Frot-Riding My Big Guy



Frot-Riding My Big Guy



My name is Mike - I'm a very young & trendy 39, half asian and half spanish and live in South London, UK with my scots bloke whom I love very much.

For the first time in my life, I'm with a bloke who actually knew what Frot was plus he Frots with me all the time - which is whenever we're horny (which is most nights cos' we love each other and he's really gorgeous).

Like me, in past relationships, he's always been asked to be the top - mainly because he's 6' 2'' and very broad shouldered etc. A rugby build.

This website is quite amazing - for years and years I thought that I had some sort of weird taste in sex - each guy that I've been with before the guy I'm now with hasn't ever even wanted to talk about body-rubbing or frot. And the last guy I lived with before this guy actually used to emotionally blackmail me into constantly fucking him - it made him feel secure - it became so hateful in the end that I can't even stand to think about it anymore. It was all about some weird psychological thing with him "feminizing" himself into a bitchy little diva - you can imagine how that turned me completely off him. I need my Men to be Men. Thankfully, I left him. Best thing I ever did.

After reading many of the horny posts and informative accounts on this site, I realise that I don't actually want or desire penetrative sex with a guy. In the past - because of being of a darker colour - all my boyfriends have wanted me to be the "top". I used to just go along with it to please them. One boyfriend sensed that I just wasn't into being constant anal sex and pretty soon he started seeing other men - presumably to get fucked.

I now realise that I'm not alone. I've also noticed some articles in the UK gay press about Frot but I sort of dismissed them. But this site is amazing and I know that there must be loads of guys out there who are into Hot Frot Action.

My bloke is a hunky great scot - the physical opposite of me - he's got this great farmboy build, massive muscley shoulders - and very strong, rugby player legs. What I love to do most is to get on top of my man and "frot-ride" his big scots cock with my own. His chest is so broad and muscled, with rock hard tight muscled abs as well... and those rugby player thighs and calves - I rub my hard cock up and down, rubbing and thrusting into his while also biting his neck and kissing him DEEP. He moans and groans in his sexy scots accent, while grinding his huge cock into mine. It always ends in our cuming huge jerkloads of hot cum onto our cocks abs and pecs, both of us moaning as we're cumming and cumming.

I love to Frot. I've always loved it and used to constantly frot my pillow - still do if my bloke ain't around.... like last night.... My man's in Australia at the moment and I really miss him but he's back home on Sunday and I'm gonna tell him about this site. We have tried some anal stuff - with him being the top - but I didn't enjoy it cos' it hurt like crazy and I honestly feel that penetrative sex isn't important to him either - he said so at a party once which was a revelation. And so is this site !!

Hugz to all you swordfighters !!

Cock Warriors Rool OK.



Bill Weintraub

Re: Frot-Riding my Big Guy


I thank Mike for his brave post.

In it Mike, speaking the truth of his own life, re-iterates a number of themes which even those who've made only a cursory examination of the site on our Personal Stories board and in Warriors Speak will have encountered before:

The constant societal pressure to do anal and the unrelenting denigration of frot as "weird"; the expectation that men like ourselves will always be "tops"; the revulsion we feel towards the effeminizing aspect of anal culture and towards the unending demands that we betray our erotic center to fit the gay male definition of normalcy.

What's remarkable to me at this point, more than two years after the establishment of the site, is neither the private details nor the commonplaces of Mike's story, but rather the continuing self-willed blindness of the gay and nongay media establishments toward the very existence of men like Mike.

It's not that they don't know about him.

I've written every editor in the national gay press and a good many reporters in the nongay press as well -- politely, aggressively, offering op-eds, suggesting that they assign a reporter to do a story, bringing in big names, like Larry Kramer, when possible.

But they're not interested and will not be moved.

The question is why.

As I've said before, if the same facts were put forth about pressure and coercion to have a type of sex well-known to be a public health danger and repellant to people of good sense as well, but concerning another group -- lesbians, let's say -- the result would have been a public outcry and governmental hearings.

Instead there's silence.


There are several reasons:

One is an understandable reluctance, after years of stigmatization of PWAs, to open up any aspect of gay male sexuality to criticism.

There's another, which is less kind: in our society, men who have sex with men are still considered the lowest of the low, and if their sex-lives are abusive, it's not thought worth talking about.

And there's a third: much of the gay media which should be covering this story are supported by ads from the various anal-penetration industries -- porn, lubes, condoms, pharmaceuticals -- and cannot afford to bite the hands which feed them.

The result is a de facto conspiracy of silence about frot and men like Mike.

Recently an admirer of the site wrote "Glad i found your site, Thanks, Don't keep it so much a secret."

And I could only laugh.

I've done everything in my power to publicize the site.

And it's not that public interest isn't there. When other venues, such as memepool, run stories about us, the number of visitors to our site, already high, sky-rockets.

But the mainstream gay male media itself, and that very large part of the nongay media which takes its cues from gay sources, will not admit we exist.

That's why guys like Mike think they're alone -- till they somehow stumble upon us.

Does that make you angry?

It should.

The gay male establishment, concerned primarily with its bottom line, is perpetuating what I term, correctly, a cultural tyranny of anal sex -- that is, a Buttfuck Dictatorship -- completely indifferent to the cost in lives and human suffering.

You, and you alone, can stop them.



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