frot awareness



frot awareness


Whenever I'm asked what I'm "into" I always respond: body contact. I'm usually asked to elaborate and almost feel embarrassed to say my taste runs pretty vanilla. I don't need oral, I don't need penetration to have a good time. And that pretty much has limited my partners. Because I'm forced to choose I always identify myself as a top. I don't bottom period. I've tried it, so it's not an issue. But your site has helped me understand that that's ok. i'm just wired that way, and there's an entire like-minded community out there that promotes mutual gratification. Sort of like the amnesiac outsider being reunited with his true brethren.

As little as a year ago I could be described as promiscuous. I really like sex, but the multiple partners rarely brought any gratification. I couldn't understand why none of those encounters ever felt fulfilling. I came close about a year ago. There was no oral, no penetration. And neither of us brought it up. In fact, right in the middle of some of that almost nonstop lip-lock, he pulled away long enough to whisper "we both like the same thing." Those were the only words spoken until it was over. He came first. Then he did something my partners rarely do: He asked me what he could do to help me get there. It was fine that i just wanted to make out. And i never even said it. I swear. I got there, all right -- in a big way. I'd never gotten there quite like that. Haven't since.

That right connection wasn't a love match. I wasn't really looking for anything long-term, but I was in the market for (in my language of the day) a fuck buddy. It also wasn't a match because, more significantly, he had a wife.

Your site's given me perspective. In my experience with multiple partners (most of them not that enjoyable), when I did make that right connection, it was so worth the wait. I've since become more discriminating in my choice of partner. Not based on looks or age but whether we're into the same thing.

--A big masculine Black man into big masculine men


Bill Weintraub

Re: frot awareness


two points:

1. Righpe has a post in Frot Club under New York, NYC HARLEM lookin for his "big masculine Frot Brotha/Hermano."

Hot2Frot Harlemite New Yorker

Beefy masculine Black man -- 5'11 220, light body hair, cut -- would like to connect with my big masculine Frot Brotha/Hermano. You MUST be masculine. You MUST come hygienically correct. I'm not remotely into quickies, feet, armpits, pain or any of that pig shit. Anybody out there into lots and lots and lots (and lots) of almost nonstop face-to-face, full-body contact?

Wanna know more? See my post "frot awareness" in Personal Stories

if you fit the bill -- pounce

2. Righpe says he's wired that way

everybody's wired that way -- it's natural and normal to enjoy dick2dick

how men are NOT wired is anally

there's no erectile tissue in the anus, it is not capable of sexual arousal or excitement

that emperor has no clothes -- just a lining of shit over its thin mucosal wall

so: it may take years

and it may take less -- if you guys will help it will take a lot less

but we will win because not just truth but anatomy is on our side

don't let any analist idiot tell you different

sex is about genitals, not about anuses



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