Part 2



the hardest i've ever been pt 2


In the hardest i've ever been pt 1, married with children straight guy joe described an incredibly intense cockfight / cockrub session he had with a straight buddy he encountered at a party

leading us to ask: just what is straight, and what is gay?

here's pt 2, which arrived in today's email

Hi Bill....

Wow your still posting my story?!!!! i am visiting your site again and reading the stories. The one from Brad about his pillow ... he he yes i have gone thru a lot of pillows ... Still do at times to. Which brings me to another story you might be interested in hearing. The guy from the party (i'll call him Ken.) He called me up one night out of the blue. I was at home and had the night off of doing everything which for me is a miracle these days. The second i heard his voice two things happened.

One, I knew he had had a few drinks in him ... and Two, my mind flashed back to that party. In fact that was the first thing out of his mouth after we said hi to each other.

"You had any good parties lately?" To get a laugh out of him I snarled 'why no queerboy ... had any good cumfights?" the line went silent ... I asked if he was there. After a while he answered no. "I shocked you eh?" He replied "No... just thinking"

Then he nervously laughed. I said "Hey no reason to be nervous buddy ... it was a quite the experience" He answered "I know .... uhhhhh yeah" I somehow knew why he had called me ... but at the last minute he was getting nervous. ... after another long silence... I just blurted out "so you up for another cumfight dude? ... Hey Ken? .... You called me ... talk queerboy!!!!" my cock started to get hard...

i almost took joy in teasing him a bit -- but i really wanted to know if thats why he was calling ... something inside me wanted it!!!!!! suddenly after i heard him take a sip off his drink ... he hissed ... "YES... you fucker.... get over here!!!! lets go at it again!!!!!" i was a bit shocked but suddenly i was asking him if he still lived where he did when we were at the party ... he said yes .... I hissed ... "Get ready queerboy ... cause here i come.." I hung up.... i jumped up and ran to my car ... i drove to his house and his door was open ... the second i went thru it he was there. smiling and offering me a drink. I looked down at his crotch of his jeans ... there was a huge bulge. ... as he probably saw as he eyed my jeans. ... i took the drink sipped it and suddenly found myself nose to nose with him ... "long time no see buddy" he whispered. ... "Yes long time no see queerboy" i replied. ... we laughed ... then found ourselves rubbing our jean clad hard ons together ... slowly. ... we both moaned quietly ... he then whispered ... "I got to thinking about that party and wondered if you were up for another cockfight you fucker" I pushed my groin against his and hissed ... "I am ready whenever you are. ..." suddenly i felt his lips against mine ... we kissed ... i almost spilled my drink with the urge to grab him. ... we backed off ... set our drinks down ... and he walked towards his bedroom. ... i followed. ... my mind racing and my cock hard with anticipation on what was going to happen. ...

since that night at the party quite a few years have passed. ... my mind often went back to that night ... thus the amount of pillows i have gone thru ... i often fantasized about having another cockfight with him ... the pillow acted as him ... as i fantasized.

we reached the bedroom and suddenly found ourselves tearing our clothes off ... naked we once again knelt on the bed. facing each other.

He smiled as our cocks once again met. ... shaft to shaft ... tips in the air ... dripping with anticipation. ... pulsating together. ... we started at midnight. ... and didn't finish until 5 am that morning. .... an all out cock to cock man to man cockfight. ....

we came many times ... i lost count ... and i was totally drained by 5 ... but totally satisfied and knew this wasn't going to be such a span of time till the next. ... since then I have had him over ... and we have read and looked at your site together ... we almost wound up going at it again that night ... hes taken an interest in your site now and wants to buy a computer ...

thanks again Bill for a hell of a site and for opening up a world of newness to me ...

like many who have written before ... i vaugely remember having fights when i was younger... i was not a very strong boy in my youth so it was mainly rolling and wrestling around with my friend... one summer at our family cabin we stripped naked while changing to go swimming and got into a cockfight ... it was mainly a funny thing back then but i remember feeling the excitment ... he did too ... one night while sleeping together we wrestled playfully and him and I did rub cocks together for a few minutes. It excited me immensely as we fell sleep that way ... later i woke up and seeing he was still hard i grabbed my pillow and rubbed against it pretending it was him ... as i looked at his hard cock as he slept. ... all this is coming back to me in flashes ... its so amazing i read the stories and suddenly remember forgotten things of my youth. .... I loved watching wrestling too as a kid and grabbing the pillow as i watched the female wrestlers go at it...

again please don't sign me up for any lists and keep me anonymous please....

kids still got the computer alot LOL

sincerly yours Joe :)

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