The Greatest Gift


Bill S

The Greatest Gift


Recently a guy named Bill S wrote me from one of the Great Plains states.

A devoutly religious young man, he'd been expelled from a Christian farming community for falling in love with another guy.

The other guy renounced homosexuality and was allowed to stay.

Bill told me that though he was conservative religiously, he didn't support the slant his church leaders were taking on "male bonding."

After describing the love affair and its unhappy denouement, he concluded,

It has been difficult to cope, but I know that my heavenly Father lives and gives me the grace to equal my day.

God bless you for your Web site. I already see where I am coming back to my old self because of the confidence I have about my manhood. This is the greatest gift God has given after life and, someday, immortality and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Let's play that again:

"I already see where I am coming back to my old self because of the confidence I have about my manhood. This is the greatest gift God has given after life and, someday, immortality and eternal life through Jesus Christ."

Manhood -- sexuality -- says my friend, "is the greatest gift God has given after life and, someday, immortality and eternal life through Jesus Christ."

I know that many of us would agree:

Our manhood -- our sexuality -- when joined in passionate love for another man, is the greatest gift God has given us after life itself.

Here are two more emails from Bill S.

Bill speaks simply and directly from his heart.

And he is, as I said, a person of Faith.

Please remember, those of you who aren't, that we're an Alliance, a coalition of men devoted to Masculinity, Fidelity, and Frot, and to bringing the good news about Frot to our fellow men.

Some of us are -- in alphabetical order -- agnostic, some atheist, some Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Wiccan or otherwise pagan.

We're Anarchists, Communists, Democrats, Greens, Independents, Libertarians, Socialists, Republicans, and of course the all-important none of the above.

Some of us are bi-identified, some gay, some straight.

We're of all races, religions, and creeds.

Those are aspects of our lives which might divide us.

We don't let that happen.

We're united in our love of Frot and in our determination to end the the deadly domination of anal penetration and its denigration of Frot;

and in our determination to bring about a new M2M world, in which Phallus is honored, Fidelity prized, and Masculinity cherished.

Bill S says: Manhood ... is the greatest gift God has given after life and, someday, immortality and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

In our Man2Man Alliance, we celebrate that gift.

First email: the phallus and manhood as divine

I was reading over the essay you wrote Phallic, Masculine, Heroic again.

I thought you might find it interesting that, even though mainstream Christianity and Islam have taken a doctrinal stance against these concepts, yet it remains in the consciousness of human beings so indelibly that--have you ever noticed the steeple atop many church meetinghouses or the minaret atop many mosques? CLEARLY PHALLIC!! Even the shape of the stained glass windows on the side exterior walls: just observe sometime when you pass by. They are CLEARLY an erect penis!!!

Also, if you're ever in Salt Lake City, just observe the Temple there. CLEARLY PHALLIC--even the statue of the angel Moroni blowing on his trumpet. Such architectural design is the case with most LDS Temples, even the replica of the Temple in Nauvoo, Illinois originally built by Joseph Smith. (Just go to and click under "Temples" for pictures of the Temples.)

The Temples are the most sacred places on Earth to the Latter-day Saint. So much so that not all members of the Church, even, can enter them. The members must be living worthily of the Gospel Standard before they can obtain a Temple recommend.

Yet, these holy edifices INVARIABLY have representations of the adult human penis. So, if there isn't something in the human psyche that regards the phallus as spiritual and divine (and, along with that, manhood), then I have no other explanation for why the fascination with this???!!!

Even, the holiest place on Earth to Muslims (the Kaaba in Mecca) is surrounded by ERECT PENISES on the SACRED Mosque (as it is so-called)! So, when the world population of Islam turns to Mecca to pray five times a day, they face BIG BONERS!!! (Nevertheless, if I said that to some of the Muslims I knew in Oklahoma, they likely would blow my face off!!!)

No intention to make fun of anybody's religion. I just marvel at the irony of it all.

The Christians and, even more so, the Muslims are VERY PRUDISH. They would be chagrined at the thought that what they hold so dear to the hearts for their religious objects are about something they, doctrinally, have considered to be defiled.

Yet, when Paul wrote about bestowing more abundant comeliness on an uncomely part--he meant the penis. He had no sense of shame about the phallus--and neither did any of the other Hebraic-minded writers of the Scriptures. But, the mainstream Christians (and the Mormons affected by that culture who haven't "shaken it off") and the Muslims have a totally different attitude!! GO FIGURE???!!!

Muhammed, in the Hadith, taught how defiling handling the penis is and how defiling semen is--even more so than URINE AND FECES!!! The Muslims I knew were very fanatical about rinsing themselves off with water after using the toilet and, if they had a wet dream, would freak out if it was time to pray in the morning and they were in a state of defilement.

They were always telling me to handle my dick with the left hand. You use the left hand for the disgusting things like cleaning yourself of piss and shit. You DON'T eat with the LEFT hand, even if you are LEFT-HANDED!!!

So, the LEFT hand is to touch my dick! And, for pity's sake, DON'T JACK OFF!!! The horrible punishments in the Hell-Fire are UNTHINKABLE!!!

I had all this drummed into my head, especially by this one guy who had a loud voice that would boom and a very bad temper. I saw him lose it on more than one occassion with people who disagreed with him. He was very hard-line about the legalist codes and the punishments awaiting most of us in Hell.

Well, gotta go! The computer terminal is about to shut down on me. Write to me with any thoughts on this.

Take care and God-speed...

Second email: love or lust?

I thought I'd share this with you.

I went to Yahoo Personals to search the ads posted by homosexuals.

The ads REEK of promiscuity. There is such a lack of the chivalrous, heroic warrior altruism that is exemplary in the ideals of your Web site.

The "men" (if you can call them MEN) even LOOK FAGGY in the photos they post. Or, they look gothic/faggy. I see A LOT of that in the area where I live.

I can't help remark about the children that are here at the public library sitting around listening to a story being read by a librarian. An INNOCENCE that true warriors would lay down their lives to PROTECT--unlike the monsters who molest children. Like that Joseph Michael Duncan you maybe heard about in the news (who is from my city) who molested that boy in Idaho and, then, murdered him. Or, Otis Toole who sodomized and murdered, and, then, cannibalized on Adam Walsh--the son of John Walsh, host of "America's Most Wanted".

FAR, FAR CRY from the warrior altruism of David and Jonathan, Achilles and Patroclus, Alexander and Hephaestion, and the Celtic Warrior for who the concept of Cymbrogi is celebrated on your Web site!!!

Can you imagine Hercules, Samson, or Ammon in the Book of Mormon going around in goth drag acting creepy (like the Addams Family) and being the menace to both woman and children--WHO BRAVE WARRIORS fight to defend???!!!

I tell you--if feel dirty just glancing at the ads: like I need to be fumigated because of being infested with pests.

I ALWAYS come away from your Web site FEELING CLEAN!! I do see the Light of Christ shining from it, Bill--and, I see the darkness of Satan, the Devil in such ads as Yahoo Personals. Even the heterosexual ads are raunch and sleeze. (And, oh, by the way, if I didn't mention it before: I looked at a Web site featuring graphics of sex positions between men and women, and text explaining them. Included was about ANAL--for men to penetrate WOMEN anally!! SICKENING!!!They can't get enough of anal with other men [which they may try to justify to be out of necessity] but, GIVE ME A BREAK!!! It isn't "necessary" to anally penetrate a woman!!! The Web site was good for the words and pictures that show the man and woman engaged in penile-vaginal sex facing each other, though.)

Yes, in your Web site is romantic, erotic love between men--and, even, between men and women--presented QUITE tastefully: preserving the innocence and purity that is sooo lacking in today's society.

What to do about today's society? To bring about a revolution: to restore it to the GLORY of days gone by?? HOW???!!! Shakespeare wrote the pen is mightier than the sword. Keep writing, Bill!! Keep fighting!!! I am on your side 100%!!!

Like the title of a hymn we sing "Who Is On The Lord's Side? Who?"

I pray for the day when the Son of God returns to liberate all of us! May I fight valiantly with Him!!!

Take care and God-speed!!

Bill Weintraub

Re: The Greatest Gift


Thanks Bill.

When we as individuals or as a society lose our understanding of the phallus as holy and sex as sacred, we get into trouble.

Because then the penis becomes a tool and sex a commodity.

And I suspect that's what Bill is seeing in those personal ads.

What strikes me very often when I look at gay personals is the way the guys appear to be selling themselves, offering up their bodies as something for another man to consume.

And that's what too often happens:

they're used sexually and then discarded.

I'm not familiar with Islam.

Clearly though the Bible seeks to encourage love and discourage lust.

Unfortunately, there are those -- and they are many -- who set themselves up as interpreters of the Bible, and use their position to advance an agenda which has nothing to do with Scripture.

Very often what these guys do is use their condemnations of sex to cover their own hanky-panky.

And that in my view is what happened to Bill.

He shared a very pure and true love with another guy, the love of two men who labored among the animals and in the fields, and which was subverted by a church "elder" who clearly had carnal designs on Bill's friend.

That's an abuse of power and of a church office -- not good.

Nonetheless, Bill was cast out and seemingly set adrift to suffer in a secular sea of anal penetration and empty carnality.

But we -- the men of Heroic Homosex and The Man2Man Alliance -- were there to confirm for Bill that what he felt for his friend was not debased but holy.

And we're here not just for Bill, but for all those men who love men who seek that sense of sex as sacred, and of the sacred bonds between loving men.

It's my first wish for Bill S that he be reunited with the man he loves.

But that may not be possible.

If not, I'm confident that Bill will eventually be able to find another man who shares his devotion to God and his love of the land.

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