dave's talking about here --

"I was always so focused with just getting my penis into a woman to validate that I was having sex. In truth it had mostly been a chore..."

is what we know to be true for many guys into anal. The penetration validates the sex, makes it real. Playing by the rules is the primary concern, while pleasure is secondary.

That's one reason so much penetrative sex is so fast -- according to one study, less than 3 minutes from initiation to orgasm.

Because the sex is less important than the validation. And once you're in, you might as well get it over with.

Guys into frot know there's a better way -- in which the focus of sex is pleasure, pleasure for both partners, pleasure that's full-body and genital to genital and prolonged.

Recently the putative editor of wrote me, in yet another attempt to weasel out of reporting on the frot movement, that gay people just don't care about sex anymore.

That's not true.

Maybe guys into anal don't care -- I wouldn't know.

But we care. We care passionately.

And that's cause we have something that's worth caring about.


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