Glad to Join



Glad to Join


Hey everyone,

I'm so glad there's a club I really could say I belong to. I know they're aren't many of us around who really get into frot. Hey, we're probably 10% of a 10% population. It would be a dream of mine to meet everyone in a national convention. Just think of the possibilities. I'd really like to make friends out of this, so if there's anyone in the NYC/NJ area or anyone visiting around here, drop me a line. Take care.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Glad to Join


hey rubadick, thanks for postin -- we're glad here you're here too

and many of us have been thinkin about a national convention -- we'd like to meet up as well

(by the way guys, this is rubadick's profile: 28 y.o. 5'9" smooth latino/asian gay male 158 lbs, great build, works out. NY/NJ metropolitan area. I love slow grinding humping sessions with a guy who could really get into it. Would like to meet a laid back nice guy for something long-lasting. Age and race open just be in relatively good shape)

regarding numbers: i hope you'll spend some time in the club reading the posts on this Personal Stories message board and the statements in Warriors Speak.

because it seems to many of us who have been in the club for awhile that we're a lot more than 10% of 10% -- that's just a convenient lie perpetrated by the buttfuck boyz who control the media to try to convince us and themselves that the wonderful and fulfilling genital-to-gential full-body sex that we love is somehow marginal and incomplete

and that only buttfucking -- despite the pain, the disease, and the degradation -- is real gay sex

of course that's not true -- it's just another example of the dizzy, world-turned-upside down thinking of those in the buttfuck dictatorship

in terms of numbers: if instead of looking at "gay" men, you look at the entire population of men who like to have sex with men -- no matter how they define themselves -- gay, bi, or str8 -- you realize that JO and frot constitute the majority practice

most bi and str8 men who have sex with men won't go near anal -- it's dirty, it's dangerous, and it effeminizes

no one in their right mind would choose that sort of sex, when a far hotter and far more masculine alternative is available to them

so in this club we often say it's not about gays, it's about guys

and guys love dick2dick

one of the things i want guys in the club to understand very clearly and to express unapologetically, is that there's nothing marginal about frottage

frot is genital-to-genital sex -- as is standard hetero sex -- penile-vaginal sex, genital-to-genital

the human body is set up for genital-genital sex -- not genital-anal -- anal "sex" is way out in left field, and should be treated that way -- as an aberration

every day i get email from guys into frot who say -- i thought i was the only one -- that's not their fault -- the buttfuck boyz control the media, and won't let the word get out

but we're fighting back, we're sayin it loud -- into frot and proud

our voices are being heard -- and in time, the world will realize



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