freedom for ALL men



freedom for ALL men


I am a completely out gay man, and I am overjoyed to have found this site. It's time that str8 men realize that they can "come out" too, meaning that by removing anal sex as the ultimate "goal" of m2m expression, they will not be threatened by a demoralizing and feminizing experience. Most straight men, it seems to me, are repulsed primarily by the penetration of anal sex and by the de-masculinization of the "bottom" - but by focusing instead on the rest of male to male contact, "Str8" guys can express their affection for each other and/or for their gay friends. When "gay" sex is redefined, men all along the straight to gay spectrum may begin to express themselves more. So maybe there really isn't a gay versus straight sexual dichotomy; rather, men having sex with men is just that: men having sex with men! Western culture would be so much more enlightened if men could express affection beyond the use of a handshake or an occasional hug. The gulf between men is so wide: how many men allow themselves the comfort and charge of holding and feeling another man? Not many, especially when the underlying thought is "if I touch another man I am a fag, and that means I want to be fucked like a woman."

Frot gives all men the freedom to express themselves. Anal sex only contributes to the suffering and repression of gay men and reinforces the (very real) fear for "straight" men that engaging in m2m sex means emasculation and even death.

I am proud to be a new cockrub warrior!

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